Truist Park visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Truist Park visitor guide

Truist Park is a baseball stadium that is located in the Atlanta Metro area. This stadium is home to the Atlanta Braves. Originally the stadium was not called Truist Park, but Suntrust Banks, who own the naming rights, recently changed names, and the park had to change its name as well.

Making sure that you have a place to keep your bags in secure storage while you are at a game at Truist Park is essential. Bounce can offer Truist Park luggage storage for an affordable price on game day. If you have tickets to a Braves game in hand, you will want to be able to enjoy your day of fun watching the game without worrying about your things.

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Truist Park bag policy

Truist Park bag policy

The Truist Park bag policy states that you can’t bring backpacks in with you. Small bags for diapers or medical items are allowed, as are ADA-compliant bags. All bags that come into the stadium must be 5” x 9” or smaller. Each gate has a metal detector, and bags will be searched as needed by stadium staff. There are on-site lockers for items that cannot pass into the stadium. Bounce storage is more affordable than renting a locker at the stadium, and you will avoid the stress of being pulled from the line due to bag issues.

Clear bags are required for all events. Only small purses will be allowed into the stadium. All other bags besides the above exceptions will need to be clear and 5” x 9” or less.

Truist Park food policy

Truist Park food policy states that you can bring outside food into the stadium so long as it fits into a clear, gallon-sized bag. One sealed plastic bottle of water is also allowed per guest. Food and drinks are allowed at your seats, and there are various concession offerings within the park. There are numerous beer garden locations, and you will be offered food and drink service at your seats if you hold specific kinds of tickets.

You can find gluten-free food at Centerfield Market near section 149. There are also lots of snack locations around the stadium that offer dietary restriction-friendly items.

How to get to Truist Park

Truist Park transportation

It is always a good idea to get advice about how to get to Truist Park if you have never been to the stadium before. The stadium suggests that you purchase parking tickets ahead of time online. There is limited parking on the actual day of the game, and you will be unlikely to find street parking in the area of the stadium. You can’t park around the stadium on the street, as this is limited to residential permit holders.

The drop-off zone for Uber and rideshares is at the Third Base Gate at Battery Delta Deck near Battery Avenue. There are EV charging stations at various locations in the parking lot, and accessibility parking is offered as well. You can find out more about the details of reserving these parking areas by contacting guest services.

Shuttles run from the Lockheed/Dobbins lot on weekdays to take care of game guests. CobbLinc will get you to the stadium as well from various pickup locations. MARTA buses also drop off at the stadium periodically throughout the day. Public transport is very effective in this city, and you will probably already have passes for one of these services to take you to other attractions and sites of interest.

Truist Park camera policy

The Truist Park camera policy states that all cameras have to be handheld and that the lens cannot be longer than 5”. No tripods or monopods are allowed. No game action can be recorded, either,  in compliance with MLB regulations. You can take still pictures from your seat and around the stadium with your devices or cameras.

Cameras that are larger than the stated limit or items like tripods that are too big can be stored with Bounce outside the stadium. This will help you avoid expensive storage fees and inconvenience at the gate. And if you have large items that won’t fit into the stadium’s lockers, we have no size restrictions.

Truist Park - home of the Atlanta Braves

Truist Park rules

Truist Park policies allow for special messages to be displayed on the LED board above the visitor’s bullpen during home games. You can submit requests online up to 48 hours before the game you will be attending.

Personal radios and TV sets with headphones are allowed inside the park. There are also AM/FM radios at guest services for those with visual or hearing impairments.

Tailgating is allowed only in Lot 29. Grilling can be done on the grassy area, but only if you have something with you to extinguish the coals. Tents are not allowed in any of the parking lot areas. Fans can buy parking tickets for vehicles but are not allowed to buy multiple parking tickets to create a larger tailgating area.

No loud, offensive, or lewd behavior will be allowed in the stadium itself or during tailgating. Firearms and illegal drugs are also not allowed in the park or on the grounds.

There is a rainout policy in place for the park, which states that refunds might be granted for tickets if the game is rained out. Parking permits and tickets will not be refunded if rain prevents gameplay.


If you have never been to a baseball game or you have never been to Truist Park, you will want to get tickets for a game during your visit to Atlanta. This is one of the nicest baseball stadiums in the US, and there are lots of things to enjoy about visiting the stadium.

Atlanta has some great museums and exciting nightlife that are fun for both tourists and locals. And whether you live here or are just passing through, taking in a ball game is never a bad idea. After all, this was the original national pastime that everyone loved, and there is something magical about a baseball game in a huge stadium. You don’t have to be a sports lover to have an amazing time at this venue!

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