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Brighton Seafront
15 May

Where To Stay In Brighton: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

The neighborhoods in Brighton are varied. Some are quiet, some have vibrant nightlife, and some are a mix of both. This guide is the key to finding the right place to say on your next trip to this seaside city.

Market shopping in Brighton
15 May

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Brighton

Whether you enjoy a bargain, vintage store, markets, or high end boutiques, the shopping options in Brighton will keep you occupied as long as you let them.

Transportation in Brighton
15 May

How To Get Around Brighton

Navigating the seaside city of Brighton is easy. From buses and trains to walking and rental cars, there's a way to get almost anywhere.

Brunch in Brighton
15 May

Best Brunch In Brighton: The Definitive Guide

Since the country invented the English breakfast, it's no surprise that Brighton has a selection of brunch places to enjoy a meal. But, choosing just one or two can be a challenge. Luckily, this guide comes to your rescue with the best brunch options in town.

Park with a yellow ground covering and a large stone building in the background
11 March

10 must see parks in Brighton

The coastal city of Brighton offers views of the sea and beautiful parks to enjoy. See over 100 tree species in Queens Park as part of your itinerary.

Royal Pavilion Brighton
8 February

The 11 Best Museums In Brighton

Brighton is home to both traditional and unconventional museums. Whether you're into history, art, maritime life, or toys, Brighton has a museum for you.

Street food in Brighton
13 January

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Brighton

With an iconic pier, picturesque beaches, and a bustling marina, Brighton is the perfect spot to wander with street food. In fact, it seems like the city is made for it.

Horse pasture in Brighton
13 January

The 11 Best Hikes In Brighton

The seaside town of Brighton welcomes tourists for its family fun and nightlife, but the city's picturesque setting is also perfect for hiking.

Brighton Palace Pier
13 January

The Top 13 Free Things To Do In Brighton

Sometimes your bank account needs a break, and Brighton is the perfect place to save your cash. There are tons of free things to do around the city; this guide can help you narrow down your favorites.

Brighton palace Pier at night
13 January

11 Unmissable Things To Do In Brighton At Night

Brighton comes alive at night and becomes a seaside playground for adults. From dance clubs to pub crawls to the pier, there's plenty to keep you busy well past your bedtime.

Seaside in Brighton
13 January

11 Things To Do In Brighton With Kids

Brighton is a city that caters to kids and families during the day. The rides and games at the pier, the marine animals at Sea Life, and plenty of parks with playgrounds will keep kids entertained for hours.

13 January

Brighton Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

Festive fare and holiday lights are a big part of the Christmas season. See what Brighton has to offer at the numerous Christmas markets in the city.

Best beaches near Brighton
12 January

7 beaches near Brighton: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

Brighton has always been known for its seaside beauty, and many people still come to the beaches near Brighton to get a seaside break. From lovely rock pools to soft sand dunes to bustling piers, there are all kinds of scenic places near Brighton to spend time.

12 January

6 best hostels in Brighton

Brighton is a fun destination with activities for travelers of all ages and types. Choose a Brighton hostel with sea views or even one on a beach near the city.

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