Barcelona Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

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Barcelona is a Spanish city known for its art, sports, pleasant climate and beaches. The city remains warm all year round making it the optimal vacation destination for escaping the winter blues. It rarely snows here, but with all of the Christmas trees and holiday decorations, you will still feel the festive spirit around town.

One of the best parts of spending the Christmas season here is that Barcelona's Christmas markets are set up for all of the eager shoppers and Christmas enthusiasts to enjoy. On your way to the markets, find a place where you can leave your bags in Barcelona. Then look for tasty chocolates, savory cheeses and fun items like toys and unique ornaments.

Christmas in Barcelona means must-see trees in Plaça de Sant Jaume and Portal de l’Angel and maybe even an appearance from Father Christmas. Give Barcelona a consideration as a destination for markets and holiday celebrations. Enjoy!

Fira de Santa Llúcia

The Fira de Santa Llúcia, also known as the Santa Llúcia market, is one of the top Barcelona Christmas markets. It has been a yearly event since 1786, making it Barcelona's oldest Christmas market. You can find it in the same place every Christmas season; always by the Barcelona Cathedral. You can start exploring the market beginning in late November all the way until Christmas Eve.

You will want to reserve a few hours or even visit twice during your trip if you want to see the entire market. There are more than 280 stalls to shop at and they all offer something unique, from Christmas decorations like figures for nativity scenes, ornaments, Christmas lights, plants like poinsettias and mistletoe, and so much more. Right next door you will find a craft market selling jewelry, clothing and home decor.

What to do near Fira de Santa Llúcia

If you have more time after visiting La Fira de Santa Llcúia market you should go to some of the museums on Avinguda de la Catedral! This includes the Museo Diocesano Pía Almoina, the Museo Diocesà de Barcelona, the Vila de l'Art Galleries Barcelona and the Museu de la Catedral de Barcelona.

Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia

This traditional Christmas market is held in front of the Sagrada Familia church which is the largest church in the city. They moved to this new location in 1962 and, although it isn't quite as big as some of the other markets in Barcelona, there is still lots to see and buy. It stays open from the end of November until before Christmas Eve.

You can buy most of the same things at this market as the others, as well as some delicious seasonal snacks. Grab a glass of hot chocolate or a serving of churros, baked sweet potatoes and roasted almonds to munch on as you shop. There are about 120 stalls to check out and you might even catch a glimpse of Father Christmas as well.

What to do near Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia

After you've checked off every box on your Christmas shopping list you should explore the grounds of the church. There is a really nice park called Plaça de la Sagrada Família right next door with benches and great views of the impressive church.

Fira de Reis

Although the people of Barcelona celebrate Christmas, another important holiday is Three Kings Day which is on January 6th. This market stays open all the way until then and only opens in mid December. If you want to visit the market you should make your way to the Gran Via, you will spot the brightly lit market stalls between the Carrer Comte Borell and Plaça de la Universitat.

Like all the Christmas markets in Barcelona, this one has some fantastic choices for presents. You will find lots of cute toys and other gifts that are perfect for people of all ages. There are also some stalls that sell food and warm drinks in case you get hungry.

What to do near Fira de Reis

If you are already at the market, why not make a day out of it and check out some of the attractions nearby? You will be within walking distance of two great performing arts theaters, La Villarroel and Eixample Teatre.

Fira del Col·lectiu d'Artesans de l'Alimentació

Also called the Food Artisans Market, this one is different than your traditional Christmas markets as it focuses more on food than gifts. Normally the market only runs a couple of times every month, but it sets up its food stalls nearly every day during the holiday season. The market is located in the Gothic Quarter, so head there to check it out! You will find it in the Plaça Santa Maria del Pi.

Get ready for some tasty food! Some of the things that you can buy here include cheese, Catalan honey, wine, cake and chocolates. Pick something up for dessert on Christmas Day! You can also find different knick-knacks that would make great stocking stuffers.

What to do near Fira del Col·lectiu d'Artesans de l'Alimentació

Want to find something else to do close to the market? The market is right next door to the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi which is quite an impressive structure, so do some sightseeing while you are nearby. While you are there stop by the Plaça del Milicia Desconegut as well!

Fira de Nadal del Port Vell

This new Christmas market located at the bottom of the Christopher Columbus Statue should definitely be on your list of Christmas markets to visit. Many locals and tourists come to visit every year and it begins on the first weekend of December until right before Three Kings Day.

The market features many food stalls and souvenir shops as well as impressive Christmas decorations. Keep an eye out for the floating nativity scene and traditional carousel! You definitely won't miss the huge Ferris wheel or the massive Christmas tree that stands 31 meters high and is decorated with some of the best Christmas lights.

What to do near Fira de Nadal del Port Vell

After you visit this Christmas market in Barcelona you should try exploring more of the area. The Columbus Monument, found in the Plaça Portal de la Pau, is located right next to the Maritime Museum. It has some pretty cool exhibits, so go check it out!

Having the Best Christmas in Barcelona

The locals of this city celebrate by singing Christmas carols, setting up Christmas lights and throwing the best parties for the holidays. There are several traditional Christmas markets in Barcelona that you should visit either as fun holiday activities, to shop for local artisan products and food for Christmas meals, or for finding more inspiration for gifts to give your loved ones. There are even more events happening around the city center, like the Three Kings Parade! So keep an eye out for opening times and make the most of your holidays in Spain.

Now you are ready to enjoy the Christmas Markets in Barcelona. For more things to do in Barcelona, check out these other guides.

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