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2 October

Wine Tasting in Bilbao: 8 Places You Have to Try

Visit a winery or drop into a bar or shop to sample wines in Bilbao. Local Spanish wines are in abundance and a real treat!

2 October

Rooftop Bar in Bilbao: X Places to Drink with a View

Bilbao has lovely rooftop bars that are worth exploring. See the city from a terrace for an unforgettable view.

28 September

Best Day Trips from Bilbao

Bilbao is a welcoming destination, with history evident on every street. Taking a day trip from Bilbao to see the surrounding areas is fun as well!

28 September

What to Eat in Bilbao: 10 Treats You Should Not Miss

Basque country is known for wholesome and hearty meals that satisfy. You'll also find savory snacks and sweets. Take a look at our list of what to eat in Bilboa.

Music Festivals in Bilbao in 2022
16 June

Music Festivals in Bilbao in 2022

If you're thinking about traveling to Bilbao and love music, you're in for a treat. Time your visit with one the Basque city's exciting music festivals and you're sure to have a trip to remember.

Vegetarian restaurants in Bilbao
16 June

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bilbao

If you like to eat plant-based or meat-free, Bilbao won't have you straying from your usual diet. Here are our favorite vegetarian restaurants in this Basque country city.

Things to do in Bilbao on a rainy day
16 June

Bilbao On a Rainy Day: 14 Things To Do

Due to the mountainous setting of Bilbao, the weather can be changeable. Use this list of exciting things to do in Bilbao on a rainy day and you won't even care about the bad weather.

Aerial view of Bilbao
16 June

3 Days in Bilbao: Everything You Should Know

The Basque city of Bilbao is so full of things to do that it might get tricky trying to squeeze everything you want to do into one weekend. Here is the ideal 3-day itinerary for your next trip to this charming city.

The best time to visit Bilbao
16 June

The Best Time to Visit Bilbao 2024: the Ultimate Guide

Which season in Bilbao provides you the ideal balance of price, crowds, and weather? Check out this guide to help you decide when to book your next trip to the Basque capital.

Street food in Bilbao
26 April

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Bilbao

Street food is a common sight in Bilbao, and this guide will help you find all the best vendors and areas to chow down on the go.

Best brunch in Bilbao
26 April

Best Brunch In Bilbao: The Definitive Guide

Just because you're in the Spanish city of Bilbao doesn't mean you have to leave brunch behind. Check out this list of all the best brunch spots in town.

Shopping in Bilbao
18 April

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Bilbao

A trip to Bilbao isn't complete without at least a little retail therapy. Consult this guide for the best places to spend your hard-earned cash.

Bilbao, Spain, at night
14 April

15 Unmissable Things To Do In Bilbao At Night

Once the sun goes down, the charming Spanish city of Bilbao becomes a vibrant playground full of nightlife, family-friendly activities, and amazing food. This guide will help you narrow down the best things to do here at night.

Bilbao Cathedral, Spain
14 April

The Top 15 Free Things To Do In Bilbao

Traveling in Spain and Europe in general can be costly. If Bilbao is on your list of cities to visit, you'll be happy to learn that there are tons of intriguing free things to do in this port city.

Bilbao, Spain
14 April

15 Things To Do In Bilbao With Kids

Traveling as a family to the port city of Bilbao is a great idea. There so many kid-friendly things to do that adults will also love. Here is a list of all the best activities to add to your Bilbao trip.

Best museums in Bilbao, Spain
13 April

The 12 Best Museums In Bilbao

There's a museum for every interest in Bilbao. Check out this list to help you build your Bilbao museum-specific itinerary.

How to get around the streets of Bilbao
13 April

How To Get Around Bilbao

Bilbao is an easy city to navigate as long as you're armed with all the necessary information. Let us help you get yourself around this Spanish port city the easy way.

Bilbao, Spain
13 April

The 9 Best Hikes In Bilbao

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the Spanish port city of Bilbao. Scenic walks in the city itself and the surrounding countryside should be part of any trip here.

Where to sta in Bilbao
13 April

Where To Stay In Bilbao: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Choosing the best neighborhood in Bilbao to call home for your vacation can be daunting. Use this guide to easily narrow down a few favorites.

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