Gillette Stadium Bag Policy Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium is one of the most iconic in the northeastern United States. The home of the New England Patriots, this stadium of over 65,000 seats has sold out every game since it opened in 2002. Located in Foxborough 20 miles outside Boston, the stadium is also 20 miles from Providence, Rhode Island.

Gillette Stadium is also the home of the New England Revolution MLS soccer team, and the stadium hosts many concerts and other events throughout the year. In 2021, it even became a mass distribution site for the Covid 19 vaccine. The stadium is the centerpiece of an entertainment district known as Patriot Place. Home to dozens of stores and restaurants, this development also has a cinema, a hotel, and a Hall of Fame celebrating the achievements of the New England Patriots. Whatever brings you to Gillette Stadium, you’ll find plenty to do in the area. To really enjoy your trip, track down a luggage storage service near Gillette Stadium where you can store your heavy bags while you enjoy yourself.

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New England Patriots playing at Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium bag policy

Gillette Stadium’s bag policy is quite rigid. Only clear plastic bags are permitted so that the security staff can see what’s inside. The largest bag permitted is 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches. Small handheld wallets are also allowed but are subject to search by security staff. Coolers are not permitted. Laser pointers, flagpoles, bullhorns, folding chairs, and strollers are also prohibited. The best way to make sure you don’t break the stadium’s rules is to drop off your bags at a luggage locker near Gillette Stadium so that you don’t have to bring anything to the event except your ticket.

Gillette Stadium lockers

Gillette Stadium’s location outside a major city can make it seem as though there isn’t much to do here. But thanks to the Patriot Place development, you’ll have plenty of options for shopping and dining before and after an event at the stadium. Gillette Stadium doesn’t offer luggage lockers and doesn’t allow bags to be brought inside, so you’ll want to track down a luggage storage service near Gillette Stadium before your event begins. Drop off your unneeded luggage and take only what you need to into the stadium itself. That way you’ll breeze past security and be ready to enjoy the game.

Gillette Stadium food policy

Outside food and drink is banned from Gillette Stadium. If you prefer to eat before the game, Patriot Place offers dozens of restaurants, such as Tavolino, Twenty8, and Red Robin. Of course, the stadium itself also has lots of options for meals and snacks. The Ale House serves pizza, beer, and a pretzel log, while Backyard Barbecue is the place to go for pulled pork sandwiches, beef brisket, and street tacos. Tailgate Grill serves burgers and sandwiches, including a vegan burger. And Marketplace Express offers some healthy options such as a quinoa bowl, salmon salad, or a steak wrap.

Gillette Stadium camera policy

Gillette Stadium bans cameras with detachable lenses and any kind of professional camera equipment. Tripods and selfie sticks are also prohibited. And of course, camera bags are not allowed either. Really, the only camera equipment you’ll be able to bring into the stadium is your phone. The best thing to do is drop off any camera equipment at a bag storage near Gillette Stadium so that you will be compliant with the rules. Forget about the photos and simply enjoy the event while your bags are safely looked after elsewhere.

Gillette Stadium rules

  • Metal detectors are used to ensure safety at Gillette Stadium. Refusal to pass through a metal detector or to consent to search may prevent you from entering the stadium.
  • Offensive language and gestures can cause ejection from the stadium, including offensive language on clothing.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the stadium.
  • Government-issued ID is required to buy alcoholic beverages, and you can only buy two beverages at a time. Public intoxication is grounds for ejection from the stadium.
  • The MBTA train connects Gillette Stadium to both downtown Boston and Providence. Trains only run during games and select events, and often sell out.
  • Gillette Stadium parking lots open four hours before the game begins, and tailgating is allowed. Large vehicles such as vans and RVs are prohibited.
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