Is Atlanta safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Published by: Bounce8 February, 2023
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Founded in 1837, Atlanta is a fast-growing locale with a rich heritage that enhances the quality of life in a modern city. It has experienced unprecedented growth in the past two decades, with a metro population growing from 2.9 to 4.1 million people. It boasts the country’s third largest concentration of Fortunate 500 companies, including Delta Air Lines Inc, Home Depot, and SunTrust.

Downtown Atlanta is a must-visit destination and an ideal starting point for first-time visitors. It is home to the Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, and the World of Coca-Cola—the city’s top attractions within walking distance from each other. With endless things to do and places to visit, it’s no wonder Atlanta is one of the nation’s most visited cities, welcoming over 50 million visitors each year.

Like many places, summer is the city’s high tourist season. It’s when visitors and Atlanta residents can take advantage of the weather and enjoy outdoor concerts and festivals. No matter when you decide to visit, it’s important to keep your belongings safe by leaving them at Bounce luggage storage in Atlanta. We’ve also compiled valuable information and tips on staying safe in the capital of Georgia.

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Is Atlanta safe to visit right now?

If you’re considering visiting Atlanta and are concerned about the city’s safety, stop worrying! Atlanta is a safe city to visit. It may have a reputation as one of the nation’s most dangerous cities, but you can explore the capital without experiencing a threat to your safety. Otherwise, tens of thousands of visitors will stop coming here.

Like any major metropolis, Atlanta has its share of problems and safety concerns. For a large city with many visitors, you can’t expect it to be entirely quiet and peaceful. Its crime rate may be higher than the state or national average, but it’s mostly property crime rather than violent crime. Plus, violent crime largely occurs in particular areas of the city and in dangerous neighborhoods. If you stay away from them, you'll be fine. On the other hand, petty crimes like pickpocketing are common, especially in public transportation and tourist areas.

Atlanta is too wonderful and gorgeous to skip because of crimes. It may not be the safest city in the US, but if you know how to protect your well-being and belongings, you can enjoy a safe adventure in Georgia’s capital.

It’s also essential to note that there’s no such thing as a perfect safety guide. If you’re traveling for the first time, do additional research and exercise common sense. As long as you take sensible precautions, you’ll reduce your risk of falling victim to thieves and criminals. Additionally, we recommend you check out your government’s official travel guidelines for the country or city you plan to visit before booking your flight.

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Top petty crimes and scams in Atlanta affecting tourists

The more you know about the most common crimes in Atlanta, the less likely you’ll fall for them. Below is a short list of the typical petty crimes and scams in the city and ways to protect yourself and your valuables.


Pickpockets use sneaky tactics to steal from their targets. They often work in pairs or teams, distracting unsuspecting victims in order to steal their wallets or phones. There’s a medium risk of having a purse or bag snatched or pickpocketed in Atlanta, so be alert at all times.

There’s a high property crime index in Atlanta, including theft, and your one’s safety level may decrease as you walk alone at night. Therefore, avoid walking at night, especially in unfamiliar areas. Keep your belongings close to your body, especially when taking public transportation and in a crowded area. Pickpockets often target unaware and distracted travelers.


Different versions of scams can happen in Atlanta. A typical tourist scam is when cab drivers tell you that meter is broken and will charge you large amounts upon arrival. Avoid any taxi that doesn’t have a working meter.

Be cautious of online and on-site companies offering cheap theme parks or tour tickets. Chances are, they’re unauthorized ticket sellers, and you might acquire tickets that aren’t valid or have already been used. Only buy tickets direct from the tour company or the theme park’s official website.


There’s also a medium mugging risk in Atlanta. Theft or robbery are common property crimes in the city and are twice the national average. You don’t want to fight back if a robber approaches, or it could become a violent crime like assault.

To avoid putting yourself in such a dangerous situation in the first place, you shouldn’t wear valuable items, like an expensive watch, bag, or jewelry, when touring the capital. Try not to stand out or look like a typical tourist by wearing an expensive camera around your neck. One way to protect your belongings is to leave them with Bounce storage and enjoy your trip worry-free.

Is Atlanta safe to travel alone

Atlanta is an incredible city for solo travelers. As the state’s capital, it has plenty of entertainment opportunities and activities that will keep you busy when traveling alone. However, like in most places, walking along in streets at night isn’t recommended.

With the US ranking 32nd on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index, solo female travelers can also feel safe sightseeing and wandering around Atlanta during the day. If you wish to take advantage of the city’s vibrant nightlife, stay in well-lit areas and in places where there are many people. If you feel uncomfortable and think someone is following you, don’t hesitate to call the Atlanta Police Department.

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Safest neighborhoods in Atlanta

Finding the best place to stay in Atlanta should be part of your travel preparations. To make the process easier for you, we’ve outlined the top neighborhoods you can consider and the places you may want to avoid.

Collier Hills North

Collier Hills North tops the list of the best places to live in the Atlanta area based on Niche. It is known for its charming cottage properties and friendly atmosphere. It has nearly 600 people, offering residents a dense urban feel. You can walk through the Atlanta Beltline Northside route, which runs through the neighborhood, providing everyone convenient access to numerous trails across the city.

North Buckhead

Another lovely spot worth considering for those looking for a safe neighborhood in Atlanta is North Buckhead. It has a charming community and a family-friendly vibe, with lots of forested greenery lines and walkable streets. It covers the areas of Brookwood Hills, Buckhead Village, Brandon, Brookhaven, and Argonne Forest. Collier Hills also serves as an entry point to North Buckhead, so you can explore these areas and see which one works for you.

Morningside-Lenox Park

This neighborhood is situated northeast of downtown Atlanta, known for its gorgeous historic homes and highly-rated public schools. It boasts numerous coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks, offering plenty of entertainment for all ages and interests. Most residents here own their homes, giving them a perfect mix of an urban and suburban feel.

Most Atlanta neighborhoods have good and bad sides. While no city is entirely crime-free, some places have a higher violent crime rate than others. If you’re worried about Atlanta’s violent crime rate, steer clear of unfamiliar places and shady areas like Vine City, Castleberry Hill, and Adamsville.

Is Atlanta public transportation safe?

MARTA, Atlanta’s main public transportation, is generally safe. It consists of buses, subways, and streetcars. It’s as safe as any other primary metro city public transit, though the north would be safer than the south of the city.

However, if you’re visiting for the first time and unfamiliar with the city layout, it may not be a good idea to take MARTA at night. Instead, it would be best to take a regulated taxi service.

No matter what form of transportation you take, you should know your route and where you are going. This way, you wouldn’t have to ask a random person and become an easy target for scammers. Always be aware of your surroundings. Try not to fall asleep on a train or bus, and do not sit locked into your phone.

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Important emergency numbers in Atlanta

Even if you’re an experienced traveler, unexpected situations can always arise. Be prepared and save the emergency numbers in Atlanta on your phone. You should also know your embassy number. The last thing you’d want is to figure out the number of authorities in the middle of a situation.

  • US Country code: +1
  • Atlanta, Georgia area codes: 404, 470, 678, 770
  • Police or Fire Emergencies: 911
  • Non-emergency services: 311
  • Police Information: (404) 614-6544
  • United Way Atlanta: 211

Safety in Atlanta

Atlanta is a bustling city and the largest city in Georgia. Due to its size and great popularity, it’s not completely free from crimes, especially petty theft and scams. But with proper preparation and safety precautions, you can discover its famous tourist spots, dine at elegant restaurants, and stroll its spectacular parks without dealing with potential safety threats.

Once you’ve decided to visit the state’s capital, read our guide on Where to Stay in Atlanta: The Ultimate Guide before booking a hotel. It includes useful information on the top neighborhoods and areas to stay in during your holiday. You can also take advantage of our tips on How to Get Around Atlanta to help you navigate this busy city.

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