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Traveling has become somewhat of a rite of passage in the modern world, be it a quick weekend getaway or a backpacking trip with friends. But as we all know, the joys of exploring the world are often enhanced by the places we visit and where we choose to stay. After all, the only thing better than traveling is to travel the world in style.

Finding the right hotel to lodge while on your trip can be particularly challenging, especially with the array of top-rated hotels out there. For those who seek a more lavish experience, there are a host of five-star hotels across the globe, from the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai to the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris. But when it comes to the best-value five-star hotels, which ones are truly worth their hefty price tags?

To determine if they really live up to their extravagant promises, this report analyzes five-star hotels across the globe to reveal the world’s best value luxury accommodations to spend the night.

The UK and Ireland’s best-value 5* hotels

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1. The Grove of Narberth (Pembrokeshire, Wales) - Total Value: 8.98

The Grove of Narberth tops the list as the UK’s best-value five-star hotel. Nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, this thoughtfully designed Welsh establishment costs an average of just £291.45 ($327.23 | €334.47) for a one-night stay.

Upon arrival, guests receive a very warm Welsh welcome. Its blended traditional styles and textures work together perfectly to create a wonderfully rustic and wholesome atmosphere. Every room has been individually crafted - brimming with imagination - to create a luxurious haven. Each one with a touch of modernity, topped with a sprinkle of Welsh art and antiques.

Surrounded by meadows and woodland, this enchanting stay has truly made an impression on vacationers as it received 96.41% “very good” and “excellent” feedback from its guests. This hotel’s top-notch reviews combined with its more affordable price earned it an impressive rating of 8.98 out of 10.

2. Batty Langley's (London, England) - Total Value: 8.27

Next up is one of London’s most fashionable boutique hotels. Located in the Shoreditch district, Batty Langley’s offers a five-star experience for a nightly cost of £358.09 ($402.05 | €410.94) earning it a spot in the top three.

Guests are thrown into characterful surroundings filled with lush furnishings and dramatic aesthetics. Not only are there plenty of nooks to unwind in, but the hotel’s modern - slightly eccentric - take on antique style also receives top ratings from guests. With a modest price and a comfortable 96.81% “very good” and “excellent” reviews, Batty Langley’s secures an overall rating of 8.27.

3. The Marker Hotel (Dublin, Ireland) - Total Value: 7.96

The Marker Hotel located in Dublin takes home the bronze medal as the five-star hotel that provides the best value for money. For £290.30 ($325.93 | €333.15) a night, guests are surrounded by ritzy interiors and can even unwind in an award-winning spa to top it off.

This modern, sleek hotel overlooks Grand Canal Square, the city’s most vibrant cultural and business quarter. Not only does it boast a prime, waterside location but guests are also invited to enjoy impressive views from its rooftop bar. With “very good” and “excellent”  reviews reaching as high as 94.25%, it's no surprise that this luxury hotel received a total rating of 7.96.

The UK and Ireland’s most expensive 5* hotels

Corinthia (London, England)

Average nightly cost: £1,035 | $1,162.05 | €1,187.76

Corinthia ranks as the UK’s most expensive five-star hotel. On average, it costs £1,035.00 ($1,162.05 | €1,187.76) to experience this hotel’s perfect blend of grandeur and elegance.

Perfectly placed in central London, its refined aesthetics make it the ideal spot to experience some of the city’s finest views. Corinthia’s unique and contemporary style combined with its heritage gives it that distinct edge and with a comfortable 95.19%  of both “very good” and “excellent” reviews on Tripadvisor, there is no doubt that it really is worth the stay.

The UK and Ireland’s cheapest 5* hotels

100 Queen's Gate Hotel (London, England)

Average nightly cost: £245 | $275.57 | €281.67

Everyone loves a bit of luxury now and again, but five-star luxury doesn’t always have to come at a five-star price.

For as little as £245.44 ($275.57 | €281.67) you could enjoy the full experience in the heart of Kensington, London. Once an 1870s townhouse, this historic charm exudes elegance - a place where history meets contemporary.

The UK’s and Ireland’s best-reviewed 5* hotels

Milestone Hotel Kensington (London, England)

Percentage of ‘Very Good’ & ‘Excellent’ reviews: 98.02%

In a Victorian building dating from 1883, this upscale hotel opposite Kensington Gardens takes the top spot as the highest-rated five-star hotel on our list with 98.02% of reviews being labeled ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’. The Milestone Hotel maintains an old-world charm, beautiful rich furnishings, exquisite original arts, and outstanding cuisine.

The world’s best-value 5* hotels

1. Epic Sana Algarve Hotel (Albufeira, Portugal) - Total Value: 8.17

The Epic Sana Algarve Hotel takes home the gold medal as the world’s best-value five-star hotel for an overnight stay. This luxury lodging has a combined rating of 94.22% for “very good” and “excellent” reviews which comes as no surprise as it provides guests with private beach access and spacious resort suites.

For as little as $284.18 (£253 | €290.35) a night pleasure-seekers indulge in the perfect retreat, filled with spectacular views and gourmet dining. It's therefore no wonder this truly “epic” hotel grabs first place on our list with a total score of 8.17 out of 10.

2. The Peninsula (Bangkok, Thailand) - Total Value: 7.55

A highly acclaimed, award-winning hotel, The Peninsula situated in Bangkok comes in second place. For $409.38 (£364 | €418.26) to spend the night, visitors indulge in luxurious comfort with uninterrupted panoramic views of the Chao Phraya River.

Not only does its distinctive architecture make an impressive statement at first glance, but its extraordinary dining options are a hit with guests. With a high satisfaction rate of 94.35%, this riverside hotel receives a total rating of 7.55. 

3. Titanic Mardan Palace (Antalya, Turkey) - Total Value: 7.55

Also taking a seat in the second spot with a score of 7.55 is the Titanic Mardan Palace. This luxury hotel exudes five-star sophistication. Conveniently situated on the shores of the Turkish Riviera, travelers embark on a “majestic Mediterranean sojourn” to experience world-class service.

Costing $472.56 (£420 | €482.82) for a one-night stay, guests have access to a private beach and a snorkel-ready reef and can take a dip in one of the largest outdoor pool complexes in all of Europe. With its gleaming white towers, this sumptuous lodging received a total of 95.97% “very good” and “excellent” reviews on Tripadvisor.

The world’s most expensive 5* hotels

The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort (Nassau, Bahamas)

Average nightly cost: $2,701.14 | £2,402 | €2,759.77

Though it may not be on our best-value list - known as the legendary Caribbean hideaway - this spectacular resort takes the crown for the most expensive five-star hotel. Costing a whopping $2,701.14 (£2,402 | €2,759.77) for just one night, guests are immersed in a true Caribbean experience, surrounded by Bahamian beauty.

Since its opening 60 years ago, The Oceans Club, A Four Seasons Resort has been dubbed a playground for celebrities. Its signature white-sand beach has truly made a statement on what guests describe as a “fantasy island” and “paradise,” earning it over 930 excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.

The world’s cheapest 5* hotels

Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Average nightly cost: $60.94 | £54.00 | €62.26

Not all five-star hotels have to be attached to an extremely pricey bill at the end. Believe it or not, it is possible to relish the five-star experience for a very affordable price.

For as little as $60.94 (£54.00 | €62.26)  you could be living it up in this resort-style hotel which offers a wide array of deluxe amenities ranging from a modern fitness center to tennis courts. Guests can also enjoy magnificent tropical garden views from their balcony.

The world’s best-reviewed 5* hotels

Nayara Gardens (Fortuna, Costa Rica)

Percentage of excellent reviews: 98.52%

The award-winning Nayara Gardens located on the outskirts of the Arenal Volcano takes the number spot after receiving 98.52% outstanding feedback from fellow pleasure seekers. Guests can immerse themselves in an oasis of tranquility and ultimately succumb to the magic of the rainforest, marveling at its plush tropical gardens.


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Reviews, including “very good” and “excellent” were collected from Tripadvior.com.

To calculate the average hotel cost per night, a nightly cost was collected for each month, primarily taking into account the first Friday to Saturday of every month. However, in an instance where no data was available for that week, either the closest date to the first weekend or the following weekend was taken into account.

All data collected for the average nightly hotel cost was taken from Booking.com and was based on the current prices from January 2023 to December 2023. An average nightly price was then calculated.

The total rating for the best value five-star hotels was calculated using a combination of both ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ reviews, as well as the average cost of a one-night stay to determine an overall score out of ten.

All data is correct as of 21/10/2022.

*The infographics showcase rounded-up hotel prices to the nearest 1 (£/€/$).

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