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What to do in Bologna

Plan your luggage storage in Bologna

Make the most out of your time and find luggage storage near Bologna hotspots before checking-in into your hotel or AirBnb.


29 March

8 must see parks in Bologna

After a day of meandering through ancient buildings, stop to relax at one of the many parks in Bologna.

20 June

7 best hostels in Bologna

Bologna has plenty of unique options for accommodations, including the best hostels listed here. Choose a downtown locale near Piazza Maggiore or lodging outside of the city for a taste of the countryside.

Beaches near Bologna
28 April

5 beaches near Bologna: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

While your time in Bologna will hardly be a taxing experience where you’ll need a break from the city, getting out to the coast of the Adriatic is a great way to explore some of the most beautiful places in Italy. There are dozens of seaside resorts that are within a few hours of Bologna’s city center, so there's no excuse.

Bologna on a budget
30 March

Bologna on a budget: 8 travel hacks to save on your trip

While cities like Rome and Milan might be on the expensive side, it's much easier to visit the smaller city of Bologna and stick to a modest budget. From budget accommodations to cheap food and drinks, anyone can have a great time in this Northern Italian city, regardless of their budget.

13 March

Is Bologna safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Bologna is a busy locale with museums and piazzas sure to keep you busy. Read up on Bologna safety tips before you travel to this exciting Italian city.

21 September

Rooftop Bars in Bologna: 10 Places to Drink with a View

Bologna has much to offer like museums, galleries and of course, amazing rooftop bars. Take a look at our list!

21 September

Best Day Trips from Bologna

Surrounding Bologna you'll find places like Milan, Parma, and Venice. Choose a few days to take day trips and see the impressive countryside!

21 September

What to Eat in Bologna: 6 Treats You Should Not Miss

Have you ever tried Cotoletta alla bolognese or the famous Italian gelato? You will get your chance in Bologna!

21 September

Wine Tasting in Bologna: 10 Places You Have to Try

Bologna is a city rich in the art of wine, from making it to serving it just right. Try wine tasting in Bologna for an exceptional experience!

11 September

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bologna

From terrific dishes made with seitan to plant based sweet treats, Bologna delivers. Try these vegetarian restaurants in Bologna at least once!

18 August

Bologna On a Rainy Day: 10 Things To Do

The stunning porticoes of Bologna will keep you dry as you make your way from place to place in the rain. Read about what you can discover in Bologna on a rainy day!

18 August

3 Days in Bologna: Everything You Should Know

Bologna has architecture you won't want to miss taking a closer look at. What else to prioritize in your 3 days in Bologna? Read on for the best itinerary!

18 August

The Best Time to Visit Bologna 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Bologna is beautiful any time of year. Our guide to the best time to visit Bologna will help you decide when you'd like to see the sights of this memorable city.

22 July

Music Festivals in Bologna in 2022

Bologna is a wonderful place to attend a small concert or busy festival. From classical tunes to a packed rock festival, Bologna has music to suit all tastes!

20 March

Where To Stay In Bologna: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

From ghetto Ebraico to Bolognina, every corner of this city has its perks and special traits. No matter where you stay, Bologna has something for everyone!

20 March

How To Get Around Bologna

Bologna by foot is a popular choice because there is so much in the city you do not want to miss! To learn other modes of travel, read our informative guide.

20 March

15 Unmissable Things To Do In Bologna At Night

Imagine the Bologna porticoes lit up at night or sitting in a restaurant dining on an incredible meal. These are just two of the things to do at night on our list. Take your pick!

20 March

Best Brunch In Bologna: The Definitive Guide

From a hidden cafe to a restaurant on a busy street, brunch in Bologna is easy to find. Browse our informative brunch guide and decide where you'll dine!

20 March

The Top 10 Free Things To Do In Bologna

Marvel at the Two towers or wander the city in search of fabulous street art. See Bologna for free, it's entirely possible!

19 March

13 Things To Do In Bologna With Kids

Bologna has several hands-on activities for the kids as well as some where they can stand back and admire the sights. Maybe try a little of both!

19 March

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Bologna

You can find delicious and unique eats on almost every corner in the city. For the best street food in Bologna, consult this guide!

19 March

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Bologna

Shop in a lovely square in the city or seek out a unique market for an entirely different experience. Shopping in Bologna is fabulous and explained in this guide.

19 March

The 10 Best Museums In Bologna

Did you know there is a Gelato museum in Bologna? This fun attraction and more will intrigue you as you discover museums in Bologna.

19 March

The 6 Best Hikes In Bologna

Bologna has beautiful countryside areas and the city itself is full of parks and trails. See where to hike today and choose another destination for tomorrow!

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