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10,000+ locations worldwide

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Up to $10,000 in protection

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asked questions

  • How much does it cost to store luggage in Vodice?

    The price for luggage storage in Vodice starts from just €5.00/bag for the entire day.

  • Is it safe to store your bags in Vodice?

    Yes. Every bag is tagged with a security seal and comes with the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee. Every location is required to uphold tight security precautions. You may be asked to show ID and you will be required to use a credit card to book through Bounce in advance. With hundreds of thousands of bags stored, you can count on Bounce to handle your baggage in Vodice.

  • Are there storage lockers in Vodice?

    Yes, there are storage lockers and luggage drop off points in Vodice. Storing your luggage with Bounce is as easy as using a storage locker, except a real person is there to watch over your things. If you don’t want to worry about lockers being full or remembering the code for your locker, you can drop off your luggage at any of our convenient locations in Vodice.


Store your luggage around Vodice with Bounce

Situated on Croatia’s gorgeous Dalmatian coastline, Vodice is a picturesque seaside town known for its beautiful beach, stunning views of the Adriatic, epic seafood, and charming local culture. The town's main draw is its sandy beaches and bustling promenade, which attract international travelers and Croatians looking for a relaxing seaside vacation. 

Vodice neighbors the larger city of Sibenik, which is a hotspot for dining and nightlife along with its beach offerings. For resort-based travel destinations, Vodice and Sibenik both have solid cultural and historical offerings, with Medieval fortresses, museums, historic churches, and other attractions. There are also plenty of charming streets and squares that are perfect for some window shopping during your trek through town. Just don't forget about luggage storage. Vodice has plenty of convenient Bounce locations to store luggage for as long (or as short) as you need.

Luggage storage in Vodice

If you’re doing it right, you’ll be spending the vast majority of your trip outside exploring the town or enjoying the beach. If you’re stuck with your belongings after check-out or before check-in, you’ll want to find a secure place to store luggage in Vodice.

The best luggage storage Vodice has to offer is available through Bounce, which has convenient locations throughout the town, including spots near the beach and the nearest airport. Don't rely on shady train station lockers or go out of your way to local hotels a few hours before check-in. Arrange luggage storage with Bounce for convenient service and friendly staff at a great price!

Vodice city guide 

Top things to do in Vodice

The most popular activity in Vodice is hitting the beach and promenade. If you’re a restless traveler who wants to get out and explore, there are plenty of tourist attractions, museums, and landmarks to see. There’s also a wealth of culture and shopping to enjoy in town as well. Being in the Adriatic, the seafood in Vodice is also to die for. Here’s a guide for your trip to Vodice: 

Museums in Vodice

St. Michael's Fortress

Known locally as Tvrđava sv. Mihovila, this medieval fortification is located in nearby Šibenik, Croatia, which is about a 20-30 minute drive from Vodice and can be reached via taxi or bus. The fortress is one of the most significant historical landmarks in Croatia and a great way to enjoy the outdoors while learning a thing or two. The fort was erected in the 11th century, and it’s situated on a hill overlooking Šibenik and the Adriatic Sea to protect the city. The ramparts provide stunning panoramic views, and its features include its thick defensive walls, towers, and various structures that served military and strategic purposes in the past. 

St. Michael's Fortress bag policy

This location has a small area with lockers to store luggage, but it really only accommodates small bags. Since you'll likely want to walk around with your hands free, hit up a Bounce location first for your luggage storage. Vodice is a place just waiting to be explored, and doing it without your bags will be so much better.

Vodice Aquarium and Museum of Maritime Tradition

This “two-in-one” facility brings a little bit of everything: entertainment in the form of an aquarium, education in the form of a museum, and wonderful views of the Adriatic from its waterfront lookout. Both the aquarium and museum are housed in the same great location, but they have distinct offerings based on what you’re interested in. The aquarium showcases a variety of marine life native to the Adriatic Sea, including indigenous species of fish, mollusks, crustaceans, and other aquatic creatures. The Museum of Maritime Tradition focuses on the rich maritime history and heritage of Croatia’s Dalmatian region through exhibits and artifacts. 

Vodice Aquarium and Museum of Maritime Tradition bag policy

Large suitcases and heavy backpacks are best left at your hotel or at a Bounce luggage storage location for a few hours. There's so much to look at here that you won't want to be distracted by your bags!

IZlozba skulptura Getsemani Golgota

This is a small sculpture exhibition in Vodice that's actually in the garden of a local resident and artist: Jola Matesa Bumba. The sculptures focus on natural materials, like olive wood, and the theme is the passion of Christ. Even if you're not religious, this exhibition is a lovely way to spend an hour outdoors and enjoy Vodice.

IZlozba skulptura Getsemani Golgota bag policy

Although there is nothing posted specifically prohibiting luggage in the exhibition, it's best to travel light. Find luggage storage without having to make any special requests (or use dodgy station lockers) with Bounce before you arrive, and you're guaranteed to have a much better time.

Shopping in Vodice

Obala Vladimira Nazora Promenade

Along the scenic waterfront, this promenade is buzzing with activity from both locals and tourists. It’s a delightful place to walk down, and it's lined with charming boutiques and street vendors. You’ll be able to grab last-minute beachwear and accessories if you’re heading to the water. Regardless of what you want to buy, you’ll enjoy picturesque views of the waterfront and sea breeze. 

Vodice Harbour Market

Vodice Market, held near the Church of St. Cross near the waterfront every weekend, is a great place to wander through the stalls and haggle with vendors offering fresh produce, handcrafted goods, and traditional items. It’s especially useful for grabbing ingredients to make a beach-side picnic. 

Šibenik Old Town

If you’re making a short trip down the coast, you’ll want to explore the charming streets of Šibenik's Old Town, where you can shop through unique stores for handmade crafts, art, and local products. Even if it’s to window-shop, you’ll want to spend plenty of time on these cobblestone streets to soak in the local culture. 

If you’re shopping through the cobbled streets of Vodice and Sibenik all day, you won’t want to be lugging around your bags. Finding a convenient luggage storage facility nearby is a great way to lighten the load for your shopping spree.

Restaurants in Vodice

Konoba Berekin

Konoba Berekin is one of the best restaurants in Vodice, and it’s popular with locals for serving up the best seafood in the city. The restaurant sources fresh catches directly from the Adriatic and prepares them with traditional Dalmatian techniques and centuries-old recipes. Grilled catch-of-the-day in garlic, seafood risotto, and black cuttlefish risotto are the most popular choices, especially when paired with superb Croatian wines.

Pelegrini Restaurant

Located in Šibenik’s historic Old town, Pelegrini offers an exquisite dining experience. Their attractive dining room and intimate ambiance make Pelegrini perfect for date night or the excuse you need to get off your hotel's sofa bed. Their approach combines traditional Dalmatian flavors with modern culinary techniques. There’s a heavy emphasis on seasonal and local ingredients for its elegant dishes, so the menu rotates heavily. Pelegrini has been awarded a Michelin star, making it a jealousy-inducing stop on your trip to Vodice and Sibenik. 

Konoba Prslik

Located on the island of Zlarin off the coast of Vodice and Sibenik, this stylish bistro is another exceptional place specializing in traditional Dalmatian cuisine. Housed in an ancient stone building, this restaurant’s timeless decor and atmosphere make for an amazing dining experience. Expect well-prepared local staples like grilled lamb, octopus salad, and fresh seafood at decent prices.

With these fancy restaurants, it's not a good idea to show up dragging suitcases and cumbersome backpacks with you. Head to a Bounce luggage storage in the morning, and we'll keep everything safe for the entire day and overnight. We have the best deals, so it won't even cost very much.


Croatia’s Dalmatian coastline is one of the most gorgeous regions in Europe. It offers not only miles upon miles of beaches, islands, and a craggy shoreline to enjoy, but it’s dotted with charming towns and cities that are wonderful to explore. Bounce has guides for cities like Šibenik, Zadar, and Split, along with plenty of secure luggage storage locations in each. If you’re traveling through Croatia, you can enjoy the peace of mind that Bounce has you covered, especially if you need to find luggage storage! 

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