Brisbane Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Plane taking off at Brisbane Airport

In a country as big as Australia, travel is a way of life. Brisbane Airport is one of Australia’s busiest airports, serving more than 20 million passengers each year. As well as domestic Australian flights, Brisbane airport also handles international flights from countries around the world, so this airport is often the first glimpse travelers get not only of Brisbane but of Australia as a whole.

Just 14 kilometers outside the center of the city, Brisbane Airport is close to everything Brisbane itself has to offer. And that’s a lot. Known for its pleasant climate, interesting culture, and impressive beaches, Brisbane is one of Australia’s most beguiling cities. Drop off your bags at a luggage storage near Brisbane Airport and see for yourself what this part of Australia has to offer.

Plane at Brisbane Airport, Australia

Brisbane Airport bag policy

As with most airports, Brisbane Airport doesn’t have a limit on how many bags you can have. However, if you’re boarding a flight, be aware that all bags will be subject to screening. It’s especially important to remember that liquids of more than 100 milliliters are not allowed in the cabin of the plane with you. You should also be conscious of where your bags are at all times. Unattended bags can cause major disruption at airports and may even be destroyed.

Brisbane Airport offers a baggage storage service. However, you may find it more convenient to keep your belongings at a suitcase storage near Brisbane Airport but not actually in the terminal while you explore the city.

Brisbane Airport food policy

As with all airports, it’s important to make sure you comply with the regulations around traveling with liquids. However, food is not as restricted. You can bring food with you to Brisbane airport and even onto a plane, as long as you allow it to be inspected by security first.

Of course, you don’t have to bring food with you. Brisbane Airport has plenty of places where you can grab a quick snack or a more substantial meal. Aviation Pier Cafe, Burger Urge, The Botanist, and Upper Crust, among other restaurants, are all ready to serve you at the airport.

Brisbane Airport camera policy

Brisbane Airport allows cameras, and you are allowed to take photographs in the airport. However, you should be aware that you are not permitted to take photos of the security screening area. Avoid taking photos of airport security staff, and observe good photo etiquette by always asking permission before taking anyone’s photo. If you try to set up a tripod in the walkways of this busy airport, you’ll most likely be asked to take it down.

If you have a lot of bulky camera equipment, it could be a good idea to leave it at a luggage locker near Brisbane Airport. That way, your belongings will stay safe while you travel and be waiting for you when you’re ready to pick them up.

Brisbane Airport rules

  • Brisbane Airport is smoke-free. There is a designated smoking balcony on level III of the international terminal. Otherwise, you’ll need to go outside.
  • Incoming international flights are subject to screening by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Australia is very strict about preserving its unique ecosystem, so don’t bring any fruits, vegetables, or animal products with you.
  • Brisbane Airport’s two terminals are divided into domestic and international. There is a free shuttle bus that connects the two in case you’re traveling on to another destination.
  • Brisbane Airport offers several different car parks, all within a short walk of the airport itself. Some of the car parks have spaces that can be booked in advance online, whereas others are first-come, first-served.
  • The AirTrain connects Brisbane Airport to the city. The journey takes around 20 minutes, and trains run every 15 minutes at peak times.

Brisbane Airport lockers

Brisbane Airport is the gateway not only to this fascinating Australian city, but also to the whole of Queensland. Brisbane is one of Australia’s most touristed cities thanks to its stunning scenery and pleasant climate. As a result, Brisbane Airport can be an extremely busy place, especially during the tourist season.

Make your trip easier on yourself by dropping off your belongings at a luggage storage service near Brisbane Airport. The lighter you travel, the more you’ll be able to see of this fascinating city, and the easier it will be to get around. Whether you’re staying in Brisbane or it’s just a stop on a longer journey, you’re sure to enjoy it more if you travel with less.

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