Best Brunch In Nashville: The Definitive Guide

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Café in Nashville

There's no way you can visit Nashville, go out at night to enjoy the amazing music being played in just about every bar you come across, and get up early for breakfast the next morning. It's impossible unless you're superhuman, so forget having an early breakfast.

Brunch in Nashville is a tradition and one that all late-night revelers, bar and restaurant workers, and musicians faithfully adhere to. If you see someone coming out of somewhere earlier than ten in the morning, there's a fair chance they've been there since the night before.

What can you get for brunch in Nashville?

It would be easier to answer a question asking what can't you get for brunch in the country music capital of the world than that. The list would be a lot shorter. But start to think along the lines of fried chicken, country ham, cinnamon walnut buttermilk pancakes, banana bread French toast, and southern comfort food, and you'll be doing a cowboy hustle or step kick all the way to the nearest diner to go and get tucked into a plate of it.

If you've come to the end of your stay in Nashville and have checked out of your accommodation, going for a late breakfast with your bags isn't going to be much fun. Leave your bags at a Bounce luggage storage facility in Nashville where they'll be safe in a security tagged locker. You'll be able to pick them up whenever you want, but in the meantime you'll be unencumbered enough to enjoy your brunch and maybe even join in with a session of line dancing before you head to the airport.

Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee

Brunch Options: Where To Get The Best Brunch In Nashville

One thing you will notice about brunch in Nashville is that not all restaurants serve it every day. A weekend brunch, particularly Sunday brunch, are the most popular and they're the days everyone seems to be ready to dish up late breakfasts in Nashville. When you go, just remember that weekend brunch in Nashville is a big thing and as most places open at the crack of dawn, if you've had an exceptionally late night, you can always grab breakfast on the way home.

Another Broken Egg Cafe 

Another Broken Egg Cafe is one of the specialist brunch spots in Downtown Nashville, one of the best parts of Nashville to stay in,  that cater for the early birds as well as the weekend brunch crowd. Another Broken Egg Cafe is on Commerce Street which is a few minutes' walk from the Honky Tonk Highway.

Another Broken Egg Cafe opens seven days of the week from seven in the morning until two in the afternoon. As well as looking after those on gluten-free or vegetarian diets, Another Broken Egg Cafe serves an immense range of dishes like cinnamon roll French toast and Belgian waffles for those with a sweet tooth. 

Their savory menu is almost endless too with several variations of eggs benedict, french toast, masses of different omelets, and even biscuits and gravy with two sausage patties. They also have a special range of weekend brunch cocktails for those who want a boozy brunch. Have a Brunch Blueberry Margarita or a High Noon Grapefruit Hard Seltzer and you may end up not even knowing what time of the day it is.

Nashville Biscuit House

Sometimes nothing more than a weekend brunch like your mom used to make will do. If that's what you're looking for, you can get some good home-style cooking at the Nashville Biscuit House.

The Nashville Biscuit House is on Gallatin Avenue, so pretty convenient if you're planning on visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum or the Tennessee State Museum after you've eaten. At The Biscuit House they serve breakfasts all day, but their day is somewhat shorter than most folks as it starts at six thirty in the morning until one in the afternoon and that's it, service is over.

If traditional fare like country fried steak, country ham, or bacon with soft scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy is what you're craving, or you want eggs, grits, and fried chicken biscuits, this is where you need to be. Don't expect posh, sophisticated food, that's not what the Biscuit House is all about. What they offer is tried and trusted Tennessee dishes and good food at better than reasonable prices.

Coffee shop in Nashville, Tennessee


If you're planning a cultural afternoon by doing something like visiting The Parthenon Art Museum, which is one of the best museums in Nashville, Bricktops is the perfect place for your brunch as it's only a few minutes' walk away.

You'll find BrickTops on West End Avenue which from the outside looks totally contemporary, but inside has formal table settings. The brunch menu at BrickTops is as contrasting as the premise’s interior and exterior, so be prepared for a few culinary surprises.

Opening times at BrickTops vary. Weekday brunch service starts at eleven, but for their Sunday brunch they start an hour earlier. They have a specialist brunch menu too on which you can expect to see dishes like lobster benedict, fried chicken and waffles, devilled eggs and millionaire bacon, and brunch classics like French toast, shrimp and grits, fried chicken biscuits, and burgers.


The Tavern is one of the more well-renowned brunch spots in Nashville and for good reason. This American pub-style eatery on Broadway is one of the most popular for a weekend brunch in the city.

At The Tavern brunch is served Wednesday to Saturday from ten in the morning until three and on Sunday from ten until four. Although it gets busy, they don't take reservations for tables, particularly for the weekend and Sunday brunch services.

Operating like a gastro-pub with a certain level of culinary flair, here you can expect to be able to tuck into brunch dishes as varied as huevos rancheros are to a Singapore stir fry, and eggs benedict are to stuffed French toast.

Urban Grub

Urban Grub on 12th Avenue South in the Melrose district of Nashville is where to go when you want to spoil yourself with a stylish brunch.

Urban Grub is housed in a wooden premises which is a converted car wash with a great outdoor patio and as a side, they even offer their clients valet parking. Inside, it has a delightful rustic bar appeal that could keep you there for longer than you planned.

At Urban Grub they specialize in fish and seafood, so topping the menu in prime position are raw and wood-roasted oysters. If the thought of downing raw oysters after a heavy night out makes your stomach flip, there are plenty more items on the menu that won't.

Here you can forget about buttermilk biscuits as you're more likely to go for the brunch bites consisting of things like Memphis-style ribs, salmon hash, avocado toast, or scrambled eggs with a side of country ham, and who can blame you?

Brunch in Nashville

The Pancake Pantry

The Pancake Pantry is a breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot on 21st Avenue South in the Hillsboro Village district. It's the ideal place to go if you want a perfect pancake brunch before going shopping in Nashville.

The Pancake Pantry has been cooking up batches of batter since 1961 and has a menu of over twenty different pancakes. Breakfast service starts at six in the morning and continues right through until three in the afternoon with no menu change, so you can get what you want when you want.

Apart from superior old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes they serve up french toast with homemade blueberry compote, sweet potato pancakes, and hash browns with four scrambled eggs if you're in the mood for something more savory.

Milk and Honey Gulch

Milk and Honey on 11th Avenue in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville serves an all-day breakfast menu from six-thirty in the morning until three in the afternoon. That means you can get brunch no matter what time you manage to crawl out of bed except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when they're closed.

This trendy cafeteria-style eatery is busy from the moment they open until they close so don't expect a quiet brunch sitting in a corner booth with no-one else in the dining room. It's not going to happen.

The best brunch items on the menu at Milk and Honey are their fried chicken with waffles, their brunch sandwiches, and their veggie breakfast burrito.

Kitchen Notes

If where the ingredients in your food comes from matters to you then you should have your brunch at Kitchen Notes. Kitchen Notes is a restaurant in the Omni Nashville Hotel on 5th Avenue South that serves traditional Southern dishes made following the farm-to-table ethic.

At Kitchen Notes they serve a lunch menu that can double as a brunch menu, from eleven until two in the afternoon that features great food items like chicken hash, shrimp and grits, a mushroom breakfast burrito, and a scrumptious burger they call their Tennessee Patty Melt.

On Saturday and Sunday at Kitchen Notes they put out a special weekend brunch menu with service starting at seven in the morning and continuing through until one in the afternoon. The menu really goes the whole hog on classic dishes like avocado toast, steak and eggs benedict, and pecan wood bacon sandwiches with sides such as maple blueberry sausage and grits available too.

Restaurants in Nashville

Party Fowl

Party Fowl is a weekend brunch spot on 8th Avenue South in Downtown Nashville that opens its doors for brunch until two in the afternoon on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Housed in an independent and shockingly red building, Party Fowl is all about chicken, hot chicken and more hot chicken, so if you're not into chicken skip going here for your weekend brunch.

At Party Fowl they like to make brunch a spicy affair and have lots of dishes on their menu that really pack a punch like their Nashville hot chicken benedict, breakfast burritos that are served on a bed of Mexican beans, and their hot chicken stuffed French toast. They also offer a special brunch deal for two that includes bloody marys and enough food to feed four.

The Wild Cow

If you're vegan or vegetarian you'll be relieved to know that not every restaurant in Nashville serves just fried chicken and grits for brunch. The Wild Cow on Fatherland Street in East Nashville is a dedicated vegan eatery serving brunch from eleven in the morning onwards.

The Wild Cow has a contemporary rustic atmosphere created by the use of naturally finished wood. It's bright, clean, and inviting, but while animals may be the theme of the pictures on the walls, there's definitely none on the menu.

As well as your regular avocado toast, at The Wild Cow you'll be wowed by green eggs, chipotle and black bean burritos, chickpea salad wraps, and buffalo tempeh. They also have a super selection of vegan cakes and pastries if you want to indulge yourself more.

Miss Saigon

When you're in Music City but need an Asian street food fix for brunch then you need to go to Miss Saigon on Charlotte Pike where the specialty is Vietnamese food.

While the premises might not win any interior décor awards the food should, and there's an incredible choice being served from ten in the morning all through the day. No, it won't be a bluegrass brunch, but it will be one that sets you up for the rest of the day.

At Miss Saigon you can dive into a bowl of chicken noodle soup and add some soup dumplings if you want to. For the brunch adventurous there's coconut curry eggs benedict, vegetarian crispy pancakes, tofu vermicelli and that all-time brunch go-to for the truly hungover, a steaming bowl of chicken or beef pho.

Restaurant in Nashville


Now you're fully in the know about where to go and what brunch options there are in Nashville. In truth, by having a late breakfast you'll be upholding tradition and after a few days will be just another one among many who make up the habitual brunch crowd in Music City.

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