Where To Find The Best Street Food In Atlanta

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Finding the best street food is actually pretty easy in Atlanta GA, as food is the backbone of the culture in this city. Whether you are looking for hot dogs, burgers, pizza, Asian delights, Indian cuisine, or the best comfort food and soul food, you are going to find it here.

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The best street food vendors in Atlanta

The Atlanta street food scene is one that is dominated by good ol' soul food. But if you look around you will find that there is such a rich diversity of food that the taste buds of any foodie can be satisfied. So we put together a list of the best street food available in one of the greatest cities in the USA, Atlanta, GA.

Food trucks are all the rage nowadays, and in Atlanta, you will be happy to know they have some of the best street food trucks in the country. If you are wondering where to find a food truck in Atlanta there are a couple of regular spots for them like Triton Yards, Howell Mill Food Truck Park, and the Atlanta Food Truck Park. And if you can't find the one you are looking for, there just check their website for their location.

So before we get to the cafes and restaurants, we'll start with 2 of the best food trucks in Altlanta GA.

Slutty Vegan

Out to prove that vegan food is every bit as sloppy and tasty as "normal" food, the owner, Pinky Cole has certainly achieved her goal and then some. Her food truck and four permanent locations have been booming, turning out incredible plant-based food that any fast food lover would enjoy. In fact, some of the food she serves could be classified on the not-as-healthy side of the scale.

The menu consists of sandwiches and hamburgers covered in melted vegan cheese and Philly Cheesesteak loaded with caramelized onions and peppers. The food served by the Slutty Vegan is so good, that there is a constant line at all the places, including the food truck. Pinky was the first to really change the way people view vegan food. Though now there are plenty of others on the market, hers is "simply the best".

The Blaxican

A combination of Mexican & Soul food is what you are getting when you hit up this food truck. This is definitely a favorite in the food truck world, in fact, it was named the top food truck in the USA in 2015. Tacos, Mexy mac & cheese, and collard greens quesadillas are a couple of the great items you will find on the menu.

The Vortex

Located in Little 5 Points, The Vortex hits the spot for when you need comfort food. Keep in mind that the place is a bar/grill, so you have to be 21 to get in. 

From mouth-watering burgers and chicken wings to cocktails, beer, and great rock music, this joint should be on top of your to-do list in Atlanta. You know a place has good food when you see long lineups, but when you hear names like "Bad Ass" Buffalo wings or a Double Coronary Bypass Burger, you know you've arrived at a burger haven. Prices are not bad either for the amount of food you get. Expect to pay about $12 for one burger.

After your delicious meal, you can have a good laugh at the comedy show in the on-site comedy club.

Snackboxe Bistro

When you hear the name of this place, it makes you think of snacks. Although they serve snacks like egg rolls, meatballs, and squid on a stick, the name doesn't do it justice at all. Located on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard near BrandsMart USA Department Store, this joint serves delicious street food from Laos served in a modern space with a few traditional accents.

If you haven't tried Lao food, now is the right time. Featured dishes include Nam Khao – a crispy coconut rice dish that you make into lettuce wraps, pork belly or chicken Laap, fried squid, papaya salad, shrimp ceviche, fried doughnuts with condensed milk, and many more. Prices are pretty good, starting at $10 for one meal that will surely fill your belly. 

If you are not sure about the names and what to order, check with the friendly staff who are happy to help you answer your questions. 

Arden's Garden Little 5 Points

When it is time to take your vitamins, head down to this juice bar and get your daily dose of vitamins in a cup. This juice bar is located on Euclid Avenue alongside eateries of all types. Arden's Garden Little 5 Points serves juices, smoothies, shots, seaweed, and organic macrobiotic snacks usually made with dried fruit and nuts. 

They also have prepackaged juices on the shelves from $6 and up, but you can build your own smoothie at the counter. Most drinks are vegan. Make sure to stop by anytime you feel under the weather. These vitamin bombs will help you feel refreshed instantly. 

You can skip the long lines and order online, just go and pick your order up in 30 minutes.

Chai Pani

Chai Pani has been a popular Indian street food restaurant since 2013, but now they have really stepped up their game. Owner and Master Chef Meherwan Irani has changed the philosophy of the restaurant, and it now serves Indian street food not just from Mumbai but from all regions of India too. It has been a delicious surprise to the regular customers, and there are a lot of them.

On the menu, you will still find some favorites like butter chicken and the Sloppy Jai sandwiches made of a lamb hash infused with tomato and ginger. But now you will also find street food like canteen-style Desi pizza, fried prawn koliwada, mutton pepper fry, and a pav bhaji served loaded with veggies and served with soft bread for sopping. This is not just the best Indian restaurant in Atlanta, it is one of the best restaurants in the city.

Mushi-Ni at Little Trouble

What started as a small food stall has now joined forces with Little Trouble, a bar on the Westside, and they turning out incredible street food. It doesn't seem to matter if someone is vegan, vegetarian, or a meat-eater, everyone is agreeing that the food Mushi-Ni is putting out is out of this world. And the boas, Tokyo fries, and tempura fried Oreos are topping the list.

If you have been looking for great Asian-American fusion food, this is the perfect place. Some of the choices of fillings in the boas are Bo Kho brisket, lobster Kani, and clay pot mushroom. And if you love your fries, they serve them up as a side or a full meal with the same topping as the boas. Once you throw on a sauce like truffle-sriracha mayo or hoisin ketchup, you may not be able to stop eating.

El Tesoro

Eating tacos sitting outside is good, but being able to enjoy them on one of the best outdoor seating patios in the city is even better. El Tesoro set out to the best tacos of each region of Mexico and brought those flavors to the streets of Atlanta, and they have succeeded. Their tacos are bursting with flavor and fresh ingredients, and made with a skill you rarely see this side of the border.

This restaurant in Edgewood is filled every day with locals, so you may have to wait a little bit for your order. But when you see the menu with such great selections as Tinga de pollo, chorizo y papas, and their special brunch tacos, the ranchero, you'll forget you had to wait to get in. Oh, and to entice you further, they make great margaritas too. Stop here for a drink and a bite before a night on the town.

Reuben's Deli

This deli has become a staple for the locals in Atlanta, and now tourists visiting the city are discovering it too. Voted as one of the Top 10 Delis in the United States, you know you are going to get some great street food here. The entire menu is fantastic but it is their sandwiches that are the highlight. Homemade breads, top-quality meats, season-fresh veggies, and super flavorful condiments all go into making their sandwiches the best in Atlanta.

You can't go wrong choosing the turkey, roast beef, or egg salad off the Basic menu. But for a step up, try something off the Signature menu like the Sera with turkey, greek-mayo and feta, or the 3 Cheese where you only have to choose between 20 different kinds of cheese. The most popular is the Jack Stack, "stacked" with jerk & blackened turkey, pork sausage, bacon, provolone, pepper jack cheeses & spicy mayo. Now that sandwich only could feed a small family. Bring the kids!

Evergreen Butcher & Baker

Although primarily a bakery and butcher shop, every Sunday, they put out a double cheeseburger, and what a burger it is! It is so good that it takes up a space on this list over full-on burger joints. The burger is cooked to perfection with incredible sesame bun, pickles, and homemade aioli that adds just the right amount of zest. This hamburger is not just a meal, it is an event.

The lineup for lunch starts at 12:30 pm and, as there are only 100 burgers available, they can sell out fast. So if you want to taste the best burger in town (and why wouldn't you), you have to get there early.

Where to find the best Atlanta street food spots

If you don’t want to run all around the city of Atlanta looking for a food truck or one restaurant, then maybe go where you will find a plethora of choices. Krog Street Market is a favorite spot for dining with a great variety of food choices from sushi, desserts, sweets, and award-winning barbeque. There is even a “dining room” to sit and enjoy your food. 

Head to Decatur Street in Downtown Atlanta and you will find a host of restaurants, cafes, and bars serving up a great selection of quality eats. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even late-night munchies, this is the spot to be.

Looking for a food truck is tricky because they have wheels and move, but if you make your way to the Triton Yards, Howell Mill, or Atlanta Food Truck Parks you are almost assured to find the one you are looking for.

Street food festivals in Atlanta

If street food festivals are your thing, then there is no better city than Atlanta to attend some. Food festivals in Atlanta, GA, take place yearly. You can choose from a Pizza Festival, Grilled Cheese Festival, Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival, Ice Cream Festival and all-the-food-you-can-think-of festivals.

Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

If you happen to be traveling to Atlanta in the fall, you have to come and check this place out. Famous chefs, farmers, and mixologists unite to take you on a culinary journey with Southern food and drinks. This is a three-day celebration adding something new to their program every year. 

Bring your family along as there are plenty of educational programs for your kids and tasting tents at Historic Fourth Ward Park, where you can hop in and out of trying a new bite each time. The place gets jam-packed and it's a great way to spend your day out with family and friends. Atlanta Food and Wine Festival takes place in Midtown Atlanta.

Tickets vary, but you get unlimited food, wine, beer, cocktails, and all-day entertainment.

Street Food Trucks and More

With such a large selection of street food joints and food trucks, there is no reason to get stuck in your kitchen for hours (unless you really love to cook). But the occasional treat from the street food vendors in Atlanta, GA will be a nice change from your homemade Mac and cheese.

From hot dogs at a market to chicken wings from a food truck, street food in Atlanta is not to be missed. So go out and find these places!

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