Where To Find The Best Street Food In Bath

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Find the best street food in Bath

Bath has two universities and a prestigious college, plus many other educational facilities, which means it's a city full of students that has a great street food scene. Luckily, the food on offer isn't limited to burgers or traditional British fish and chips or pop-ups and food trucks.

The street food scene in Bath is innovative and creative both in what they serve and where they serve it so get ready for a few interesting surprises. As you explore Bath you'll discover some street food vendors whose food has proved to be so popular they now have small, but permanent premises. There's really no better recommendation for their cooking skills than that.

What type of cuisines will you find being served as street food in Bath? To be honest, the list is almost endless so whether your preference is Asian, Indian, American, Thai, Japanese, vegan, or good old English, it'll be being served somewhere.

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Best Street Food Vendors In Bath

Drop by any one of the following street food vendors in Bath and without a doubt, it won't be a one-off experience. They're all first-class so you'll be planning another visit to try something else before you've even finished your first meal.

LJ Hugs

Take a stroll down Southgate Street in Bath and your nose may well lead you to LJ Hugs if you're hungry for some spice.

LJ Hugs operates out of a smart-looking pop-up that's like a four-sided market stall. They cook Cajun and Creole dishes on a big scale, and they need. Folks queue up to get their hands on LJ Hugs sweet potato fries, chili beef, and spicy chicken.

The food here is so good they won the People's Choice Champion award in the British Street Food contest. If the thought of Cajun and Creole dishes gets your taste buds singing, you'll find them open on Tuesdays from midday until four then Wednesday to Saturday from midday to eight at night.

NB: If you still need to make a decision about where to stay in Bath, you’ll find plenty of hotels in this area of the city center.

Veggie Guru

Veggie Guru is a vegan and vegetarian pop-up on Bath's Southgate Street. If the aroma of LJ Hugs chilli beef doesn't lure you in as you pass by because you're not a meat-eater, you'll find what you're looking for at Veggie Guru's stall.

The Transylvanian-born owner-chef at Veggie Guru adds his own touch of international flair to many of the vegetable and bean stews he serves on chilly days. He also serves wraps, baguettes, mushroom burgers, and a variety of falafel and dips.

Veggie Guru is a great healthy lunch option as he only opens from eleven until four from Tuesday to Friday. Sadly, on weekends they're busy catering events, so the restaurant is missing from its usual spot on Southgate Street.

Maureen's Mediterranean Street Food

Maureen's Mediterranean Street Food is just one of several pop-up street food stalls in Green Park Station, Bath's historic market.

Maureen's Mediterranean Street Food is housed in a wooden shed-like structure from where they serve the food over a counter. If you prefer to sit down to eat, you can as they have a patio with tables and bench seats.

At Maureen's, you'll be able to tuck into both meat and vegetarian dishes like mega-sized wraps similar to Greek gyros called shawarma, halloumi wraps, and falafel as well as a variety of freshly made salads.

Noodle Bath

If you've become addicted to tasty Asian dishes or love plates of ramen noodles you'll definitely want to pay a visit to Noodle Bath.

Noodle Bath has a permanent restaurant on Monmouth Street right by the Thermae Bath Spa, so it's super convenient if you've been for a dip and it's left you hungry.

At Noodle Bath you'll get noodle dishes made with an exceptional culinary flair that are almost works of art in their own right. They have an extensive menu of meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes that will leave you indecisive about what to choose as everything is so good.

Popular street food in Bath

JC's Kitchen

JC's Kitchen is a pop-up on Terrace Walk near Bath Abbey that serves up super Filipino and barbecued food. They have moved locations a couple of times in the past two years so if you can't find them, just give the name a quick Google search.

At JC's Kitchen, the house special is traditional Filipino siopao buns, similar to Chinese Bao buns, stuffed with meat or chicken. They also cook up amazing curries, lugaw, and bicol express. If the last two names left you puzzled, get down there and try the rice porridge or the fish and pork stew. You won't regret it.

Dos Dedos

Love Mexican street food? If the answer to that question was yes, then you'll adore Dos Dedos. Dos Dedos is an authentic Mexican cantina in Edgar Mews on Bartlett Street in Bath that could quite literally have been transported straight from Mexico, peeling paint and all.

Just about anything and everything you'd find being served as street food in Mexico is on the menu at Dos Dedos. Tacos, tacos, and more tacos, stuffed with tinto beef or chickpeas and beans, chipotle sauce marinated barbecued meats, pico de Gallo, and of course, guacamole.

Chai Walla

Chai Walla operates from a minuscule, but colorful premises on Monmouth Street where they serve customers through the hatch window.

Chai Walla is all about authentic Indian street food so don't expect anything that hasn't got at least some moderate spicing because you won't get it here. Top items on their menu are samosa, bhajis, and chana daal, a type of spicy vegetarian soup. Forget trying to get this as a late-night treat after you stumble out of the pub as Chai Walla closes at 5 pm.


If you've been to Thailand and have fallen in love with the culture and cuisine, you can get a fix at Thaikhun on Little Southgate. It's just a two-minute walk from the Bath Spa Railway Station as well, so you can grab some food to go as you arrive or leave Bath.

Thaikhun's menu is based on Bangkok street food, so it features everything from pad Thai to chili roast duck to Thai green curry. Many of the dishes are vegetarian and vegan-friendly as are Thaikhun's desserts.

As this restaurant is inside a shopping center, their opening hours are longer so you can take a table for a Thai treat anytime between 11:30 am and 10 pm, except on Sundays when they close an hour earlier.

Market street food in Bath, UK

Taka Taka

For a taste of Greece while you're in Bath all you have to do is take a walk down Broad Street till you hit Taka Taka and you'll get as much Greek street food as you need.

Taka Taka may be a franchise chain but it's one that knows its tzatziki from its halloumi fries. The signature dishes here are gyros and skepasti, and they really know how to put them together too. They're both pretty substantial so don't over-order or you could be having the same for breakfast the next day.

At Taka Taka they also prepare several traditional oven-baked meat dishes that will leave you drooling as well as souvlakis, typical Greek dips, and the inevitable Greek salad. Taka Taka opens for lunchtime service at midday and closes at 10 pm.


If you've been out and about doing some of the best hikes in Bath with friends, namely the ones in Royal Victoria Park, and are looking for a quick bite, but no one's in agreement about what they want, you need to go to Pizzarella.

Pizzarella is a down-to-earth takeaway and delivery joint on the city's Chelsea Road near the park that pretty much covers all options. They serve a variety of cuisines ranging from pizza to kebabs to fried chicken to good old British fish and chips. If that's not enough choice to keep everyone happy, maybe you should consider getting some new traveling companions.


The guys who run this pop-up in Green Park Station market certainly know how to get themselves in a stew and they do it really well too.

Goulash occupies a very tidy and attractive kiosk from where they serve street food based on the European meat dish known as goulash. You won't have to wander around the market dripping sauce down your chin if you order from here as they have quite a large patio with plenty of tables and benches.

Goulash serves their goulash, which is made from a secret family recipe, in various ways. Try it with rice, with mashed potatoes, in a panini, in a wrap, in a soft bread roll, or in Hirata buns.

Just because Goulash only serves goulash doesn't mean vegetarians are left out, they're not. At Goulash they make a special vegetarian version that comes with halloumi and is served in any of the previous forms.

Street food vendors in Bath

Where To Find The Best Street Food Spots In Bath

Head for any of the following places in Bath and you won't go hungry as the pop-ups and food trucks in all of them cook amazing food. Green Park Station and Monmouth Street are excellent shopping destinations, so it makes sense that the street food here is excellent and readily available. Southgate Street and the Little Southgate Shopping Centre are also heaven for street food lovers of all kinds.

Street Food Festivals In Bath

Bath is a city that truly embraces the street food culture, no matter what part of the world it originates, and that includes Britain.

Pub In The Park

Pub In The Park is when some of the best British pub chefs leave their posh kitchens and open up pop-ups in Bath's Royal Victoria Park. The three-day event takes place in mid-June and sees some of the UK's most renowned chefs overseeing cook-outs and workshops. Each pub taking part in the festival creates its own menu of delicious food for the event so expect street food like you've never seen before.

The Great Bath Feast

The Great Bath Feast is a three-day-long food festival held towards the end of September. The first main event is a huge food market on Milsom Street where there's everything from cooking demonstrations to street artist performances to lots and lots of street food. One of the more fun parts of the festival is the Bath Bites Trail where you get to hike around the city stopping off at lots of different participating restaurants and cafes to try their signature dishes.

Bath Vegan Festival

Bath Vegan Festival is a two-day event held on two different Saturdays in June, one at the beginning of the month and the other at the end.

The festival takes place at the Bath Pavilion on North Parade Road between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm. Around 80 different stalls are set up to show off their products and while there is a small entry fee, there are also plenty of goodies being given away.


Bath is, in all honesty, one of the best places in the UK to experience the British street food scene. There's practically no world cuisine that isn't prepared by one pop-up or another or in a food truck somewhere. The street food scene in Bath is so good you may want to forget eating in restaurants altogether while you're here. You certainly won't be going hungry if you do.

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