Best Brunch In Edinburgh: The Definitive Guide

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Edinburgh is a city rich in history with a mix of old-world charm and a modern attitude. That attitude extends to the embracement of doing brunch right. And if you are visiting Edinburgh for the first time you will find so many brunch spots that it will be hard to choose one.

If you are looking for a big breakfast of pancakes, waffles, poached eggs, sausage, black pudding, or something lighter like organic porridge or Scottish oats, your brunch options are endless in Edinburgh. We've put together a list of the twelve best brunch spots in Edinburgh to make sure you get the best meal for your money.

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Hula Juice Bar

Located in the Old Town in Edinburgh, West Bow at Victoria Street (Harry Potter's Diagon Alley) Hula was the first juice bar in Edinburg. Hula's brunch menu definitely offers you a healthy start to your day, and at reasonable prices too. Homemade granola, pancakes, smoothie bowls, and avocado toast made with sourdough bread are just a few of the offerings.

A favorite among the regulars is the Açai bowl, consisting of a thick Açai smoothie topped with cocoa nibs, bee pollen, slices of banana, chia seeds, blueberries, and shredded coconut! Throw in a Chai Latte with optional maple syrup (don't skip the syrup). The Hula Juice Bar only serves brunch until noon so get there early and start your day with a healthy brunch in Edinburgh.

Snax Café

Unlike most of the brunch restaurants on this list, Snax Café is a no-frills, not fancy greasy spoon that is best for Sunday (or any day) morning hangover. You will not find smoked salmon lox or a decaf caramel mocha macchiato with a lemon twist. What you will find is a menu of no-nonsense delicious food, including four brunch meals, in large portions.

Students in Edinburgh flock to this iconic institution after a big night out. You might think a greasy spoon would leave out the vegans and vegetarians, but this is not the case. Snax Café has something for everyone. Breakfast rolls, wraps, plus their famous Bigger and (if you are up for the challenge) Biggest breakfasts combined with an Irn Bru and you are ready for the day.

With locations in New Town and Old Town, they do walk-ins, delivery, or you could even hire them for catering. And what does it cost for this mountain of food? Not much, their prices are very low. Food and a brew for cheap, now that sounds like a good brunch in Edinburgh.

Loudons Café & Bakery

With two locations to choose from, Fountbridge and New Waverley, Loudons gives you a stylish relaxed interior with great service and food. The award-winning café offers an incredible variety on its brunch menu that will satisfy everyone. You will find a full breakfast that includes haggis and all the trimmings, American-style pancakes, and Mediterranean poached eggs with avocado.

And what is brunch without a cocktail! Add a bellini, mimosa, or (depending on how the night before was) a bloody Mary. There are fantastic veggie options and check out the artisan bakery serving mouthwatering desserts (gluten-free and dairy-free options are available). It will cost you more than some of the other cafés, but the food is worth it.

Close to all the action in Old Town and on Princes Street, the café has indoor and outdoor seating. With all that seating, it is still best to make a reservation, even on the weekend when brunch is served all day.


Step outside of the norm this weekend and give an Indian brunch a try. At Dishoom you will find one of the savouriest and heartiest brunches you will ever have. Try chicken or pineapple Tikka, lamb or vegetable samosas, and its signature dish, the airiest naan rolls wrapped around streaky bacon, pork, or vegan sausage. The list goes on and on, once you read the menu you won't be able to help yourself, you'll have to go.

During the week you don't need a reservation but for Saturday or Sunday, it is a must. This is one of the busiest restaurants in Edinburgh for weekend brunch. You will find the moderately priced Bombay-style café in the city center at St. Andrew Square.

Urban Angel

This Hanover Street hot spot has been pleasing locals and tourists with an organic brunch menu that features locally sourced seasonal ingredients. You may instantly turn your nose up at the mention of organic, but how they do it will change your mind.

You can choose between traditional fare such as scrambled eggs, poached egg, fried egg, eggs Benedict and French toast. Or you can go ultra-healthy with peanut butter and maca, or an acai smoothie bowl, both are packed with flavor that will leave a smile on your face. There is also a generous selection of loose-leaf tea and coffees. If you want a little more kick to your coffee, try the espresso martini.

A nice relaxed atmosphere, moderate prices, and a delicious brunch served until late in the afternoon make Urban Angel a great place to hang out.

Honeycomb & Co.

The brunch world is abuzz with this cozy café located near the corner of Bruntsfield and Merchiston Place. As the name suggests, it is all about the sweet nectar called honey. They put it in everything and it is delicious.

During the week, they have a full breakfast menu that is inspired by flavors from around the world such as Shakshuka (North African baked eggs). On the weekends they expand the all-day brunch menu to include some truly delightful plates like smoked salmon, roast salmon & squash salad and mac 'n' three cheese.

Whatever you do order, make sure to try their signature Honeycomb honey julep cups, which can be served hot or cold. Not only are they a vegan and vegetarian-friendly café, but they are also a dog-friendly one, as long as they are well behaved and on a leash. The prices are on the higher moderate scale but the food is so fun and tasty you can't afford to not try it.

Salt Café

This family-run restaurant, in the upscale neighborhood of Morningside, takes the term homemade very seriously, from the sausage to the bread it is all made by hand and with love. If you are looking for anything other than brunch this is not the restaurant for you, they are dedicated to giving you the most delicious brunch in Edinburgh you can imagine, and that is it.

Vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores are all welcome here, and so are their furry friends. All the food is sourced locally and prepared daily, and what a line-up of choices! Imagine light fluffy pancakes topped with fresh berries or apples, or steak 'n' eggs for adults and cheesy beans for the kids.

This trendy café was awarded as one of the Best Brunch Restaurants in the UK by TripAdvisor and it is easy to see why. Although not the cheapest place to get brunch it also won't break the bank. And when you bite into those homemade scones and cakes you won't care about the cost.

The Skylark

The Edinburgh suburb of Portobello is where you will find this hip little hangout. The cozy café does not do the usual brunch menu, you won't get scrambled eggs, a poached egg or smoothie bowls here. Their brunch and breakfast menu includes a small collection of French-inspired food like grilled halloumi and peach salad, beetroot and herb fritters, and Croque Monsieur.

There are a few daily specials and familiar dishes that will satisfy the less adventurous like smoked bacon rolls and avocado on toast. The food prices are a little high, so what makes it a truly great brunch spot are the cocktail menu and view. You may come for a delicious brunch but you will linger over drinks and the spectacular view.

The Pantry

One of the most popular brunch restaurants in Edinburgh, The Pantry has built a stellar reputation. The breakfast menu goes until 11 am, but brunch is all day. This is a good thing too because their eggs Benedict has been dubbed "a reason to come to Edinburgh".

If you are not into something savory, check out the homemade Belgium waffles with fresh blueberries and real Canadian maple syrup. There are mini-meals and a play area for the kids, and you can have your four-legged best friends with you in the outdoor seating area. And Mom and Dad can enjoy a small boozy brunch with some mimosas, wine, and beer.

Even though The Pantry is located in the posh Stockbridge area, the prices are quite reasonable. It gets very busy on the weekends and it is walk-ins only, so get there early.

Papii Café

If you find yourself on Hanover Street in Edinburgh, try to make sure you are hungry because you will want to stop at this hidden gem for brunch. There are a few choices on their menu but honestly, it really only comes down to a choice between the waffles and eggs Benedict.

Oddly enough, waffles are not on as many brunch menus in Edinburgh as you might think, and if they are they are only done one way. At Papii you can get sweet or savory and pair your delicious meal with their strong coffee, now that is a great brunch. Before you leave, grab one of their freshly baked scones to snack on later.

Good food, good portions, and good prices make this gem one of the brunch spots you will want to find. Explore some of the free things to do in Edinburgh and continue your budget-friendly day at this eatery.


This café in the heart of Bruntsfield has been one of Edinburgh's favorite brunch spots for over 20 years. They pride themselves on working closely with local suppliers, artisan producers, and talented chefs, and it has paid off beautifully. They offer a menu that combines sweet and savory perfectly and an all-day cooked breakfast menu that will conquer any appetite.

If you are craving a full Scottish breakfast check out the Full Monty with haggis, potato scones, sausage, and more. Or try something more brunchy, like the waffles with hot smoked salmon and poached eggs. The food prices are moderate but they have great deals on brunch drinks, how about a bloody mary for less than $7?

Mimi's Bakehouse

You will find Mimi's Bakehouse in several locations throughout Edinburgh, including the Royal Mile, all serving an all-day brunch, and of course, their award-winning cakes. One might think that a sweet shop wouldn't know how to do savory, but Mimi's certainly does and at a reasonable price.

Choose from thick pieces of french toast covered with maple syrup and bacon, soft baguettes with black pudding, sausage, or bacon, and a large vegetarian breakfast with all the trimmings, and the servings are big. You may not be able to finish it all, but don't worry they will pack it for you to enjoy later.

Enjoy a full Scottish breakfast at least once

As you can see, Edinburgh offers so many options no matter what your taste buds are craving. Almost every restaurant has a brunch or breakfast menu that includes sweet, savory, vegan, and vegetarian options.

Whether you're enjoying some alfresco dining with your furry best friend on the Royal Mile, or enjoying a stack of pancakes with loved ones, brunch in Edinburgh is one of the best social gatherings possible!

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