Where To Find The Best Street Food In Cambridge

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Almost everyone has heard of the prestigious Cambridge University, but this city in England has so much more to offer. Cambridge is located just 20 to 80 feet above sea level and is found right beside the eastern bank of River Cam which was used for water transport back in the Medieval times. Although a lot of the city is modern it also has historic landmarks and museums, like Castle Hill and some remains of Roman structures. This picturesque university town has beautiful streets and greenspaces to explore plus lots of tourist attractions, which make it a great destination for travelers.

There is lots to do in Cambridge and while you are out exploring the town you are sure to get hungry at some point. You won't have to search far to find good food no matter where you are in the city since there are food trucks, small cafes, restaurants and street food eateries found on almost every street.

Food lover's tip: Leave your hands free to sample as much of the street food in Cambridge as you can. Store shopping finds and large bags at a Cambridge luggage storage locker. Enjoy your foodie adventure and pick your belongings up at the end of the day, when you've had your fill!

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The Best Street Food Vendors in Cambridge

The Wandering Yak

The Wandering Yak is a family run business that takes the form of a food truck and you can find them cruising through the streets of Cambridge. Everything on their Middle Eastern inspired menu is vegetarian and they also have vegan options. Although their choices of dishes change regularly there are some classics they have been serving since the beginning, which have become customer favorites.

Try their Flat Yak, a tasty flatbread pizza topped with pomegranate, smoked aubergine and lime pesto, or their Yak Wrap which is offered with a variety of fillings. Try the Yak Pack which is made with Turkish kisir bulgur and a herby salad, or just get the Yak Snacks if you aren't hungry enough for a big meal.

Guerrilla Kitchen

This is one of the local favorite spots for street food, and for good reason. Guerrilla Kitchen serves tasty steamed buns and you can choose from several delicious fillings. Some of your options include cucumber, tender pork belly or sticky hoisin, to name a few.

Other options on the menu include the Fat Hen which is yummy grilled chicken with ginger, peanuts and teriyaki mayo. They also offer a pot noodle bowl with rice noodles, bean sprouts, lemongrass, and a savory chicken broth.

Jack's Gelato

Make your way to Jack's Gelato for the best ice cream in Cambridge. Jack van Praag used to be a pastry chef and head chef but he has now been a street food vendor in Cambridge since the 1990s. Rest assured that he knows how to make some amazing gelato that is a fantastic dessert.

He makes everything himself and it is always served fresh using the best high quality ingredients. He makes his own recipes and likes to release a new flavor now and then, so you will see the menu grow occasionally. Chelsea Bun, Earl Grey and Plum, Vanilla Marsala or Marmalade Sorbet are just some of your options.

Buffalo Joe's

This is one of Cambridge's most popular food trucks and they serve some delicious meat dishes. We recommend eating here at least once during your stay to see the brilliantly prepared food they offer.

You will see them serving all things buffalo, from buffalo chicken wings to barbeque pulled pork rolls. If you want to make the most of your experience at Buffalo Joe's and don't mind a bit of spice then you should order the Triple Threat. Give it a try!

Churros Bar

If you have never tried churros before then this is your chance right here in Cambridge. Churros Bar specializes in this sweet delicacy so you know that they'll do it right. Everything is made with top quality ingredients from local sources.

The deep-fried churros served here are perfectly crunchy on the outside but once you bite into them you will find that the inside is soft and fluffy. You will have to choose your own dip, which can be a hard decision with tasty options like Belgian milk chocolate, melted Lindt balls, peanut butter sauce, salted caramel and cream fudge.

Steak and Honour

One of the Cambridge citizens' favorite spots for a tasty meal is Steak and Honour. Two Michelin-trained chefs teamed up to open this eatery back in 2012 and now they have two food trucks that circulate around different areas in the city. You will find them at most of the popular street food spots, and they sometimes team up with other food trucks to give you the best meal you could possibly imagine.

Although their menu changes pretty often, sometimes seasonally, you can always rely on the classic dishes and burgers. Treat yourself to a meal of a riverside beef patty in a brioche bun with onion, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and gherkins. Vegetarians can try the Shroom, which is made with a flat mushroom and cheese.

Nanna Mexico

Are you in the mood for some authentic Mexican cuisine in Cambridge? Look no further than Nanna Mexico which began with a woman called Margarita who would sell her tasty homemade meals in the streets. Of course, they quickly gained popularity. Nanna Mexico is now a restaurant on wheels run by her grandson that circulates around the city and satisfies everyone with Margarita's original recipes.

The menu for Nanna Mexico is filled with enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas and Mexican sandwiches called tortas. If you are hungry enough you can order the Big Ass Burrito!

Warming Your Cockles Coffee Co

Warming Your Cockles Coffee Co was started by Emily Blickem, a writer, filmmaker and coffee enthusiast in Cambridge. Her rural coffee project began after visiting New Zealand and Australia where she tasted some delicious coffee that she wanted to bring back and share with the citizens of Cambridge.

Although she serves some of the city's best coffee the menu is even bigger than you might think. Come try their specialty tea, hot chocolates and homemade cakes like the banana loaf. There are even gluten-free options like a tasty almond, orange or lemon polenta cake. If you are visiting in July or one of the warmer months, you can cool off with an icy cold coffee.

Where to Find the Best Cambridge Street Food Spots

Market Square

Market Square is a historic part of the city and a good place to find tasty food in Cambridge. Stalls and trading shops have been set up here all the way back in the Middle Ages and it is known to be one of the best places for shopping in the city, for both food and drinks as well as vintage items and craftwork.

Come here to find street food, fresh or organic fruits and vegetables, health foods, fish and seafood, clothing, jewelry, books, CDs and DVDs, phones and tech, plants as well as artworks. The market is open to the public from 10 am to 4 pm daily except Saturdays, and every Sunday there is an arts and crafts market where local artists, photographers, sculptors and craftsmen sell their creations.


FoodPark is by far one of the top places for finding street food in Cambridge year round. They are a collection of vendors who gather to sell their dishes in several locations around the city on weekdays at lunchtime and evenings. Each vendor is an independently owned and operated business so there is quite a variety of foods for you to try.

Some of the FoodPark locations include Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge University West Campus, Cambridge University Library and the Cambridge Railway Station. The food offered here is made using the best quality ingredients and always prepared fresh to satisfy every customer.

Cambridgeshire's Farmers Market

Cambridge, England has a wonderful farmers market that can be fun to explore and a great place to grab lunch. This area has been used as a place of commerce and socialization and everyone here understands that food creates a bond and brings people together.

You should visit Cambridgeshire's Farmers Market to get a taste of what the local cuisine is like and to support the city's hard-working farmers as well. You can shop with confidence knowing that everything is of the highest standard and comes from right here in Cambridge.

Street Food Festivals in Cambridge

St Neots Street Food Festival

St Neots is a town in Cambridgeshire and occasionally they hold a Street Food Festival. Visitors stroll around free of charge to enjoy the company of locals as well as great food and drinks. Several kinds of dishes from different cuisines are present with all sorts of foods, like dim sum, bagels, waffles, hot dogs, fried chicken and much more from around the world.

Aside from delicious food, there is live entertainment and games, including the chilly hot wings challenge. Confetti Cake Lab, Sweet Paradise, Lo's Cheesecake Emporium and Shelley's Vegan Bakes were some of the guests that were present during the first festival, and the event is most likely going to return regularly every year.

LEAF Open Farm Sunday

The LEAF Open Farm Sunday is a special day for the people in the countryside as it is when many of the farms from across the area open their doors to the public. This nationwide festival is a great way for both guests and locals to be educated about and experience what farming life is like, as well as learn about food produced in Cambridge.

There are several farms that participate in the event, one of which is Hope Farm. This place hosts fun activities during the festival that everyone can enjoy, like tractor trailer rides, arts and crafts, bug expeditions and wild bird demonstrations. Come here to learn about how they farm in an environmentally conscientious way and buy fresh food from the stalls.

Holiday Lunch at Ross Street

The Ross Street Community Center in Cambridge hosts this event to bring the community together and as long as you reserve a ticket anyone is welcome to join. Guests are greeted with a friendly face and great food so come by if you happen to be in town when it is happening.

Aside from a delicious meal you can enjoy music and fun. Free activities like crafts and games are also available and they are always a favorite among children.

EAT Cambridge Festival

This is a fun festival in Cambridge as well as one of the biggest in the area. It is two weeks of exciting events and activities that are all food and drink related, and the event usually happens in May annually. Thousands of people come to Cambridge for this celebration and this year you can be one of them!

There is much to do here so be prepared to have an exciting time. The festival starts off with a huge food and drink fair and lots of food stalls and pop-up restaurants make an appearance. There are also wine and food tastings, cooking lessons and chef demonstrations, secret supper clubs, food related debates and a street food night market. Make this one of your evening activities in Cambridge. It's a nice way to pass the time!

Tasting Your Way Around Cambridge

You can find street food vans set up almost anywhere in Cambridge and there are so many options that you can stay all week and eat at a different place every day! Food trucks aren't just for weddings or parties, and many of them can be great lunch and dinner spots for even the pickiest of eaters. Whether you want something sweet for dessert or a healthy meal for lunch you can find it here.

If you want to know where any of the food trucks are at a certain time you can check their website, since many of them move around the city. If you enjoy the food in Cambridge, share the love and bring some ingredients home with you from the local markets to include them in your own recipes.

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