Angels Stadium visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Angles Stadium visitor guide

While the team has the ever-so-confusing title of “The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,” there’s nothing confusing about who this stadium is for. The aptly named Angels Stadium has been the home of Anaheim’s baseball club since 1966 and has been a fixture of the Orange County cultural landscape ever since. 

Known locally as the "Big A," Angels Stadium’s seating capacity is over 45,000, and the venue has been the stage for World Series games and historic player achievements. The stadium's distinct architectural design features an iconic halo-shaped scoreboard and the iconic "Big A" structure, which makes for an impressive symbol of this storied franchise. 

Apart from baseball, Angels Stadium hosts a range of live events, like concerts and monster truck rallies. With its convenient location outside the madness of Los Angeles traffic, Angels Stadium is a cherished destination for sports enthusiasts and fans from across Southern California. 

If you’re traveling into Anaheim for a game and are stuck with your luggage, there are plenty of options for securely storing them while you catch nine innings (or more). For reliable luggage storage in Los Angeles and Anaheim, you can count on Bounce. We have plenty of locations across the city, including a few near the ballpark.

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Angels Stadium bag policy 

Angels Stadium bag policy 

According to the very specific Angels Stadium bag policy, all bags are prohibited from Angel Stadium with a few exceptions. Purses, clutches, and fanny packs smaller than 12” x 12” that have a single zipper or pocket are allowed. Clear bags made of either plastic or vinyl that have no obscured pockets and are smaller than 12.75” x 6.5” x 12.75” are also permitted. 

All backpacks and briefcases are strictly prohibited. Medical exceptions can be made, including baby carriers and diaper bags, but will need to go through a screening process. 

Because there aren’t any luggage lockers or storage facilities onsite, you’ll want to leave the bags at home or find an alternative before heading to the game. The Anaheim Town Center Storage Spot is the closest Bounce location to the Angels Stadium and is an easy stop on the way to the ballpark. It’s definitely much more convenient than crowded bag check services at the stadium. 

Angels Stadium food policy

As a family-friendly ballpark, Angels Stadium allows sealed drink boxes (like Capri Sun) into the ballpark. Empty reusable plastic bottles are also allowed so long as they are one liter or less. Outside food is allowed into the stadium, provided it isn’t in bulk quantities or contains alcohol. 

The concessions at Angels Stadium are very impressive, with a wide range of options from ballpark classics to vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Hit up Chronic Tacos for Mexican options, Pacifico Porch for fish and chips, or grab a ballgame-appropriate hot dog from a number of locations.

How to get to Angels Stadium

Angels Stadium transportation

It’s not hard to figure out how to Angels Stadium, especially if you’re already in Anaheim. Here are a few ways to be aware of:


The stadium is easily accessible from the I-5 (Santa Ana Freeway) and the CA-57 (Orange Freeway). There are a few parking lots surrounding the stadium for game-day parking. Parking lots typically open two and a half hours before the first pitch. Tailgating is a very popular pastime at Angels Stadium, so leave some time for this.

Public transportation

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) operates bus routes that provide gameday service to Angels Stadium from around Anaheim. 

Taxi and rideshare 

There are convenient pickup and drop-off points for taxis and rideshares just outside the stadium. 


The Anaheim-ARTIC Metrolink Station is the nearest hub and is within walking distance or a short shuttle ride from the park.


There are nearby hotels where traveling fans can walk to the stadium. 

Angels Stadium camera policy 

The Angels Stadium camera policy allows cameras so long as the lenses aren’t detachable and do not exceed 6” when fully extended. All professional equipment, including tripods, is prohibited without a media credential. Selfie sticks are allowed in the park, but the users cannot use them in a way that interferes with other fans.

Batting practice at Angels Stadium

Angels Stadium rules 

Permitted items 

Surprisingly, tablets and laptops are allowed at Angels Stadium so long as they pass through security and don’t bother surrounding fans. Small radios are also permitted but must fit under the seat. 

For families, strollers and diaper bags are allowed in the ballpark, but parents will have to store the stroller in a designated area by the gate. 

Banners and signs must be smaller than 3’ x 12’ and pertain strictly to the game. Signage and imagery deemed offensive, inappropriate, political, or commercial in nature will not be allowed in the park. 

Entry to Angels Stadium 

As per the Angels Stadium policies, the gates open 90 minutes before the scheduled first pitch, which allows time for fans to view batting practice and get situated before the game. The same policy applies to concerts or events unless otherwise stated by the organizer. Re-entry is not allowed for any ticket holder. 

As part of modernizing and compliance efforts, Angels Stadium is implementing contactless entry via the MLB Ballpark App as well as Apple or Google Wallet on mobile devices. Hard tickets are still available for box office customers and sentimental fans. 


The concessions and merchandise sales at Angels Stadium are now completely cashless. Credit and debit cards are required for all purchases, but mobile payments are beginning to become common at all points of sales as well, especially ApplePay. One of the more recent developments is “Reverse ATMs” around the ballpark that allow customers to convert cash into a VISA debit card that can be used anywhere. 


There are no longer any vaccination or testing requirements to gain entry to Angels Stadium. 

Segway policy 

One of the more curious features of Angels Stadium is its pilot Segway program to facilitate mobility-impaired individuals. Fans with disabilities are encouraged to reach out to Angels Guest Services ahead of time to inquire about the use of the franchise’s segways for getting around the stadium grounds. 


If you’re trying to fit an Angels game into 3 days in LA, or are taking a Los Angeles day trip to Anaheim, do yourself a favor by planning ahead and arranging luggage storage through Bounce. You won’t want any surprises trying to get your suitcase through security!

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