Barcelona Sants Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Platform at Barcelona Sants Station, Spain

Sants Station in Barcelona looks more like an airport terminal than it does a train station, but a train station it is, and one of the busiest in Spain. Modern in structure, the Sants Station only dates back as far as 1975 when it opened to provide a service to the country's capital city as well as into neighboring France via high-speed trains.

There are twenty-seven train stations within the urban limits of Barcelona, but Sants Station is the main one, close to the center and accessible by metro from all over the city. Trains depart from its seven island platforms to locations as diverse as Tarragona in northern Spain and the French city of Perpignan.

Sants Station is usually constantly busy and its two platforms are always teeming with at least some percentage of the fifty-thousand passengers who use it annually. Don't get stuck in the masses with your bags. Store them close by in a luggage locker near Sants Station and make the most of your day in Barcelona. It's far too interesting a city to be wandering around with your suitcase.

Bag policy at Sants Station, Barcelona

Like most train stations in the world, you can't leave your baggage kicking around on its own at Sants Station in Barcelona. You need to keep it with you at all times or either security staff or an opportunist will remove it for you. If you've got any length of time before you board your train at Sants then you won't want to be dragging your bags around behind you and as there's not so many amenities at Sants Station, and it’s not the best of places to be spending any length of time, you may want to consider stashing your bags and heading out of the station until it's time for your train.  

Food policy at Sants Station, Barcelona

At Sants Station you'll find that most of the food on offer is of the fast food variety so if you're hoping for a gourmet-style meal you may well be disappointed, but if you're a burger fan – you'll be in seventh heaven. Caffeine junkies are well catered for too with a multitude of coffee shops serving everything from espressos to lattes as well as the humble, but ever popular, churros and chocolate. For more substantial food, head into the streets surrounding Sants Station and it won't be too difficult to find whatever you need.  

Camera policy at Sants Station, Barcelona

You can take as many photos as you like when you're in Sants Station in Barcelona, provided they are for personal use only. They shouldn't include other passengers in them though unless you have their specific permission before you snap or you'll be breaking the regulations put in place by the privacy and data protection act. If you're an avid photographer, you'll find selfies and shots of your food are about the most interesting subjects you'll find. Forget using a tripod though as that could cause an obstruction on the station concourse.

Rules at Sants Station, Barcelona

The one thing you don't want to do when you're in Sants Station is break the Spanish society rules that have been put in place to assure the comfort and safety of the public. All over Barcelona, you do need to follow the regulations of public conduct wherever you are – including in Sants Station. It's not acceptable for you to be under the influence of alcohol while in a public place or to behave in a way that is found to be abusive, otherwise you might well find yourself somewhere other than in the station which has four walls and no windows.

Lockers at Sants Station, Barcelona

There are lockers for luggage at Sants Station in Barcelona, but they're not open twenty-four hours of the day. If you have a late-night departure or have been out on the town enjoying the Barcelona nightlife, you could find yourself ending up without your baggage because the facility has closed while you've been out partying.

You can avoid all of that stress quite easily if you rent a luggage locker in Barcelona from Bounce. When you use a Bounce luggage locker in Barcelona to drop your bags at, you'll have a secure location with comprehensive insurance included in the daily per bag fee that you can access whenever is convenient to you.

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