7 romantic restaurants in Bangkok for the best date night

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Romantic restaurants in Bangkok

Bangkok is an enormous, sprawling city that's home to millions of people. You might think that trying to organize a romantic date night among the continuous chaos is impossible, but you'd be wrong. There are romantic restaurants in Bangkok that are oases of tranquility where you can go to escape the mayhem and have a truly romantic night that will linger in your and your date's memory forever.

The most romantic restaurants in Bangkok don't only serve Thai food. There are many first-class restaurants ideal for a special occasion serving Thai fusion dishes as well as a wealth of international cuisine. Some of them have even made their mark on the world's culinary scene. The Michelin Guide spreads its reach far and wide, and it may take you by surprise to discover that there are Michelin-starred restaurants in Bangkok ideal for a romantic date night.

You're not limited to having your date night in a city restaurant in Bangkok, either. You can get a little more imaginative than that in the Thai capital. Take your date on a dinner cruise down the Chao Phraya River or head to a quieter area of the city, somewhere like Rattanakosin Island, where there are restaurants with incredible views of the Bangkok skyline. Whatever romantic evening you finally decide on, you can guarantee it'll be the perfect date night.

It's hard to resist buying all the bargains you come across in the Bangkok markets. Make sure you don't spoil your date night by meeting your date weighed down with bags. That's one way to spoil any special occasion. Get unencumbered by leaving your bags at a Bangkok luggage storage facility. That way, you'll be able to hold hands with your date as you sail down the Chao Phraya River under a star-studded sky. If a romantic evening in Bangkok like that doesn't tick all the boxes for you, then read on to find one that does.

Date night spots in Bangkok


While it might not be a massive eatery or have a coveted Michelin star, Amorosa is one of the Bangkok date night restaurants that has views to die for. This hotel rooftop restaurant overlooks the Chao Phraya River, beyond which is the Arun Temple, which looks amazing when lit up at night.

Head upstairs from the hotel lobby, and you'll soon notice that the restaurant's décor is nothing out of this world, but get a table by the window, and you'll only have eyes for your date and what's on the other side of the glass. The view only gets better if you get there half an hour before sunset and have one of Amorosa's handcrafted cocktails in hand when the sun decides to sink below the horizon.

Don't be looking for international cuisine here. At Amorosa, the food is traditional Thai with no modern twist whatsoever, so you can expect all kinds of noodle dishes, spring rolls, and plenty of seafood. 

Our Recommendation

Keep it fresh and go for the papaya salad with king prawns and soft shell crab or keep it simple and order a pad Thai or Thai green curry.


36-38 Soi Pratu Nok Yoong, 4th Floor Arun Residence Hotel

Price Level


Casual date night restaurants in Bangkok

Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant

If your date night is a very special occasion, you've just about had your fill of Thai cuisine, and you want something different, check out the Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant. It's a French restaurant on the 37th floor of the Pullman Bangkok Hotel that is quite possibly one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangkok.

The dining room is decked out in wood paneling throughout, which looks great, but this restaurant's winning feature, and what makes it one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangkok, is the floor-to-ceiling windows. From as high up as this restaurant is, there's nothing to block the views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River below. They're truly incredible.

There's no Thai food on the menu here, but a wide selection of Mediterranean-influenced dishes, including one-meter-long charcuterie or cheese boards for sharing, oysters, and quality steaks as well as seafood.

Our Recommendation

Start with some delicious food like tuna ceviche or roasted bone marrow, followed by the tomahawk steak, and finish with whatever takes your fancy on the dessert menu.


Hotel Pullman Bangkok, 37th Floor, 188, Si Lom

Price Level



Mezzaluna is the romantic restaurant to go to for the date night to end all date nights. After paying the bill here, you’ll probably be living on street food for a month, so make sure to get your money's worth. But in all fairness, Mezzaluna is the epitome of romantic dining in Bangkok.

Mezzaluna occupies the 65th floor of the State Tower Bangkok. The crescent-shaped dining room has floor-to-ceiling windows and an understated but very classy décor. It or the views are not what steals the show, though.

The French-Japanese fusion cuisine they serve here has been awarded not one but two of those prestigious Michelin stars. At Mezzaluna, you'll be presented with a seven-course, seasonally changing tasting menu, so it depends on what time of the year you go as to what you'll be offered to eat.

Our Recommendation

Have a stiff drink or two before looking at the bill, and have a brandy ready in case you come over all dizzy when you see it. Fainting will definitely ruin your romantic date night, so try not to do it.


65th Floor, State Tower Bangkok, 1055 Si Lom

Price Level


Bangkok's romantic restaurants


If the prices of some of the best romantic restaurants are starting to make you feel queasy, check out Rongros. It has some amazing features, like an open-air terrace with views of the Wat Arun Temple and the Chao Phraya River, but the prices of the food are well within the affordable range.

To get the best romantic atmosphere, you'll almost certainly want to get an outside table overlooking the river, but if you can't, it won't be the end of the world as the interior of Rongros has a lot of old-world charm. Think dappled blue walls, wicker chairs, and intimate tables for two, and you'll be thinking along the right lines.

Rongros is a popular spot for locals as well as those looking for somewhere to eat a romantic dinner. This restaurant offers all the traditional Thai dishes like crispy wings, spring rolls, fish cakes, and a list of mains as long as your arm that will undoubtedly be familiar.

Our Recommendation

If you really want to eat like a local, then be brave and go for river snail coconut curry. If you don't want to be quite that courageous, then stick to stir-fried rice or noodle dishes.


392 16, Maha Rat Road

Price Level

$ to $$

Romantic dining in Bangkok


If you want to turn your romantic date into a Thai feast fit for royalty, you need to dine at Sorn. Sorn is a Michelin-starred Thai restaurant that pulls out all the stops to create and present its Southern Thai dishes to the highest possible standard, and in as many ways they can think of as possible.

Sorn is housed in a renovated, historic mansion, and the dining room is spread over two floors as well as out into the garden area. You will need to book in advance and be persistent in trying to get your reservation accepted, so have patience on that score.

At Sorn, they serve a fixed tasting menu that consists of over 20 individual dishes and all for sharing. They're not massive plates of food, but you'll still need to have a decent appetite to be able to do them all justice.

Our Recommendation

Don't eat anything for at least two days before you go, or stash a doggy back in your pocket and take your leftovers home with you.


56 Soi Sukhumvit, Khlong Tan Nuea

Price Level



When you don't want fine dining or too sophisticated a menu, you should plan a date night at Boz. Boz is a laid-back eatery and bar at the Bossotel that welcomes outside guests, so you don't need to be staying at the hotel to eat or drink here.

Boz is casual and has no flash décor, just simple tables for two on a terrace overlooking the hotel gardens. The bonus of going here for date night is you can start with cocktails and then move on to dinner without having to go anywhere.

Just because it's a laid-back place doesn't mean they skimp on food and service. Here, you'll really get your money's worth and still have some left in your pocket for whatever after-date activities you might have in mind. While it might not be one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangkok, if you're looking for one of the best date night restaurants you can go to on a budget, you've found it.

Our Recommendation

The mixed seafood salad with chili and ginger to start, followed by crispy basil duck or a red curry.


55/8 Soi Charoen Krung

Price Level

$ to $$

Romantic restaurants in Bangkok with a view

SEEN Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

There are many romantic restaurants in Bangkok, and plenty that lay claim to having the most romantic atmosphere. The SEEN Restaurant and Rooftop Bar doesn't boast but really has the best of everything. A superb location on the top floor of the Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel, amazing views of the city skyline and the Chao Phraya River, plus a stylish décor that's not over the top.

There's no way you won't want to start your date at SEEN with a pre-dinner drink sitting in one of the sofas that are situated to make the most of the views. It may be difficult to tear yourself away, but if you don't want to lose your table reservation, you'll have to.

The food menu at SEEN covers a broad spectrum of international cuisines ranging from Latino to Japanese to American and Italian. No matter how finicky or eclectic about food you or your date are, you'll find plenty to please here.

Our Recommendation

Share a SEEN seafood platter with your date and chat while you're devouring a whole lobster, king prawns, clams, sashimi, and lots of other marine delicacies.


257 Charoen Nakhon Road, Samre

Price Level


Bangkok's date night restaurants


Those are some of the best date night restaurants in Bangkok, but of course, in the Thai capital, there are many more romantic restaurants besides these. Some are pretty hidden away, so it's just a case of finding the right one for you.

Thai food is well-renowned for its generous spice content, but if you don't want to have your taste buds tingling too much, consider going to a French restaurant. Make sure not to order something with too much garlic, though, or you could ruin your chances of getting a date night kiss.

When you're in Bangkok and planning a date, forget about going for pre-dinner drinks in one of the city's wine bars. Bangkok has some of the best rooftop bars in the world, and most have breathtaking views that will almost certainly kick the evening off on the right note.

If you're backpacking around Thailand on a budget and have met someone you want to invite out, skip all the posh restaurants and take them to eat some Bangkok street food. They'll probably be more impressed with your knowledge of the city and how the locals eat than they would be eating imported New Zealand mussels or Michelin-starred foie gras in a posh restaurant with a knife and fork. 

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