Best Day Trips from Bergamo

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Nestled in the southern foothills of the Alps in the Lombardia region, Northern Italy, Bergamo is a beautiful city divided into two distinct towns. Citta Alta, the old Upper Town, features clusters of Renaissance and medieval buildings, whereas the Lower City, Citta Bassa, is more modern with Newclassical and contemporary structures.

Although a small city, Bergamo enjoys a strategic location, about an hour’s drive from Milan and an hour and a half away from Verona. You can take a private tour and see the natural and scenic beauties around you while traveling or opt for public transportation. By organizing the best day trips from Bergamo, you can see more of the wonders of Northern Italy and enjoy what the region has to offer.

From traveling to dramatic coastlines and vast lakes to discovering charming architecture and historic cities, Bergamo day trips are an adventure you shouldn’t miss. But if you prefer to stay in the town or the unpleasant weather doesn’t allow you to venture further, check out the best museums in Bergamo. Plenty of natural and cultural attractions are also worth exploring throughout the Upper and Lower towns.

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How to get out of Bergamo

The good thing about getting out of Bergamo is that it has frequent bus and rail services from the city to other major destinations. Bergamo railway station has a direct link to Milan, Lecco, and Brescia, with connections to Venice, Verona, and Lake Garda.

Alternatively, you can take the bus from Bergamo to other communes and towns in the province and the ferry to cruise on islands and lakes. Others take a coach service to take them to the typical tourist routes or the villages in the scenic valleys north of Bergamo.

While Bergamo’s public transport is excellent, hiring a car is still the best way to explore the countryside and other areas outside the city. The Lakes Como, Lecco, and Iseo are within an easy drive of Bergamo. You also have more flexibility during your day trip if you want to stop for a photo opportunity.

For more tips on getting around the city, we have a guide on how to get around Bergamo. It covers all major public transportation and ways to help you find your way in this gorgeous historic city.

From Bergamo to Lake Como

A journey to Lake Como is one of the top Bergamo day trips and excursions that offer travelers a panoramic tour. It is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque lakes in Northern Italy, known for its natural beauty and unspoiled Italian villages. It’s an ideal year-round destination that maintains a higher temperature in the winter.

Stop at the historic center of Como and walk through the streets lined with boutiques, bars, restaurants, and shops. This stunning lakeside town features numerous quaint villages along the banks of Lake Como. It is also rich in churches, bustling squares, monuments, and history.

Varenna is also an obligatory stop for anyone visiting one of the towns on the lake. Located on Lake Como’s eastern shore, this charming village will impress you with its unique character and landmarks. Head to the town center, Piazza San Giorgio, and see the Church of San Giorgio. It was built in the 14th century, holding numerous paintings from the late 15th and 16th centuries.

How to get to Lake Como

Unfortunately, there are no direct train services from Bergamo to Lake Como. You will need to change trains to reach your destination or hop on a local bus to get to one of the small villages surrounding the lake. For this reason, traveling independently by car is the easiest and most efficient way to get there.

From Bergamo to Lake Iseo

About an hour and twenty minutes from Bergamo historic center, Lake Iseo is another thrilling day trip to tackle. While tourists flock to Lake Garda, Como, and Maggiore, you can take your time and soak in the beauty of nature at Lake Iseo. Like the more famous lakes Como and Garda, this long, narrow lake is surrounded by soaring mountains, creating an immensely scenic and relaxing effect for visitors of all ages.

With cobbled villages and lush green mountains, Lake Seo is an ideal respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. It provides a peaceful setting and many outdoor pursuits, allowing you to discover nature and enjoy mountain biking, hiking, or swimming on crystal clear waters.

Travel back in time by exploring Lovere, a lovely town on the western shore of Lake Iseo. It’s officially listed as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, with medieval towers and ancient buildings dating from the 12th to 13th centuries. It has small piazzas, cobbled streets, and palazzos worth discovering.

How to get to Lake Iseo

Trains run between Bergamo and Iseo, and the trip may take over two hours to complete. But if you take the fastest train services, the journey can take about an hour and 24 minutes. The only challenge with taking the speedy train is that there are no direct services on this line. You’ll need to make at least one change along the way, but it’s worth it if you want to get back quickly.

From Bergamo to Monte Isola

You can visit this town during your day trip from Bergamo to Lake Iseo. But Monte Isola is a worthy destination on its own you should tackle separately. It is Europe’s largest lake island, characterized by its timeless atmosphere. It’s a car-free area, so the only way to get around the island is on foot or by bicycles and scooters owned by the residents.

Rent a bike when you arrive on the island and discover the treasures of this lake gem. Ride through the traditional fishing villages and enjoy the great views of the mountains, the lake, and the neighboring islands.

You can’t leave without visiting the Martinengo Fortress. It’s one of the island’s most distinctive landmarks, built in the 14th century. You can see it halfway up the hill, dominating the Selsole gulf. Hike the Santuario Madonna della Ceriola to reach one of the lake’s most spectacular sights and the best scenic spot on the island.

How to get to Monte Isola

Take a train from Bergamo to the beautiful Lake Iseo. Then catch a ferry to Monte Isola. There are also ferries that depart from Lovere, Sarnico, Bergamasca, Pisogne, and Tavernola.

From Bergamo to Scanzorosciate

If you don’t want to go too far and want to stay within the province of Bergamo, one of the best day trips to add to your itinerary is Scanzorosciate. It may not be as popular as other towns and famed cities in Italy. Still, it’s a wonderful upcoming tourist spot worth a visit, especially for wine lovers.

The countryside of Scanzorosciate is known for its long-standing winemaking tradition. It is home to a number of expansive urban farms and wineries with hectares of vineyards and olive grooves. These include Moscato di Scanzo Pagnoncelli Folcieri, Azienda Agricola Magri Sereno, Il Cipresso, Azienda Agricola Fejoia, and many more. So, if you’re looking for a place that offers extraordinary dining experiences, wine tasting, and wine tours outside Bergamo city, Scanzorosciate is the place to go.

How to get to Scanzorosciate

Scanzorosciate is only about twelve to fifteen minutes from Bergamo by car, so you can rent a taxi or drive there. Alternatively, you can catch an ATB Azienda bus from Porta Nuova bus station to get to the town. The journey will take about seventeen minutes. The bus only operates once daily, so check the schedule before going to the bus station.

From Bergamo to Clusone

Also located within the Province of Bergamo, Clusone is a lovely village at the foot of the Valley Seriana. It’s an attractive medieval town in Northern Italy dating back 3,500 years. It is full of history, art, and old traditions, so you won’t regret spending nearly an hour traveling here.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love this sunny highland and the majestic mountains all around it. You can enjoy a bike tour at the foot of the Presolana and marvel at the verdant forests of the Orobie Mountains that surround the village.

If you want to stay within the town, there are plenty of things to do to keep you entertained. Stroll across the cobblestoned streets and admire the frescos decorating its significant buildings, such as the iconic Clock Tower or the historic Town Hall.

How to get to Clusone

Clusone does not have a train station, so the best way to get there is by car. It is only about a 45-minute drive northeast of Bergamo. If you’re determined to take public transport, you can catch a tram from the city and then transfer to a bus.

From Bergamo to Brescia

Just under an hour's drive from Bergamo, Brescia is the second-largest city in the Lombardy region and the fourth in northwest Italy. It offers incredible Italian art, culture, and history and is home to archaeological and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s undoubtedly one of the best Bergamo day trips if you want to see a colorful city away from the typical tourist routes.

Start your tour from the city’s most significant square, the Piazza della Loggia, established in the mid-15th century. Then continue to another medieval square, the Piazza Paolo VI, just about a hundred meters from Piazza della Loggia. It’s one of the most gorgeous attractions in the city center, featuring magnificent statues and historical buildings. It is home to two iconic cathedrals, the Duomo Vecchio and the Duomo Nuovo.

If you’re looking for things to do with kids on your day trip, this multi-faceted city has plenty of opportunities and adventures for the family. You can unveil the secrets of the Brescia Castle, go on a self-driving rail tour, or visit the museums.

How to get to Brescia

You can travel with Frecciargento, Frecciarossa, or Trenitalia train to get from Bergamo to Brescia. The train usually takes an hour and eleven minutes to travel the 45-kilometer distance between the two cities. But the quickest service can only take about 42 minutes.

From Bergamo to Franciacorta

Nestled between Bergamo and Brescia, Franciacorta is an ideal destination for a day trip to see more of Italy’s sparkling wine region. Visitors here will enjoy wine tastings surrounded by quaint villages, 16-century buildings, and medieval castles. It is home to over a hundred wineries, making it a perfect spot for wine and food tours just less than an hour from Bergamo.

Perched on the hills of Franciacorta, close to Rovato’s historic center, is Castello Quistini. It’s an ancient palace with rooms filled with legends and history. It offers guided tours through the spectacular castle gardens and will walk you through the thousands of colorful botanical varieties. With a knowledgeable guide, you’ll also learn about the palace’s history and art, as well as the town's heritage.

Besides its historical buildings and wine tourism, Franciacorta offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities, shopping, relaxation, and cultural visits. You see the Torbiere del Sebino Peat Bogs Natural Reserve and fall in love with its scenic landscape, or stop at S. Pietro in Lamosa Monastery and enjoy music and cultural events.

How to get to Franciacorta

The best way to travel to Franciacorta and navigate the town is by car, so you either bring your own or rent one. This way, you can see more of the wine area and take advantage of more activities.

Enjoy Bergamo Day Trips

Bergamo is not far from numerous natural sites, historic villages and towns, and vineyard-filled hills, making it an excellent base for day trips. It’s a wonderful starting point if you want to discover North Italy’s hidden gems and famous tourist spots. So if you have time and are curious about what lies beyond the city, pack your bags and organize the best day trips and Bergamo tours.

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