Sagrada Familia Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Antoni Gaudi is an architect who made his mark in Barcelona in many ways and with many unusual buildings, but there's none more prominently visible than the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. The 19th-century genius designer started work on the cathedral in 1883 and continued working on it until his death in 1926. If he'd lived to be one hundred and fifty he still wouldn't have seen his project completed, as the Sagrada Familia is still to this day very much a work in progress.

More than three million people visit the Sagrada Familia annually so it's pretty crowded every day and no place to be wandering around with luggage. Deposit your bags at a luggage locker service near the Sagrada Familia before heading to the cathedral. That way you'll be unhindered by them when you go to explore Barcelona's most incredible landmark and stand pondering over its distinct lack of architectural straight lines.

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Bag policy at the Sagrada Familia

There are stringent bag policies in place for visitors who wish to enter the Sagrada Familia. No large bags are allowed and all small bags are passed through a metal detecting scanner. It's recommended by the basilica authorities that you don't take rucksack type bags as these can delay the scanning and search process, resulting in long queues for admittance. If you purchased advance entrance tickets to save you having to stand in line to get in, consider storing your bag in a luggage locker to help you get through the security checks quicker.

Food policy at the Sagrada Familia

It is not permitted to take any food or drink into the Sagrada Familia. If you have some stashed in your bag, it's quite possible it will be taken from you as you pass through the security checks. If it isn't, you must refrain from eating or drinking while inside the basilica. 

You'll find there are many cafes and restaurants on the streets around the Sagrada Familia. They serve everything from sandwiches and pastries to Spanish tapas, so it’s easy enough to get something to eat and drink either before you go in or after you've finished touring the building.

Camera policy at the Sagrada Familia

If you're a tourist with a regular camera then you will be permitted to take photographs inside the Sagrada Familia. If you're a professional photographer mimicking a tourist you won't be. No professional equipment is allowed inside and media photography is prohibited unless previously authorized. Tripods and flashes are not allowed either as they can cause an obstruction and irritate other visitors. Always take care not to include people you don't know, basilica staff, and the security scan areas in your shots, as this goes against privacy protection laws and could see you removed from the building.

Rules at the the Sagrada Familia

There are several rules you should be aware of and adhere to when visiting the Sagrada Familia. It is expected for all visitors to comply with a standard dress code which includes no hats, wearing shoes at all times, having your shoulders covered and skirts or trousers must be to at least mid-thigh in length. 

Smoking or vaping inside the basilica is prohibited as well as eating, drinking or speaking above a modulated tone. No pets are permitted unless they are service dogs. Children under the age of sixteen are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult. Staff have the right to remove anyone from the premises who doesn't comply with the rules.

Lockers at the Sagrada Familia

There are no storage lockers for either luggage or hand baggage at the Sagrada Familia so you will need to deposit your bags at a storage service close to the basilica.

Bounce has over twenty luggage storage facilities distributed throughout Barcelona, some of which are within a very short walking distance of the Sagrada Familia. You may find the most convenient for your needs, if you're on a day visit to the city, are the luggage lockers in the Placa Sagrada Familia or on the Avenida de Gaudi. If you've just vacated your hotel and prefer to leave your bags near there, then some of the other Bounce luggage lockers may suit you better as you'll be able to travel with ease on the buses or by metro.

The luggage storage service in Barcelona provided by Bounce is economical and secure. The daily per bag fee is small, but includes BounceShield™ protection, so you know your bags will be safe while you enjoy your visit to this amazing city.

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