Atlanta Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Atlanta skyline at night

The modern city of Atlanta has an impressive collection of attractions that draw visitors to the area each year. Home to the World of Coca Cola and the Georgia Aquarium, the capital of Georgia has a long and impressive history. Atlanta played a huge role in the Civil Rights Movement that followed World War II, becoming a hub for organized activities led by people like Martin Luther King Jr. The city, which was once primarily populated by white people, experienced significant change and was home to mostly black residents by the 1970s. Visitors to this city will be able to learn more about the history and culture through a variety of landmarks and museums. For those looking for something a little different, you can take a CNN studio tour, visit the zoo, or get outside in one of the many parks or gardens.

A weekend in Atlanta

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Atlanta skyline

5 Best Ways To Experience Atlanta, Georgia In 2024

If there's one name that's synonymous with Atlanta in Georgia then it has to be that of Martin Luther King, but there's much more to Atlanta than its historic links to the human rights movement. The companies below will introduce you to aspects of the city that often get overlooked. Whether you take a one-to-one tour or join a group of like-minded travelers, you'll experience Atlanta in a way that's new, exciting, and totally unforgettable. Drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage storage so you can enjoy what the city has to offer.

Best Local Tour Guide – Explore Atlanta

Hit the streets of Atlanta alone and you could miss something of interest that's not mentioned in the regular guide books. Go with local guide Steve Saenz from Explore Atlanta, who has been giving tours of the city for decades and you'll get the low down on Atlanta history accompanied by plenty of amusing anecdotes. All you need to do is make sure you wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

To participate in a group tour or organize one to your personal agenda, contact Explore Atlanta by email at or call 1-404-678-636-9310.

Best Brewery Tour – Southern Beer Tours

Sightseeing in any city can turn out to be thirsty work but not if you combine it with a visit to a local brewery. Sign up for a brewery tour in Atlanta with Southern Beer Tours and you'll go to three different breweries including Atlanta Brewing, the oldest in the city, as well as Monday Night Brewing which has been voted the third best brewery in the world. And yes, before you ask, beer tasting is included.

Contact Southern Beer Tours by email at or call them on 1-404-590-5278.

Best Historical Tour – Great Exploration Tours Atlanta

There's a wealth of history to investigate in Atlanta and the best way to discover it all is with Great Exploration Tours Atlanta. They specialize in group and individual tours focused on diverse aspects of Atlanta's history, ranging from visiting Martin Luther King's home and other renowned historical houses to filming locations used for popular TV reality shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Find out about joining a history tour with Great Exploration Tours Atlanta by emailing them at or call them on 1 800-679-6501 ext. 2.

Best Downtown Atlanta Tour – Dtours

Downtown is one area of Atlanta that is worth exploring in depth. Go with DTours and you'll discover secret corners decorated with huge murals, districts with centuries-old buildings, rehabilitated areas with a Bohemian atmosphere, and find out where the best nightlife in Atlanta is so you can go back later and party until dawn.

There are several different tours of Downtown Atlanta you can take. To find out which one suits you best email Dtours at or call them on 1 404-971-7763.

Best Car Tour – Profi-Driver Atlanta

When you want to tour Atlanta in style rather than traipsing around on foot, jump into an air-conditioned limo or a swanky convertible driven by your own personal chauffeur from Profi-Driver Atlanta. Choose your vehicle, then take a tour on one of their routes through the city or pick the destinations you want to see most then all you have to do is sit back, relax and wave like royalty as you drive through the streets.

Organize a vehicle with Profi-Driver Atlanta anytime up to two hours before you want it by emailing or calling 1-404-662-9350.

If you’ve only got one weekend in Atlanta, you’ll want to prioritize your activities so you don’t miss any of the must-see attractions. We recommend the following items for your itinerary:

  • World of Coca-Cola:  If you’re a lover of Coca-Cola, this museum should definitely be on your Atlanta to-do list. You’ll learn all about the brand and even get to taste different products.
  • Centennial Olympic Park:  As the home of the 1996 Olympics, this park pays tribute to a big event in Atlanta’s history while also offering a tranquil environment to get some fresh air. Make sure to visit the fountains, especially if you are there at night when there is a light show.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park:  This is the perfect place to learn about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and Atlanta’s history. Covering 35 acres, you can take a stroll through the grounds or visit one of the many buildings housing different exhibitions. 

Atlanta lockers

Bounce is an Atlanta luggage storage service that will make your trip so much easier. As travelers, we are often faced with inconvenient situations when we get stuck with our bags. It might be due to a late check-in or early check-out, or even simply a stopover. Whatever the case may be, using Bounce storage will allow you to drop your bags and head out to explore Atlanta. 

Off the beaten path in Atlanta

Atlanta boasts a range of off-the-beaten-path sites for people looking to experience the city in away from the crowds. If this sounds like you, add one (or more!) of these attractions to your itinerary. 

  • East Palisades Trail:  Most people have heard of the Chattahoochee River, but few know about the East Palisades Trail. For a unique Atlanta experience, take a hike up this track and enjoy the scenery.
  • Millennium Gate:  An item that you won’t often find on Atlanta must-see lists, the Millennium Gate is a site that features a Roman arch and museum. It’s a great place to learn about the city’s history without battling crowds.
  • Chamblee Antique Row:  This strip can be found in Chamblee, a suburb of Atlanta. It’s a line of impressive antique shops that is certainly away from the common tourist haunts. 

What to do alone in Atlanta

plant sculpture of woolly mammoth

Both business and leisure solo travelers alike will delight in the ease and safety of Atlanta. It is home to many attractions that can be enjoyed alone and offers all the facilities and services to make sure your trip is an enjoyable one. This includes Bounce bag storage in Atlanta, a service that allows you to drop your bags in a secure environment and pick them up whenever suits you.

To give you some ideas, here are a few activities that can be enjoyed on your own in Atlanta.

  • Georgia Aquarium:  While most people think of the Georgia Aquarium as a family attraction, it can be just as enjoyable visiting on your own. You can wander through the exhibitions and be mesmerized by the aquatic creatures at your own pace. 
  • Atlanta History Center:  Learn all about Atlanta’s interesting history at the Atlanta History Center. It makes a great attraction for solo travelers as you will have the time to reflect and truly absorb the information.
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden:  Get outside and enjoy the tranquility of the Atlanta Botanical Garden. With over 30 acres, you’ll find plenty to see.

The best souvenirs in Atlanta

If you are looking to pick up some gifts or souvenirs from Atlanta, you have a range of options. Chamblee Antique Row is a great option if you are looking for something unique to take home, as you will find a diverse collection of trinkets, jewelry and everything in between. Centennial Park is home to traditional souvenir stores where you can find classic Atlanta items like caps and bags. You can also visit the gift shops at each of the major attractions for specific items to commemorate your experiences.

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