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Store Your Luggage Around Sacramento With Bounce

Contrary to popular belief, the capital city of California isn't Los Angeles - it's Sacramento. Colloquially known as the River of Trees, Sacramento is one of the oldest and largest cities in all of California. Sactown is also one of the most culturally diverse vistas in all of North America. Visitors will gain exposure to a unique blend of Latino, Asian, African-American, and Caucasian cultures when they travel here. Ideally, you won't want to carry your luggage with you as you explore the city. Sacramento is the sixth-largest city in California, after all. Bounce can help you store your belongings safely and securely so that you can explore the town worry-free. 

Luggage Storage in Sacramento 

Bounce is an affordable luggage storage service that makes touring a breeze. We’re all about seeing customers visit a city without a care in the world. If you have time in between flights and want to get some sightseeing in, look to Bounce for an easy storage solution at a convenient location. Close to transportation and the must-see destinations, Bounce is the ideal service for keeping your bags stowed. 

Sacramento City Guide 

Things to Do

Sacramento isn't just one of California's largest cities - it's also one of its busiest. Farmers' Markets are hosted here more frequently than most cities. Moreover, Sacramento also has plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to dive into. And we mean literally, if you visit the American River. 


Sacramento's art and culture perfectly blend the old with the new. Here are a few places that you have to check out if you're bound for Sactown.


California State Capitol Museum: Located on 1315 10th St., this historic building isn't just a museum. It also doubles as the seat of the California State Legislature. 

Sacramento History Museum: Once you've settled into Sacramento, travel to 101 I Street. There, you'll find an aged, 19th Century, brick and mortar building. This humble structure is the Sacramento History Museum - a cultural hub that's become world-famous for its "Ghost Tours" and "Underground Tours." 

California State Indian Museum: Housed in this building are numerous tributes to California's indigenous peoples. This exhibit displays a myriad of delicate, culturally significant relics. 


Even the most seasoned shopaholic might find themselves overwhelmed by the shopping scene in this beautiful city. Take the opportunity to admire fashion and merchandise in the store windows or try your hand at scouring the markets for deals. 

Evangeline's: This is one of Sacramento's most popular gift shops. Located on 113 K St, Evangeline's sells a slew of products, novelties, and odds and ends that pay homage to the City of Trees' culture and history. 

The Chef's Olive Mix: It is truly a culinary artists' dream come true. This store sells a cavalcade of specialty cooking oils and vinegar, many of which can't be found elsewhere. The Olive Mix can be found on 131 J Street, not too far from one of Bounce's storage locations. 

Oblivion Comics & Coffee: Stop by and grab a cup of Joe, and check out some of the latest and greatest comics from both the big and small name publishers. Be sure to check in your luggage with Bounce before you "enter Oblivion." 


Sacramento’s dining options are as varied and diverse as everything else in the city. Below are just a few of Sactown’s most excellent eateries.

Local Roots Food Tours: This food experience takes care of two birds with one stone. Tours expose visitors to all sorts of beautiful sights and scenes around Sacramento. Then, it’s time to eat at one of the city's local restaurants. Tours are provided via trams, though, so store your luggage at a Bounce locker before hitting the road. 

Track 7 Brewing Company: All sorts of specialty drinks are served here, many of which are custom creations. Bounce has your luggage covered; you just worry about figuring out which of Track 7's amazing drinks you'd like to try out. 

Sacramento River Cruise: This unique venue offers guests a fantastic view of the city's waterfronts, a smooth sailing experience, and great food. If you embark on a 2-hour cruise, leave your luggage with Bounce rather than taking it with you aboard the boat. 


Even if you haven’t visited California yet, you’ve probably been exposed to a few of the Golden State’s famous cities via various works of American media. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has been featured in hundreds, if not thousands, of TV shows, movies, commercials, and books. Artists like Snoop Dogg, Laurie Lewis, Vince Staples, Sublime, and War have helped make the city of Long Beach a household name. Even entire counties, such as Orange or Los Angeles County, are known the world over. Funnily enough, Sacramento gets much less exposure than many other Californian cities despite being the Golden State’s capital! Contrary to popular belief, capital cities aren’t all business and bureaucracy. Between Sactown’s diverse art scene, scintillating local cuisine, historic monuments, and fantastic film festivals, there’s plenty to experience in Sacramento.

Sactown is a big place. Much like other big cities, Sacramento experiences higher than average criminal activity. The “River City” places at number 8 out of the National Crime Index’s top 100 safest American cities. If a city ranks closer to 1 on the Index’s scale, that suggests said city reports much more criminal activity than cities closer to 100. Sacramento’s citizens typically report a grand total of 20,376 crimes each year. 3,356 of these reports are classified as violent crimes. Conversely, a staggering 17,020 descriptions are property related crimes. Bounce is a 24 hour, 7 days a week luggage storage service that can help you protect your property. When you make it to Sacramento, look for a Bounce location to store your stuff when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What’s the best way to get around Sacramento?”

  • Traveling by car is the best way to get around Sacramento, bar none. Whether you rent a car, use ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft, or even if you ship your own vehicle to Sacramento, we highly recommend that you get a set of wheels ASAP.

“Is public transportation in Sacramento safe?”

  • Yes. Very few reported crimes occur during bus or train rides. However, you’ll have to be on guard if you’re going to commute at night. We discourage carrying too much excess luggage while you’re moving about, as possessions can get easily misplaced, especially on California’s crowded transit system.

“What’s the best neighborhood to stay in Sacramento?”

  • Vineyard is widely considered Sactown’s best neighborhood. Crime rates are very low, and the community has a very scenic and appealing look. As well, many young families live here.

“What are the best museums to visit in Sacramento?”

  • Take your pick. Terrific options are the Powerhouse Science Center, the Crocker Art Museum, the Leland Stanford Mansion, and, of course, the ever-intriguing California State Capitol Museum.

“When’s the best time of year to visit Sacramento?”

  • The spring and fall are two of the best times to visit Sacramento. Winter is even excellent if you’re looking to celebrate the holidays or ring in the New Year with pizzaz. However, avoid visiting Sacramento during the summer if you can. California gets unbelievably hot during the middle of the year.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Where is the best places to stay and eat while in Sacramento?

    The most popular restaurants to visit are Black Bear Diner, The Izakaya - Ramen and Japanese Pub, and Rio City Cafe. Additionally, the highest ranked hotels within Sacramento are The Citizen Hotel, Autograph Collection, Hotel, and Delta King. When traveling on a budget, the best hostels in Sacramento are Sacramento International Hostel.

  • Where are the best parks and nature attractions in Sacramento?

    Sacramento offers several scenic parks including Pony Express Monument, Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park, and Old Sacramento State Historic Park.

  • Where can I store my luggage in Sacramento?

    We've partnered with local Sacramento businesses around the city who offer a dedicated storage room or a designated area that's off limits for customers.