5 easy must-do weekend trips from Bangkok

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Weekend trips from Bangkok

If you have chosen to visit Bangkok, you probably have a long list of things that you want to do and see in the capital city itself during your trip. However, there are some really great weekend getaways that you should consider taking to maximize your trip to this part of the world. From National Park locations to historical sites to relaxing islands, there are many things outside the city itself that are well worth a weekend trip to go see.

No matter what you have planned for your weekend getaway outside of Bangkok, you probably won’t need all of your personal items to go with you for a long weekend. Drop your unneeded things off at a Bounce luggage storage in Bangkok and let us take care of your bags while you explore the Thai surroundings.

These weekend getaways from Bangkok range from visits to a small island, locations that offer access to the ancient capital of other cultures, and beautiful beaches like the ones at Hua Hin. There are lovely little markets to shop at, museums to see and enjoy, and so much more. You will be able to enjoy all kinds of experiences at these weekend getaways or day trips away from Bangkok.

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Weekend trips from Bangkok to Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park

This beautiful National Park is actually a UNESCO world heritage site and part of the Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex. Come here to enjoy access to a real Southeast Asia wonder and 2,333 acres of monsoon forests. This is an evergreen jungle dotted with waterfalls, caves, green valleys, and wildlife. You can stay in the lodges on site, like Atta Lakeside Resort Suite, or camp inside the forest if you are more outdoorsy.

Khao Yai National Park distance from Bangkok

This National Park is about three hours from Bangkok by car. There is no train route that will take you to this park, so driving is your only option.

Our activity recommendations

There are many things that you should do in this beautiful rainforest, but you probably won't have time for it all - there's that much to see. You could head to Hell Gorge Waterfall, which is renowned for being in the film "The Beach," or you might want to spelunk through the cave systems that are scattered across the park.

You will need to book a guided tour no matter what you do, and you should be clear with the guide about the athletic limitations of anyone that is traveling with you. There are various difficulty levels in the hikes that are offered inside the park, and your guide will help you to plan a really enjoyable outing without overexerting yourself.

Best season to visit Khao Yai National Park

The best time of the year to visit Khao Yai National Park is from November to April. This is when it's cool, there is little chance of rain, and you will not struggle against humidity. The wet season of May to October can render this National Park quite messy and unpleasant to visit.

Rose Garden Thai Village weekend trips

Rose Garden Thai Village

This lovely location is right by Bangkok, and you can easily spend a whole day here checking out the various exhibits and cultural learning centers. There is a fun cultural show here that you might want to see, which includes Thai boxing, sword fighting, and an elephant parade.

Most of the tours of this location take about six hours, or you can opt to just come in to see the show. There are on-site hotels to stay at, so you can choose to see as much or as little of the village during your weekend getaway here before returning to your room to relax.

Rose Garden Thai Village distance from Bangkok

This beautiful garden is about a 60-minute drive from Bangkok. You can also take the train, which will take two hours.

Our activity recommendations

There is a lot to see and do here, and many people consider this one of the weekend getaways from Bangkok that you can customize to fit your specific needs. You might only want to see the cultural show that is offered each night, or you could wander the gardens, see the show, and visit the Saduak or Amphawa floating market.

The Rose Garden at Suan Sampran also hosts Thai weddings quite frequently, and you might be able to witness some of the beauty of these ceremonies while you are sightseeing. You can easily spend a couple of days here taking in the sights and sounds, and you will love that you feel like you have gone to another country entirely rather than just headed out for a weekend getaway.

Best season to visit Rose Garden Thai Village

This location is most pleasant to visit from November to February. This is the cool season, and you will avoid most of the rain and humidity that can be bothersome during other parts of the year.

Weekend trips from Bangkok to Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Beaches are quiet, beautiful, and located near lots of fun things to keep you busy. It is easy to find an affordable hotel here, or you splurge and get a really fancy room to treat yourself on your weekend getaway. There are no specific activities to do on the beach, but it is so beautiful that you can easily spend most of a couple of days hanging out and enjoying the weather and the ocean. Hua Hin is just one of many lovely beaches around Bangkok, but it does offer some of the most picturesque stretches of ocean to enjoy.

Hua Hin Beach distance from Bangkok

This beautiful beach is about two and a half hours from Bangkok by car. You can also take the train, but it will take you about five hours. Places like Hua Lamphong Station can be good hubs to get on the train to head to a location like this.

Our activity recommendations

The Hua Hin Beach area is full of charm, and there are lots of nice local things to do. The Hua Hin Night Market is a lot of fun and is a great place to shop and dine in the evenings. Prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is fun and festive.

Make sure to visit Maruekhathaiyawan Palace and see the beauty of this location that was made to house the King and his family on summer vacations. The summer palace is set above the level of the water on pillars, and you can enjoy the cool interior and wander around to see the King's living quarters.

You should also see Khao Takiab temple or Monkey Mountain, as the locals call it. This is a fun place to visit to see the temple and to laugh at the antics of the population of monkeys that call it home.

Best season to visit Hua Hin Beach

November to February is the best time to head to Hua Hin Beach to avoid the heat and humidity of the rainy season. You will have the most tourists to deal with during December and January, so costs can go up during these two months.

Koh Si Chang weekend trips from Bangkok

Koh Si Chang

This is an island that is actually a district of Chonburi province. It is in the gulf of Thailand, and it is less than an hour from Thailand's capital. You can get here after a short ferry ride, and you will feel transported to an entirely different place.

This was an island that former monarchs often visited to get away from it all, and you will love the wide array of things to do and see here. The beaches are lovely as well, making this a great place to head for the sun, relaxation, and to learn about the history of the region.

Koh Si Chang distance from Bangkok

This scenic little island is a 45-minute boat ride from the main pier of Koh Loy.

Our activity recommendations

Make sure to visit the Phra Chudhadhuj Palace on Koh Si Chang, which is the former summer palace of King Rama IV. Another popular place to visit is the Chao Por Khao Yai shrine, which is near the summit of the peak to the north. You can hike if you love this activity, or you can rent a paddleboard and enjoy various areas where the surf is really mild.

For those who love a water park, there is a local water park where you and your kids can have fun. You can also take a boat trip around the island to see all of the hidden caves, passes, and small communities that are clustered around the shore.

Best season to visit Koh Si Chang

November to May is the best time to visit this most remote of the weekend getaways on this list. The weather is really stable, and it is not very rainy during these months.

Weekend trip from Bangkok to Ko Samet

Ko Samet

While Hua Hin is a close beach location to visit, Ko Samet is a great place to visit if you love partying, nightlife, and live DJ music. There are all kinds of activities that go on here every night, and you can easily make a fun and really exciting long weekend out of your time here.

Rest on the soft, white sandy beaches during the day, and enjoy live music, dancing, and mingling at night. There are lots of great places to stay right along the beach here as well, and you can pick and choose from reservations at various price points.

Ko Samet distance from Bangkok

While this beach area is a bit farther away from Bangkok than some of the others on the list, it is only about three and a half hours by car to get here from the capital city. You can also take a bus, which takes up to four hours, depending on traffic.

Our activity recommendations

Ao Prao Beach is the best beach to visit while you are here, but it can get pretty crowded during the peak season. There are lots of places to eat and drink right by this beach, and you can sit in the shade and sip a cocktail while you listen to the waves.

Places like Audi Bar offer great music, affordable drinks, and all kinds of snacks and food. You can pop into all kinds of cool little places like this up and down the coastline and enjoy meeting new people or reconnecting with that special someone as you wander from place to place. This is a really exciting beach location for young people traveling with friends as well since the experiences that are offered here are often targeted at a younger crowd.

Best season to visit Ko Samet

You should visit this little beach town from October to April to avoid mosquitos and the heat and humidity that can be an issue during other months of the year. Room rates will be better at this time of the year as well.

Exciting weekend trips from Bangkok


Bangkok by itself is really special, and there is so much to do here that it isn't easy to get bored. But sometimes you want to see something different, and that's where these weekend trips come in. Don’t miss out on the chance to head outside the city to see the surrounding areas if you have time. If you can only head out for the day, there are plenty of day trips from Bangkok as well. In addition, if you only have three days to spend in Bangkok, you can still have a great time and see a lot. Just use your time wisely!

Weekend trips from Bangkok can help you to see more of this part of the world, and there are so many really neat destinations outside of the capital city that you might not even be aware of. From National Parks to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these weekend getaways from Bangkok can offer you so many great ways to make memories.

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