Globe Life Field visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Globe Life Field visitor guide

Globe Field is located in Arlington, Texas. This ballpark is the home of the major league team, The Texas Rangers. The Rangers were formerly located at Choctaw Stadium but moved to this new location in 2020. The roof is retractable here, which means that it is pleasant to sit down at games no matter the season.

If you are planning to watch a game at Globe Field, you will want to be sure that your luggage is in secure storage before you head up to the entrance gate. Let Bounce help you out with secure Globe Field luggage storage that you can trust. We can offer you peace of mind while you enjoy your ball game!

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Globe Life Field bag policy

Globe Life Field bag policy

The Globe Life Field bag policy allows for bags that are 16” x 16” x 8” to come into the stadium. Backpacks are not allowed unless they are single-compartment or drawstring-style bags. Coolers of any kind are prohibited. The bags do not have to be clear, however, which is a nice departure from the other bag rules that are present around most of the US. Exceptions for the bag rule for medical reasons or for diaper bags are often made.

There are luggage lockers at Globe Life Field, but they are more expensive than Bounce’s affordable storage. They are also less convenient as you will be directed to use them before you can be allowed in to see your game.

Globe Life Field food policy

The Globe Life Field food policy allows for each ticketed guest to have a one-liter plastic bottle of water with them when they enter the stadium. You will also be allowed to bring in food if it fits into a sealed quart-sized, clear plastic bag.

The stadium is famous for its Boomstick concessions stand, where you can get massive-sized burgers and hot dogs. The Brisket Croissant is another famous food offering at the stadium that serves meat on a croissant that is drizzled with donut glaze.

You will be able to mobile order at any of the many food stands around the stadium using the MLB Ballpark app, and delivery might be possible in certain sections. You are also allowed to have food and drinks at your seat.

How to get to Globe Life Field

Globe Life Field transportation

If you are concerned about how to get to Globe Life Field, don’t worry! It’s not hard at all to get to this stadium. Almost all the major highways in the area allow you to exit right to the parking for the field. You will be able to get into the parking lots two hours before each game starts. If you are going to a night game, parking is open two and a half hours before the first pitch.

All the parking lots are cashless, and the tickets can be purchased through the MLB Ballpark app. Some lots are more affordable than others, but none are that overpriced. There is accessible parking that is offered on a first-come, first-served basis in all of the lots on the property.

Rideshare can be used to take you to the park. The drop-off for rideshare is in the lot at the Chatman Cutoff. Pickups are allowed after the game on Randoll Mill.

Globe Life Field camera policy

The Globe Life Field camera policy states that camera cases are not allowed into the stadium. Camera lenses that are longer than 8 inches are also not allowed. There is no limit to cellphone use or personal video equipment.

As with other MLB stadiums, if you are using a camera in a way that affects the enjoyment of the game for others or that affects play on the field, you will be asked to leave. Those who have been removed from the stadium will not be allowed re-entry and will not be given a refund for their ticket.

Tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks are also not allowed in the stadium. You will need to store these items with your luggage before you head to the game.

Globe Life Field rules

Globe Life Field rules

Globe Life Field policies are less stringent than in some other parks. You are asked to be respectful of other guests and to be sure that you engage in appropriate behavior at all times while you are in the park. You will not be allowed re-entry if you choose to leave the park during the game.

Globe Life Field is a cashless venue, so you will need to have a payment method in hand that is not cash. The food vendors and other retail outlets in the stadium also do not accept cash.

The stadium opens its doors one hour before game time for regular games and 1.5 hours early for night games. No exceptions are made to this rule unless you have specialty tickets or it is a special event with unique rules.

Banners are not allowed into the park that contain advertising messaging or that are so large that they will impede the view of other patrons. Signs on poles or sticks will also not be allowed to come into the park. All bags and other personal items that are brought to the entrance gate are subject to search.


Globe Life Field is a very nice venue, and if you are in the area, you should consider planning to see a game here during your visit. If you follow the various policies and rules related to this stadium, you will have a great time during your visit. Make sure that you avoid delays on game day by putting your luggage into secure storage with us. We will keep your bags safe and secure so that you can have a great time watching your favorite teams play ball.

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