Brisbane Central Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Brisbane Central Station, Brisbane, Australia

Most people arriving at Brisbane Central Station will do so with the intention of exploring the city or going walkabout for a while in some of the more remote areas of Queensland. This station started out its life as a simple wood and corrugated iron structure way back in 1889. It's certainly not like that any longer, but it is still perfectly situated as a base from which to start your adventure.

Many things may have changed over the years, but this remains an outdoor country and Brisbane is no exception. Here, kayaking the Brisbane River or strolling through the impressive Botanic Gardens are events that are unlikely to be hampered by poor weather and Australians are adept at enjoying the great outdoors.

From a culinary point of view, the city is a steak lover’s dream and no real Australian would feel quite at home if there weren't some craft beer venues nearby. Brisbane doesn't break any rules on this front. There is also a strong Asian influence in this city where you can enjoy plenty of Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes.

The city offers good public transport options but much of it can be explored on foot. You will need to lose the luggage in one of the locker rental services near Brisbane Central Station, but after that, the city is yours to enjoy.

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Brisbane Central Station Bag Policy

These rules apply to trains departing from Brisbane Central Station

  • One bag of no more than 20 kgs in economy carriages or two bags in first class.
  • You may carry a cooler with dimensions of 38 x 28 x 24 cms containing food for your personal consumption.
  • You may only carry fruit for personal consumption.
  • You may not consume alcohol on the train or in the station unless it is bought from the rail service.

Brisbane Central Station Food Policy

Brisbane Central has the usual grab and go outlets you'd expect to find in a station of this size, such as McDonald's. However, if you have time to kill and feel like something a little more upmarket, the bar at the Ground Central Hotel is a far more opulent place to get a bite to eat and maybe a pre-train cocktail if you're in the mood. Also, because of its central location, you'll find dozens of great restaurants within a short walk of the station.

Brisbane Central Station Camera Policy

Cameras are allowed inside the station, and you're permitted to take photos so long as they are for personal use. Commercial photography, however, require special permission. For that reason, it's better not to use professional-looking equipment such as tripods and lights. It will be easy to comply with the rules if you leave those behind at a luggage storage service near Brisbane Central Station. Also, try to avoid taking photos of security cameras or security personnel, as this can arouse suspicion.

Brisbane Central Station Rules

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the station, including on the platforms. If you want to smoke, you'll need to go outside.
  • Alcohol is allowed in the station, and you can even carry open containers of alcohol with you. However, public intoxication is not allowed, and if you make a scene, you may be asked to leave or even arrested.
  • Littering is frowned on, so make sure you dispose of any garbage you accumulate properly.
  • Baggage carts are available for rent to make it easier to move your belongings through the station.

Public Transport Options

Brisbane has gone out of its way to make exploring the city accessible to people using a variety of linked public transport systems. There is a rail network, a ferry system, and a comprehensive bus network and all three of them can be accessed by using a Go Card. These cards, which are available at convenience stores, can be topped up as needed and after that, all you do is tap on and tap off to pay for your journey. The same system operates throughout southeast Queensland.

It gets even easier than that. The city loop bus system circles the city both clockwise and anti-clockwise every ten minutes and is free. Likewise, the City Hopper ferry running along the Brisbane River is free between Sydney Street and North Quay.

With so many easy ways to explore this dynamic city, it makes sense to store your luggage and see as much of it as you can.

Brisbane Central Station lockers

No matter what your tastes tend toward, there is something for everyone in this city. Whether it be a walking craft beer tour, a trip to the Queensland Ballet, a visit to the Museum of Brisbane, or a simple riverfront stroll, you are going to need to lose that luggage. Unfortunately, there are no rental lockers in this station.

Fortunately, several locker rental services have taken up the gap left in the market by the Brisbane Central Station not having locker facilities. Look out for services that offer online booking so that you can avoid the frustration of lugging your bags to a facility that has no lockers available. Better services will usually include a comprehensive protection cover to ensure that you have total peace of mind throughout your stay.

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