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Where can I store my luggage in Miami?

Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria. It’s a study in contrasts, a place where you’re just as likely to see people dressed in Lederhosen and drinking beer as you are to see works of modern art, high-tech cars and world-class universities. It’s also the keeper of the German beer tradition. It’s filled with beer halls and is the place that Oktoberfest calls home each year. This one event alone brings more than six million people to Munich each year.

Art and intellectual pursuits are of equal importance in Munich. A trip through Munich’s art quarter, the Kunstareal, nets visitors glimpses of some of the most famous works of art in the world. Aside from this, a trip to Munich brings you in close contact with some of the world’s best universities, shopping, and German life.

Whether you’re visiting Munich for Oktoberfest or the Christmas markets, you’re sure to find plenty to do. As such, you’ll want to locate some options for luggage storage in Munich before you set off on your adventures. Bounce - that’s us - has numerous partners in Munich. These local businesses would love to provide you with bag storage in Munich for the day. Just log onto our app to find them.

  • Luggage Storage Near Hofbrauhaus

  • Luggage Storage Near Glockenbachviertel

  • Luggage Storage Near Maxvorstadt

  • Luggage Storage Near Munich Airport

  • Luggage Storage Near Munich Hauptbahnhof Train Station

  • Luggage Storage Near Marienplatz

  • Luggage Storage Near Ostbahnhof

How much does luggage storage cost in Munich?

Luggage storage in Munich costs only $5.90 on the Bounce platform for each bag or piece of luggage. 

Where is the nearest bag storage in Munich?

The Bounce platform offers dozens of bag and luggage storage locations throughout Munich. With 24/7 customer support and up to $5,000 in insurance for every booking, luggage storage in Munich as never been easier. 

Luggage Storage Near Hofbrauhaus

Some have called Munich’s Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, or the Hofbräuhaus for short, the most famous pub in the world. It is one of the places that made Bavaria the place to drink beer in Germany. After Oktoberfest, it counts as Munich’s biggest tourist draw. It’s the kind of place where the locals like to drink: If you visit this great beer hall, don’t be surprised if you see their personal beer steins lining the walls.

Bavaria’s Duke Maximilian I had it built-in 1589. It was originally an extension of the State Brewery of Munich. At one time, this brewery provided 30% to 50% of the Bavarian state’s tax revenue. Eventually, the state beer house was opened to the public in the early 1800s. The ravages of World War II destroyed most of the Hofbräuhaus, except for the historic beer hall. In 1958, the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl reopened, signifying the end of the post-war reconstruction work on this German landmark.

A visit to Munich’s historic brewhouse deserves your full attention. As such, you’ll want to look up your options for luggage storage in Munich near the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl. Here at Bounce, we provide customers like you with all kinds of options for bag storage in Munich and other world cities like Paris, France or St. Petersburg, Russia. Just log onto your Bounce app to find a bag drop near you.

Luggage Storage Near Glockenbachviertel

The simple fact is Germany is a very beautiful country, and one of the best places to see examples of this is in the Glockenbachviertel in Munich. It lies just south of Munich’s city center, right next to the Isar River. Not long ago, millworkers and the Jewish community called this section of town. Nowadays, it’s the city’s gay and lesbian community.

This luxury area of Munich is the place to go if you want to take in Munich’s beautiful architecture, lush flower beds, trendy bars, and cool shops. It’s a place for alternative cultural offerings, a place to find a nightclub and even a place to find a religious mass for animals. It epitomizes gemütlichkeit, a German word that is difficult to completely translate into English, though roughly it means “feeling at home” or “feeling comfortable.”

Speaking of feeling comfortable, it’s difficult to feel completely comfortable if you’re dragging your bags around. Fortunately, Bounce’s partners in Munich can offer you plenty of options for luggage storage in Munich in or near the Glockenbachviertel. Our international partners are businesses, like coffee houses, hotels, dry cleaning shops, and other easy-to-find locations. Log onto your Bounce app to find out more.

Luggage Storage Near Maxvorstadt

Like most major cities of the world, Munich has its own university and arts district. Called Maxvorstadt, or more affectionately, the “Brain of Munich,” this district sits north of Munich’s city center. For those who want to experience Germany’s intellectual culture firsthand, a visit to this district is a must. Within the confines of this area, you’ll find no fewer than seven universities, including Germany’s top two educational institutions, TUM and LMU.

Aside from this, a plethora of art galleries and museums give Berlin’s Museum Island a run for its money. Some of Germany’s most famous intellectuals have called this district home at one time, including Bertoldt Brecht, Joseph Ratzinger (formerly Pope Benedict XVI) and Wassily Kandinsky. It is also a place steeped deep in German history: A couple of locations in this district are associated with the Third Reich. It would be impossible to visit this district and not walk away with a deeper appreciation of German history, art, and culture.

Going bagless is the best way to visit Maxvorstadt, and fortunately, Bounce makes this simple. Just log onto our app to check out your options for luggage storage in Munich in or around Maxvorstadt.

Luggage Storage Near Munich Airport

Flughafen München, or Munich Airport in English, is the city’s international airport. After the airport in Frankfurt, it is the airport that boasts the most traffic. It’s also Europe’s eight-busiest. Almost 50 million people passed through this airport in 2018.

A number of international airlines fly through Munich, including Lufthansa, for which Munich is a hub. Other airlines flying through Munich include Air Canada, Air China, Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Croatia Airlines, Delta Air Lines, easyJet, KLM, Scandinavian Airlines and United Airlines. Options for luggage storage in Munich in or near the airport are numerous. Our Bounce partners are happy to provide you with bag storage in Munich for a couple of hours or for the day. Check out Bounce’s app to find a bag drop point near you.

Luggage Storage Near Munich Hauptbahnhof Train

Munich’s main train station, or München Hauptbahnhof in German, is the city’s main train station. It counts as one of three that serve Munich’s long-distance train travel passengers. Each day, nearly half a million people travel through the train station, making it as large (traffic-wise) as the main train stations in Frankfurt and Hamburg. It was originally built in the late 1930s: It took up residence in its current location by the late 1940s.

The Second World War severely damaged the station. Despite coming under heavy fire, the station resumed train services in the city after each Allied bombing. Eventually, 112 bombs fell in the area, and the train traffic had to be diverted to another one of the city’s railway stations. The loss in terms of life and property was immense. In the spring of 1945, Allied American troops overtook Munich. Eventually, reconstruction began in May of that year. By July, the station was operational enough to service almost 130 trains per day. By the end of the year, the station serviced almost 250 trains per day.

If your travels bring you into Munich’s Main Train Station, you’ll want to look into your options for luggage storage in Munich near the train station. Our partners are waiting to hear from you and waiting to serve you.

Luggage Storage Near Marienplatz

The central square or pedestrian zone is a fixture in many European cities, including in Munich. In this case, it’s the Marienplatz, a location that has been in use in the city since the 1100s. Remnants of events past can still be seen here. The Old City Hall, which is a reconstructed gothic council hall, complete with a tower and ballroom sits on the square’s east side. During the Middle Ages, the city’s markets were here, as were many tournaments. In this location is also the Marian column, a monument honoring the Mother Mary, who is the Patron of Bavaria. The main square is also home to Munich’s Christmas market, a place where Christmas cheer reigns. This yearly event lasts for three weeks and is the place in the city to buy holiday-themed food and drink, as well as handmade Christmas presents.

If you’re planning on visiting the Christmas market or if you just want to see the historic sites in Marienplatz, then you’ll want to take advantage of the options we have for luggage storage in Munich. Bounce has partners in and around this area, making finding bag storage easy.

Luggage Storage Near Ostbahnhof

Although much of Munich’s train traffic goes through its main train station, the city has other options for train travel, including its Ostbahnhof. It was inaugurated in May of 1871. By the following May, this train station became part of the city’s S-Bahn line, just in time for the Munich Summer Olympics. Eventually, U-Bahn service also came to the Ostbahhof, as did tram service.

Be sure to look up your options for luggage storage in Munich near the Ostbahnhof is your travels bring you to this part of the city. This is a convenient option if you want to take a day trip, but don’t want to carry your bags along with you. Bag storage in Munich begins with Bounce and our regional partners.


Andie Haddad

Local Guide

Convenient to the Met, which does not allow luggage at coat check. Very easy check in and check out process, with lovely people at the front!

Ariel A

This was so cool!!!! Great service, extremely easy to use, and totally affordable! I didn't know where I'd leave my luggage while we explored San Fran, so I easily Googled luggage storage and found this company. At first it was a little odd dropping my bag off at a chocolate store, but the lady at the register was able to immediately pull up my reservation without any problems and then she put a lock on my suitcase and gave me a card to get it back with. She pushed the bag to the back of their storage room and I came back about 6 hours later to pick it up. Great service, I will definitely be using this again when I travel!

Hayley Hewitt

Local Guide

Can’t believe I haven’t used this service until now. So easy & convenient. I 100% recommend.

Isabel B.

I used Bounce during a recent trip to NYC, and I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and convenience of the process. To be honest, at first, I was very apprehensive. The thought of leaving your stuff at a random store, in a place where you are not from and you don't know whether is safe or not, it doesn't matter if anyone gives it a seal of approval, its difficult to be completely comfortable with the idea. However, I was very glad to be proven wrong. The place I chose was a great, clean bodega/deli in Soho and they were very responsive and the whole process felt very seamless. It was our last day in NYC and we had the full day before leaving the city, however our Airbnb was on the upper east side so we did not want to have to go back and forth. I would definitely recommend Bounce for travelers, especially when you need a place to just store your luggage for the day. The price could not be beat (since its for the whole day) and I will definitely be using this again!

Ciara C

Fantastic experience with Bounce! Stored a bag at the Grand Central location and on my last day at the 9/11 Memorial location. Both locations had friendly, efficient staff that were helpful and made everything very easy. Such a great option if your hotel isn't ready or you don't want the hassle of a bag in the city. Great, safe option. Thanks Bounce!

Ching Yuan Y.

Local Guide

Bounce is the best luggage storage service provider in the New York. I sent an email at midnight , and I got an email back in 10 mins. They are not only solve my issue but also provide solutions. You have to try Bounce !!