Where To Stay In Brighton: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

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Brighton Seafront

Brighton, on England's south coast in East Sussex, was once one of the most fashionable seaside resorts in the UK. For over a hundred and fifty years it was a popular day trip and vacation destination during the summer months for people living in London and other big cities nearby. Time and cheap foreign holidays took their toll on its popularity, though, and it evolved into a favorite place for older couples to retire to.

In recent years Brighton has reemerged as one of the trendiest cities in the UK. Artists and musicians, have elected to make Brighton their home. Brighton now has a lively, cultural vibe where its vintage features like Brighton Pier, its Victorian architecture, and its Taj Mahal-like Royal Pavilion are major attractions.

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Brighton Harbour Hotel

Where To Stay In Brighton

When you're having a look at where to stay in Brighton you'll find the city has several different neighborhoods where there's a variety of accommodation available for visitors. Each neighborhood has its own characteristics and not all areas will suit everyone.

Many of the city's best hotels are located along Brighton seafront or close to the city centre, while small and friendly places like bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and boutique hotels are a little further away. It's a good idea not to overlook the smaller accommodation options as Brighton guest houses have always been the traditional go-to for many visitors, past and present, and are in part what makes staying in Brighton fun.

Brighton Seafront

The bonus of staying in a hotel on Brighton seafront near central Brighton is you'll be in the ideal place to take a daily constitutional walk or jog along the promenade. Staying on Brighton seafront, you'll also be within easy walking distance of many of the main attractions like the two piers, Brighton Beach, The Royal Pavilion, the quirky upside-down house, and several of the museums in Brighton like the Brighton museum as well as Brighton beach. You won't have far to go to find the best brunch in Brighton either which is an added plus as the sea air in Brighton is renowned for increasing your appetite, but if you're thinking cheap hotels, think again.

Brighton hotels on the seafront have an external Victorian grandeur that is quite impressive. Some are so grand in fact they look more like palaces than the Royal Pavilion does. They're grand inside too so if you're used to basic these can be slightly overwhelming as they're very British stiff upper lip kinds of places where you'll get treated to afternoon tea like visiting royalty, walk-on hallways of plush wall-to-wall carpeting and have a bath the size of a small bedroom.

The hotels on the seafront are mainly frequented by more mature retired couples or solo travelers who don't mind paying for the service and the additional comforts that this type of hotel provides.

The majority of hotels on Brighton seafront offer rooms with free breakfast and free wifi included. Some have in-house dining rooms and you can reserve room packages where your evening meal is also part of the deal. If that's not your scene then, although it'll be further away, it's better to choose a different area for your stay in Brighton.

Houses in Brighton Marina

Brighton City Centre

Brighton city center runs back from the seafront near Brighton pier and inland for several blocks. It's a relatively compact neighborhood containing many of the best retail outlets and cultural attractions the city has to offer and isn't that far from Brighton beach.

If shopping or visiting museums or galleries is high on your list of things to do in Brighton then you'll want to stay here or at least be close by. You'll find several three-star hotels around the Russell Square and Churchill Square areas of Brighton city centre.

Unless you're particularly fond of the sights and sounds of the city, have to be centrally located for some reason or want to have things to do at night in Brighton right by the entrance to your hotel, staying by the seafront or in New Laine are much better options. But if you do want to be in the heart of the action, this is where to stay in Brighton to be close to Brighton city centre.

Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is the newest part of Brighton and an area that's getting a lot of attention. It's the largest marina in England and has berthings to cater for well over a thousand yachts so if you like boating you may want to consider staying here.

The marina has a totally different atmosphere to the rest of Brighton and all the facilities there are decidedly more upmarket. Around the waterfront, you'll find plenty of above-average restaurants and some quality stores.

There's only one hotel in Brighton marina itself and that's the Malmaison which has rooms with sea views or ones with balconies overlooking the harbor and Brighton Pier. A large percentage of the properties in the marina are privately owned so if you're looking for a more economical option for where to stay in Brighton than the hotel, have a search on independent booking websites and you may well find some.

Where to stay in Brighton

The Lanes

The Lanes is an antiquated area of Brighton more renowned for its shops, restaurants, and cafes than it is for its hotels or guest houses.

The Lanes was once an independent fishing village, but over the decades as Brighton's urban spread has expanded, it's become a neighborhood of the city. Explore the winding alleyways and you'll find antique shops, jewellery stores, vintage clothes boutiques, the odd boutique hotel, and the kind of store that thrives in this type of area, charity shops.

In The Lanes, the commonest type of room is bed and breakfast in a house that's been converted to accommodate guests. It's a popular place to stay in Brighton for couples so even though you're only getting a room, and possibly with no en suite bathroom but a shared one down the hall, prices can be surprisingly high, making for a costly stay in Brighton.


Kemptown is a neighborhood to the east of Brighton city centre that has in recent years become synonymous with the city's artistic communities.

Kemptown is an older part of the city that has many small characterful and colorful side streets leading off the main St James Street. Many of the bars, restaurants, and cafes are focused toward the resident.

Accommodation in Kemptown consists of medium-sized budget hotels ranging from one to three stars, boutique hotels some of which are quite deluxe, and guest houses or bed and breakfasts which, unless you choose carefully, can be on the tacky side. Prices of accommodation in Kemptown vary from budget to mid-range. Given its proximity to Brighton city centre, it's not a bad choice for a stay in Brighton. It can be a good spot to find a quirky boutique hotel if you look hard enough.

Terraced houses in Brighton

North Laine

North Laine is a neighborhood of Brighton that shouldn't be confused with The Lanes as they are totally different places.

North Laine borders Brighton city centre and is more of a retail area for spending a morning or afternoon shopping than it is a place to stay. It's not a large district by any means, but contains over three hundred individual retail outlets, most of which are housed in archaic buildings where you'll need to lower your head to get through the door. It's quaint and quirky, fun to explore, and has some great craft breweries where you can sip a pint of locally made ale – if you can stand the taste of it.

Any accommodation here is either bed and breakfast, guest house-style or a boutique hotel on the edge of the neighbourhood rather than in it. If you want to stay in Brighton close to somewhere with a Bohemian atmosphere then North Laines could be the neighborhood to choose.


Hove may once have been another fishing village on the south coast, but it's now part of greater Brighton and the two are more often named together as Brighton and Hove.

The neighborhood known as Hove is a short distance from Brighton city centre, but when you need to go from one to the other there is no problem, as getting around Brighton is pretty easy.

Hove is quieter and more relaxed than Brighton, which makes it great for a family vacation with young children. There are fewer amusement arcades too so it can be a lot less distracting and a whole lot easier on your pocket than staying near Brighton Pier with kids.

You'll find the accommodation in Hove caters more to families too, but that doesn't mean they charge budget prices; they don't. If you're looking for economical, the following section may be exactly what you're looking for.

Best neighborhoods in Brighton

Alternative Places To Stay In Brighton

You can read as many articles about where to stay in Brighton as you like, but very few mention two of the best value options there are and they are self-catering campsites and caravan parks. They usually have the best availability too so are well worth checking out before you make your final decision about where to stay in Brighton. Choose carefully and you could end up with your own hot tub to soak in.

Caravan Parks

You won't be smack bang in the centre of Brighton or right next to Brighton Pier if you stay at a caravan park. You'll find caravan parks with plenty of amenities like club houses, restaurants and laundry facilities on the outskirts of Brighton, on less urbanized spots of the coast, and near beauty spots like the South Downs National Park and the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. They're ideal if you want to combine your visit to Brighton with some outdoor recreation in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

Glamping and Camping

Camping out these days doesn't have to mean roughing it under canvas. There are many campsites around Brighton that have taken camping to the next level. Glamping is the new trend where camping is concerned and you'll find multiple types of accommodation on offer to do it in.

Safari Tents - Safari tents are a top favorite as they're more solid than a normal tent, have a fixed roof, and a private patio at the front where you can relax under the stars at night.

Tree House - If you're someone who loves nature then a tree house is an amazing place to spend the night. They're not basic either but come fitted with a king-size bed, monsoon shower, barbeque, and an outdoor bath.

Yurts - Many East Sussex farmers are now complimenting their income by turning a field into a yurt campsite. The yurts are large enough to accommodate a large bed and living room furniture. On site there are usually toilet blocks for showering and a hut with a shared kitchen.

Shepherd Huts - Shepherd huts are another type of accommodation that's increasing in popularity as options for a stay in Brighton. These mini wooden mobile homes come fully equipped with an en suite bathroom, kitchen, and a barbecue. They're mostly located in quiet rural locations away from any hustle and bustle.

Places to stay in Brighton


Hopefully reading through this article has helped you to decide where to stay in Brighton and which neighborhood will be the best for you. Choose to stay in one of the grandiose Brighton hotels on the seafront or a boutique hotel near Brighton Pier and you'll have everything from museums to amusement arcades within walking distance. Follow tradition and stay in a guest house or bed and breakfast and you'll discover the friendly hosts who entice visitors back year after year. Stay in a shepherd hut in the woods and you'll be able to enjoy not only what this cultured, artsy, and fun city has to offer, but part of the East Sussex countryside too.

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