8 must see parks in Bergamo

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Bergamo is a picturesque city in the Lombardy region of Italy, northeast of Milan. Nestled in the Alps between Como Lake and Iseo Lake, the scenery here is breathtaking. Rich in culture, Bergamo is known for its churches, ancient architecture, medieval castles, museums, and delicious food.

A gateway to Milan, Bergamo is a popular tourist destination for travelers from all around the world. This incredible city with views of the Alps offers a lot to both tourists and locals, from the enchanting Duomo di Bergamo Cathedral and the medieval Citta Alta surrounded by Venetian walls to the charming piazzas and cobblestone streets.

Along with these marvelous offerings, Bergamo has some of the best parks in Europe to immerse yourself in nature for hours. Whether you want to catch your breath after a long shopping spree or you want to drop off your backpack before hiking, you can benefit from luggage storage in Bergamo. With our convenient locations near the parks and top attractions, it's easy to make the most of your time hands-free.

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Orio Gravity Park

This park is not for the faint of heart. Orio Gravity Park is an off-road, hill-climbing biking adventure. The park was set up not just for experienced mountain bikers but for novice levels as well. If you have never tried mountain biking before, visiting Bergamo gives you the ideal chance to try it in a picture-perfect setting. 

The park is located on the north side of Bergamo, only 20 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the city center. Once at the park, you can rent everything you need, including helmets and bikes, and, if desired, set up lessons in advance. The trails are between 1.3 and 2.5 miles long and have varying elevation changes, including steep ones for more expert riders.

The park's trails are open all year round, no matter the season or the weather. There is a charge, but how much will depend on how much equipment you need or whether you use a guide or take lessons. With this park, you will not only get a little adventure but also some fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Parco Dei Colli di Bergamo 

If you're looking for a park in Bergamo that gives you a tour through the local history, head to Parco Dei Colli di Bergamo. Located on the northern side of Bergamo, the park is home to the historically monumental area of Città Alta di Bergamo, also known as the upper old town. This area is dotted with ruins and rural and residential buildings of great architectural and historical value.

Some historical highlights include two Benedictine monasteries, the most well-known being the Astino, built in the Middle Ages. You'll also find other architectural structures to visit, like the San Vigilio Castle. The castle is the highest point in the park, and it's more of a hike, but the view is worth it. You can get to the park by public transport, but getting around the park is by foot or mountain bike, which can be rented in town. Bergamo and several other municipalities border Parco Dei Colli; however, the northern border is the start of the Italian Alps. 

The park's area combines hills, picturesque valleys, woods, vineyards, meadows, and mountainous regions, including Mount Canto Alto. You won’t find kid's playgrounds or restaurants within the park, and you will have to head back to town for lunch. But you'll find around 12,355 acres with a wide variety of forest flora and fauna to explore.

Monte Barro Park

Located about 45 minutes ride from Bergamo, Monte Barro Park expands across 1730 acres of land, and it's one of the best parks in Bergamo for an outdoor adventure. The lovely Bergamo Park is an oasis of natural and historical wonders. Walking and biking trails allow you to access some of the most incredible views of Lake Como and the Briantei lakes.

The area provides some of Italy’s more interesting archeological sites, with active excavations and medieval sites open to the public. One of the most interesting is the discovery of the largest Goth settlements in Italy. The settlement also is believed to be where Princess Gerberga hid from Charlemagne. Even the green forested areas are havens for wildlife lovers, especially for those into bird watching. The park is a central migratory location for various birds throughout the seasons. 

If you plan on spending the entire day exploring the park, bring some snacks, as there is nowhere to eat in the park itself. That being said, there are plenty of choices just beyond the park in Galbiate or a little further in San Michele. Beyond all the great scenery and history, one of the best things about the park is the weather. Sitting near the lakes and in the mountains makes for pleasant temperatures, even in hotter months. 

Parco Turani Redona

Located in a hilly area in the lower town of Bergamo, right in the heart of the Redona neighborhood, you'll find the perfect park for a picnic and a relaxing day out with the family. Winding walking paths cut across large green spaces with many playgrounds, trees, benches, and a pond with ducks and tortoises.

At Parco Turani or Parco Redona, you can immerse yourself for hours in nature, complete your daily cardio workout, and let your children run freely. You can also participate in one of the many events the Redona community hosts. Regardless of what you do, you will surely have a good time in this park, surrounded by nature.

Though there's no cafe in the park, you can buy food from the nearby market. If you plan to explore the park's grounds for an entire day, pack your picnic basket and enjoy lunch in the shade of mature trees or in one of the many gazebos. With various playgrounds, Parco Turani Redona is one of the best parks in Bergamo for families with children.


When you need a park to keep your little ones occupied, Fantabosco is a perfect spot. Primarily an indoor park, it also has a soccer field that children can access when the weather is nice. The indoor playground has many sections for children to enjoy, and it's close to the center of Bergamo.

Inside Fantabosco Park, you will find slides, a ball pit, small safety-netted trampolines, arcade-style games, and other things to keep the kids busy. You can drop in and let the kids play or book specific times if you have a larger group, like a birthday party. Kids can spend hours here because not only does the park have a play area, but it also serves food, mainly pizza and drinks.

While the kids are playing, adults and teens can keep themselves busy with the free internet. There is a fee for both the entry and food, but there is no time limit on how long the kids can play. One of the best things about Fantabosco being an indoor park is that it's open all year round. If the weather is too hot, cold, or raining, your children can run wild and release some pent-up energy in a safe and fun environment.

Parco della Trucca

Trucca Park is one of the largest public parks in Bergamo and the busiest park in the province. Its central location and host of activities make it a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike. The park has a hard-packed all-weather track that goes completely around it, with a number of short paths connecting it all together. 

There are three man-made lakes that are not good for swimming, but boating is allowed. During the day, Parco della Trucca makes for a great place to have a picnic or just simply relax on the many open grass areas or under one of the 1400 trees. Limited wildlife can be found in the park, mainly varieties of water birds like ducks and swans. 

The park comes alive at night in the summer with free concerts and pop bars. It's a dog-friendly park with a large off-leash area for dogs to run free. There are also several workout spots and a couple of monuments to see, like the Bosco della Memoria, which is dedicated to all the victims of COVID-19. While you won’t find any restaurants in the park, there are plenty close by to grab some take-out and enjoy it in the park.

Orto Botanico di Bergamo Lorenzo Rota

While technically not a park, the Orto Botanical Garden is worth checking out. The small botanical garden is a little oasis in the city situated on a hill. The only way up is a pathway of 141 steps, not too steep, and once at the top, the paths are quite flat and easy to walk. 

The Garden started as an alpine garden but has since expanded with the help of the Museum of Natural History and now contains over 900 species of flora divided into 23 sections. You won’t need a whole day to explore the exhibits as it's only 2,400 square meters. 

The gardens are free to enter, but the hours vary depending on the day of the week and month. There are also paid programs that provide hands-on experience. Once you're finished exploring and learning, you can sit in the cafe and enjoy a little more tranquility before returning to the city.

Botanic Garden at the Monastero di Astino

What started as a monastery in the 11th century is now a multi-purpose complex boasting vast greenery and beautiful views of the city below. The Astino Monastery sits in the Astino Valley amongst the beautiful scenery of the Lombardy countryside, just to the west of Bergamo. You can walk to the monastery from Bergamo, but the easiest way is by car or taxi.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is also part of the Monastery complex worth exploring. The 12th-century church has undergone some renovations, like the monastery, and is a must-see with its beautiful frescos. Part of the complex is Bergamo Botanical Garden, the Astino Section, which is a garden, and an open museum dedicated to plants. If you want to learn more about the land, the vegetable gardens, and the plants, you can get a tour of the garden.

There are several dining areas in the Monastero di Astino, as well as a couple of bars. You can enjoy a range of dining experiences, from casual pizza and beer in the evening room to a refined and sophisticated menu in the beautiful cloister. If you like nature and incredible food, you'll want to visit the Monastero di Astino in the summer during their Gastronomic Exhibition. 

Immerse yourself for hours in nature at the best parks in Bergamo

Most parks in Bergamo are suited for people of all ages. Bikers will enjoy the expanse of Serio River Park, and serious trekkers will want to explore the highest peaks in Bergamo, including Canto Alto. Walking and exploring the vast green spaces of Bergamo is a wonderful way to fill your lungs with fresh air and recharge your batteries. Whether you want to take your four-legged friend for a walk or need a peaceful moment by a lake surrounded by chirping songbirds, Bergamo provides all extremes.

Looking to burn calories while exploring the beautiful nature of Bergamo? You'll find many Bergamo hiking trails on the slopes of the Alps, both for newbies and experienced hikers. And if you want to explore nearby areas, vineyards, and the rural countryside, there are plenty of day trips from Bergamo worth checking out.

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