Best Brunch In Brighton: The Definitive Guide

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Brunch in Brighton

Brunch, that decidedly delicious late breakfast meal, originates from England and there's really nowhere better to eat it. It's been a restaurant menu mainstay for more than a hundred years and one way of getting customers through their doors in those business dead hours between the end of breakfast service and the beginning of the lunch one.

Brunch is a great meal to treat yourself to after a heavy night out or when you want to make the start of the weekend special. It gets even better if you have a brunch with bottomless cocktails to accompany it so long as you don't have to do anything too intellectual afterward.

There are some amazing brunch spots in Brighton that may well make you start to consider eating brunch as a daily habit and who can blame you? If not and your brunch in Brighton is a one-off as you've checked out of your accommodation and are waiting for your train, think twice before taking your bags with you.

Most of the restaurants and cafes in Brighton don't have space to store suitcases. The best thing to do is leave your belongings at a Bounce luggage storage facility in Brighton where they'll be safely stored. That will leave you with two hands free to hold on to those happy hour mimosas. 

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Best Brighton brunch

Where To Get The Best Brunch In Brighton

You might be under the impression that knowing where the best brunch spots in the city are may well influence your choice of where to stay in Brighton. To put your mind at rest and make your decision simpler, you'll be pleased to find out that there are great brunch places in just about every neighborhood of Brighton from the city centre to the seafront to The Laines and even in Brighton Marina.

To tantalize your taste buds in advance, here are some of the best brunch spots in Brighton. Have fun choosing which ones you'll go to when you're there.

Brighton’s Best Brunch Spots

The Breakfast Club

If you're planning on visiting any of the museums in Brighton like the Royal Pavilion or the Brighton Fishing Museum, you'll find The Breakfast Club conveniently located halfway between the two.

Housed in a smack-you-in-the-eye bright yellow building on Market Street, internally The Breakfast Club is decor-wise an unusual fusion of American diner and British pub. It's a fusion that creates such a comfortable dining atmosphere that you'll struggle to get back up from the table.

At The Breakfast Club, they serve an all-day menu, rather than a special brunch menu, from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon when they close. Top items here are their all-American breakfast, their full English breakfast, their French toast selection, and their range of egg dishes which includes eggs benedict and eggs florentine. The Breakfast Club also offers a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes using ingredients such as vegan bacon and sausage.

Lost In The Lanes

Lost in the Lanes is a specialist breakfast, brunch, lunch, and afternoon tea cafeteria in The Lanes neighborhood which is one of the best places to go shopping in Brighton.

Lost in the Lanes is located on Nile Street in a renovated Victorian property that has characterful visual appeal externally and a more contemporary look internally.

Lost in the Lanes has an all-day menu that they serve straight through from nine until four. They use only locally sourced and organic produce in their dishes, many of which are vegan. Don't expect a boring-looking plate of food here as they serve all their dishes, even toasted banana bread, and their breakfast combination plates, with Michelin star finesse.

Healthy brunch in Brighton

Kooks Restaurant

Kooks Restaurant on Gardner Street is in the North Laines neighborhood of Brighton which is another of the city's top shopping areas. Have your late breakfast in Kooks and you'll discover it's also a super place to eat brunch in Brighton.

Kooks label themselves as a boho bistro and it's trendy with a capital T. At Kooks, brunch is an all-day breakfast affair they serve from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon.

At Kooks you can tuck into the proverbial eggs benedict, a juicy burger with hand-cut fries, or choose the healthy option and go for a fruit bowl or a smoothie.


Bills is a nationwide chain of restaurants with a stylized premises in Brighton on North Road that serves British and European food.

At Bills they offer different menus at different times of the day, with their breakfast and brunch menu being available until four in the afternoon. There’s also a seasonal set menu with a good variety of dishes.

Top popular brunch dishes at Bill's are their Bill's Big Brunch which is a mega-sized English breakfast, their buttermilk chicken burger, and their steak and eggs. Bills also offer a superb range of vegetarian dishes like halloumi fries with lime aioli and vegan buffalo wings.

Egg and Spoon

The Egg and Spoon is a down to earth cafe on St Georges Road in the artsy neighborhood of Brighton known as Kemptown. Egg and Spoon is only open from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon and brunch is one of the meals they serve during that time.

Egg and Spoon serve an eclectically mixed menu starring items like a Cuban sandwich consisting of pulled pork and salami, scrambled eggs with chilli, sweet potato and spinach dahl, and a variety of other sandwiches and wraps as well as sweet and savory waffles.

Little Miss Piggies

Little Miss Piggies is a traditional English-style cafe on St James Street in the Kemptown neighborhood of Brighton. If you're considering going for brunch here don't leave it too late as they close at two-thirty in the afternoon.

Little Miss Piggies might not have a sizable premises, but it's one you can't walk by without noticing as the frontage is a bright yellow. The interior is just as blindingly bright so if you had a big night out and are going for a recovery brunch, take a pair of shades to help ward off the pink and white effect.

While the cafe may be called Little Miss Piggies they don't just have meat-oriented dishes on the menu, but also serve a decent range of vegetarian ones. Clients recommend their eggs royale with smoked salmon and the hash brown stack with sausage, both of which have a vegan version available, plus the hangover breakfast which is served in a frying pan.

 If the Brighton weather turns a bit chilly, as it often does, Little Miss Piggies' marshmallow and cream-topped hot chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up.

Breakfast in Brighton

Starfish and Coffee

Starfish and Coffee is a cafe in Brighton's Egremont Place in the city centre close to the entrance to Queens Park. The cafe is named after a song by Prince, but that's where the connection ends as the décor here is all blue and white with not a drop of purple, rain or otherwise, to be seen.

Starfish and Coffee have won several awards for their breakfast menu and it's understandable why. As well as serving up big brunch plates like English breakfast for meat-eaters and vegans they offer a superb selection of pancakes, various hash dishes, and avocado on sourdough toast as well as an unusual spicy Budha bowl with three-bean chili and sweet potato.

At Starfish and Coffee, you can turn your meal into a boozy brunch with a bloody mary or a glass of prosecco, but as with most brunch places in Brighton they don't offer bottomless prosecco or bottomless mimosas.

Joe's Cafe

If you skipped breakfast to set out exploring Brighton in the early morning and found yourself in the Prestonville neighborhood of the city with a raging hunger then drop into Joe's Cafe on Upper Hamilton Road.

Joe's Cafe has a summery Mediterranean look where décor is concerned and even has a small sidewalk terrace with a few tables where you can sit if the weather is favorable.

Joe's serves brunch throughout their opening hours which are eight in the morning until three in the afternoon except on Saturday and Sunday when they open from ten until two for weekend brunch only.

Here you'll be able to stave off your hunger pangs with huge brunch dishes of meat or veggie hash topped with fried or poached eggs, all-day breakfasts, or a plate of freshly made sandwiches. Joe's doesn't serve alcohol of any description but has a broad variety of hot and cold drinks available including smoothies and milkshakes.

West Hill Tavern

Walk through the doors of the West Hill Tavern on the corner of Buckingham Place near Brighton Station and not only will you get a Dr Who Tardis effect when you realize how big it is inside, you'll feel like Alice in Wonderland did when she fell down the rabbit hole into a colorful fantasy world. This place is eclectic to say the least, but city-renowned in Brighton for their weekend bottomless brunch.

At the West Hill Tavern, they start serving their bottomless brunch from midday onwards. This isn't your typical bottomless brunch menu though. At this pub, the brunch menu doesn't consist of classic brunch dishes. Here brunch is a bottomless pizza brunch with unlimited prosecco cocktails or bottomless mimosas which means you can eat and drink as much as you like in your allotted ninety-minute time limit.

The weekend bottomless pizza brunch here can get quite lively because as well as feeding their hordes of hungry customers they like to keep them entertained so there's live music too. This is undeniably one of the best bottomless brunches you'll find in Brighton.

Fruit an waffles in Brighton

Tempest Inn

If your idea of brunch in Brighton is a bottomless brunch with free-flowing prosecco enjoyed on a terrace with sea views then you need to head straight for the Tempest Inn.

The Tempest Inn is a pub and brunch spot on King's Road which is right on Brighton seafront and where they serve a Saturday brunch between twelve and two. You'll find brunch items like an American-style pancake stack and fried chicken with waffles on the menu. They also serve a special breakfast menu that changes weekly.  

Because of its prominent seafront location, this Brighton brunch spot gets totally packed at weekends, so to avoid disappointment make sure to book a table a few days in advance.


So now you know that brunch in Brighton continues to be one of those great British traditions. Whether you want to tuck into a classic brunch dish, indulge in a boozy brunch, or go for one of the bottomless brunches the pubs has to offer, brunch is one meal that's not hard to find in Brighton.

Brunch is a daily event in Brighton's cafes and a weekend event in the pubs. The big difference between the two is that the majority of cafes don't hold licenses to serve alcohol so unless you find one that does, you'll have to save your brunch with bottomless booze until the weekend.

While many don’t serve up bloody marys or a bottomless brunch hosted by topless waiters, the great thing about the brunch cafes in Brighton is they cater for all dietary requirements from vegetarian to vegan to lactose intolerant to gluten free. That’s called good service and is the reason their clients repeat their brunch experience time and time again. With amazing brunch dishes like French toast, hash browns, and avocado benedict on the menu, who can blame them?

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