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Very nice staff with professional treatment. Kept my bags safe for a couple of hours while I visited the nearby museum.

Petar PenevUsed Bounce in Munich19 hours ago

10,000+ locations reviewed to keep your luggage safe

Coulter Rivers
Used Bounce in Munich12 days ago

They were very prompt and responsive, and knew exactly what they needed to do. Felt much safer than leaving it in a locker :)

Andrew Swedenborg
Used Bounce in Munich18 days ago

Can store any size bag and service is amazing! Open 10 to 10 Tues-Sunday so very convenient. Two blocks from Hbf as well.

Elissa Peipelman
Used Bounce in Munich1 month ago

Very helpful and kind!

Leila Helena Hämäläinen
Used Bounce in Munich1 month ago

I just deposited my suitcase;the experience was excellen!

Daniela Porras
Used Bounce in Munich1 month ago

This site its perfect and hospitality I recommend this to storage tour luggage it’s very magic hahaha

Chris Matos
Used Bounce in Munich1 month ago

Great service. Very nice owner. Bags were received and retuned quickly and easily. Love this!

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