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What to do in Cambridge

Plan your luggage storage in Cambridge

Make the most out of your time and find luggage storage near Cambridge hotspots before checking-in into your hotel or AirBnb.


28 July

9 must see parks in Cambridge

Cambridge is a terrific city for outdoorsy people, with parks featuring themed glasshouses and others with lakeside viewing spots. Pack a picnic and a camera and head to a park in Cambridge.

28 June

7 best hostels in Cambridge

Cambridge is famously known for Cambridge University, along with visually appealing architecture throughout the city. Its accommodation options, including hostels, are just as unique and inviting as the city.

Beaches near Cambridge
1 May

6 beaches near Cambridge: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

Beaches typically aren't the first things that come to mind when you think of Cambridge, that's usually the university. But there are plenty of beaches within two hours of the city that make the perfect pairing with all the historical and cultural activities available in Cambridge.

13 March

Is Cambridge safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Cambridge may be a small city so to speak but it is full of surprises. To learn more about Cambridge and how safe it is, read our full-coverage guide.

24 January

Best Day Trips from Cambridge

Cambridge is an exceptional city, tranquil and exciting at the same time. But if you want to explore the surrounding areas, bring this guide along and choose your next adventure.

26 October

Cambridge Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

You'll find a large Christmas market in Market Square. This guide will also direct you to other locations in Cambridge for partaking in fun shopping experiences and eating wonderful holiday fare!

18 May

Where To Stay In Cambridge: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Where will you stay in Cambridge? Whether you choose near Cambridge University or a quiet suburb, finding the perfect place to stay is as easy as reading this guide!

18 May

How To Get Around Cambridge

The bus is a convenient way to get around Cambridge, as are walking and biking. Learn all you need to know about navigating this university city and then see all of it!

18 May

13 Unmissable Things To Do In Cambridge At Night

Cambridge is a bustling nighttime destination. With everything from outdoor cinema to scary ghost tours, you won't have to look far for a good time!

17 May

Best Brunch In Cambridge: The Definitive Guide

Whether your craving is sausages and bacon or avocado on toast, you'll find a terrific brunch in Cambridge. Vegan choices to meat-filled dishes are yours for the asking. Get ready for a fantastic meal!

17 May

The Top 15 Free Things To Do In Cambridge

The list of free things to do in Cambridge is long and full of intriguing activities. Take in the wonders of the campus at Cambridge University or see a free museum like the Museum of Zoology.

17 May

10 Things To Do In Cambridge With Kids

Visit the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens or see the Scott Polar Museum with your family. Cambridge is full of fun things to do with kids. Plan your stay with this guide!

17 May

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Cambridge

From food trucks to markets and more, street food in Cambridge is a popular treat. Satisfy your cravings for delicious dishes and try as much as you can, even coming back for more!

17 May

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Cambridge

Cambridge is a city with a lot to boast about and that includes great shopping malls and trendy designer stores. But that's not all! Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about shopping in Cambridge.

16 May

The 11 Best Museums In Cambridge

Cambridge is a town filled with history and museums, too! This guide will lead you to the must-see museums of charming Cambridge.

16 May

The 10 Best Hikes In Cambridge

Cambridge offers both wilderness and urban hikes. It's an interesting and picturesque city. Why not see it from various vantage points?

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