Is Bangkok safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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As Thailand's capital city, Bangkok sees many happy travelers. Most of them come to visit the stunning temples and golden statues that make it such an unforgettable travel destination, as well as to enjoy the colorful nightlife and culture of this vibrant city. Bangkok is also the largest city in Thailand and almost 11 million people call it home, making it a magnificent destination for those who want to see the world in a different way than they are used to.

And many travelers do put this city on the top of their bucket lists. After all, Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities to travel to and it sees nearly 26 million tourists annually. As Thailand's climate is very hot, the most popular time to visit is between November and February since that is when the temperatures are most comfortable, with cooler and drier weather the norm.

Before you join the millions of other people who travel to Bangkok it is important to learn about the city, its customs and any safety problems that you might face while you're there. As with any other city welcoming so many travelers, attractions and public transport services will be busy places. Rather than carry bags and backpacks from place to place, store your bags somewhere safe in Bangkok while you move about. Use Bounce; with an easy-to-use app and a high standard of quality, your things are safe and you can tour without worry.

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Is Bangkok safe to visit right now?

The very first step to planning a vacation should be making sure that the country you're about to visit is safe. Overall, Thailand is a safe place with a rank of 113 on the Global Peace Index, although in 2023 it is currently displaying a travel advisory due to political tensions. There is a warning to exercise a high degree of caution when traveling here, and you're urged to avoid visiting certain southern provinces entirely. But don't stay home; we're recommending before planning your trip that you check in with the warnings put in place by your government since travel restrictions are sure to change over time.

In general, Bangkok is a fairly safe city but there are some places where you'll need to be careful. Aside from that, scams are one of the most common problems for tourists. You'll also need to be careful when you're using public transport as pickpockets are a threat.

We'll give you excellent safety tips to help you during your time in Bangkok, but in the end, safety is unique to each individual and it is your responsibility. To be the best prepared as possible for your vacation, do some additional research as well.

Top petty crimes and scams in Bangkok affecting tourists

The best way to protect yourself and your belongings is to know what kind of petty crimes you should look out for. Here are some of the crimes that tourists may experience while visiting Bangkok.

Taxi and transport risks

Seeing the hustle and bustle of Bangkok is truly an incredible experience. At the same time, moving around while visiting Thailand can be difficult since it has some of the worst road traffic stats compared to other major cities.

Because of this you should avoid driving yourself around during rush hour and opt for public transport instead, although that has its own issues as well. Before getting into any Bangkok taxis make sure that they are real and not a scam. Pickpockets are common on Bangkok's buses too, so keep a firm hold on your purses and backpacks, and consider wearing backpacks in front of your body.


Unfortunately, scammers are quite abundant in Bangkok as many locals will try to get you to buy things or pay for services that you don't need. The most common scams include fraud tuk-tuk drivers and even fake police officers.

You'll also find people who might try to sell you things and street vendors can be really pushy at times, trying to charge much more than the item is worth, so politely but firmly turn them down or take a chance at bartering.

Natural disasters

Before you visit Bangkok you should know that the city has been affected in the past by tsunamis, earthquakes and severe storms. You can never know exactly when they will happen, but the risk changes depending on the season. Keep an eye on the weather and in the off chance that something does occur follow local instructions.

Is Bangkok safe to travel alone

Thailand, and more specifically Bangkok, is a generally safe destination for solo travelers, especially if you stick around the tourist attractions which are highly populated. Remember to be respectful of Thailand's culture and traditions, like being well-behaved and appropriately dressed when entering temples or the Grand Palace. As long as you're kind and polite you're free to explore Bangkok safely on your own.

Not only is Bangkok safe for solo travelers, but female tourists can feel comfortable too. However, we do suggest that you take extra precautions when going out to the red light district. It's fun to see the activity and throngs of people and to taste the delicious food. Generally speaking, Bangkok's streets are fine to walk around during the day and the tourist hotspots aren't dangerous for solo female travelers.

Safest neighborhoods in Bangkok

If you want to see every side of Thai culture on your Bangkok trip then you'll need to travel around. Here are some areas that you'll definitely want to see, and they are safe to visit, too.

Siam Square

The Siam neighborhood is best known for its huge shopping centers and is a must-see place in Bangkok. If you want to do some more shopping you can also be at ease exploring Khao San Road.


Also known as the old town, this neighborhood encompasses the historic area of the city and has many landmarks. It is popular among tourists and, other than typical scammers, is not dangerous at all.


If you want a break from crowded streets then you'll love spending an afternoon in Thonburi. There is less air pollution here plus plenty of street food vendors selling tasty Thai food, and calm canals that you can take boat trips on.

Bangkok is a huge city, and naturally, there are some neighborhoods that you can skip and not miss any of Bangkok's beauty. These include Nana Plaza, Patpong and the Khlong Toei districts. Taxi drivers may refuse to drive through them after dark, and you're better off spending time in safer areas.

Is Bangkok public transportation safe?

Bangkok has a fairly extensive transportation system with tuk-tuks, buses, the Skytrain, the metro and even boats that can help you get around. If you'll be out all day consider stowing your expensive items in a Bounce luggage locker. Often the safest and most pleasant way to get around is by boat, so you'll want to be hands-free.

Important emergency numbers in Bangkok

Bangkok, generally speaking, is a safe city but if you're ever a victim of violent crime or need assistance in any other situation there are some numbers that you can call. They can connect you to a police station, private hospitals, fire brigade or other professionals that can help you. When planning your trip, take note of your embassy number before traveling to a foreign country.

  • Police: 191
  • Tourist Police: 1155
  • Tourism Authority Thailand Call Center: 1672
  • Ambulance: 1669
  • Fire Emergency: 199
  • Government: 1111

Staying safe in Southeast Asia

Bangkok, Thailand is a lively city that is always buzzing with excited tourists and friendly locals. As a contender for the most visited city in the world, it is popular and safe for travelers.

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