Bruges Train Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Train at platform

For a transport hub that has been operating for almost two hundred years, Bruges Train Station is a modern and organized installation, but one with lots of architectural character. When it first opened in 1838 there was just one main line, two subsidiary tracks and no terminal. The popularity of train travel soon meant the station wasn't large enough to cope with the quantity of passenger traffic it was attracting and the first of several modifications had to take place.

Renovations and modernizations have been a continual process at Bruges Train Station. The building presently housing the station was constructed in the late 1930s and contains five island platforms served by a total of twelve tracks. This new station was completed with an underground shopping area which was later expanded to double its size. It's not the easiest of places to access with baggage, so to get some retail therapy in, you're better off depositing your bags with a luggage storage service near Bruges Train Station.

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Bag policy at Bruges Train Station

There are many security measures in place at Bruges Train Station to assure the safety of passengers using the facility. Bags cannot be left unattended anywhere on the station concourse or they will be removed by station staff. Bruges Train Station is known to have a problem with pickpockets so if the security staff don't remove your bags, you can pretty much guarantee someone else will if you don't keep an eye on them. If you can't keep your suitcase with you, the best way to make sure it's safe at all times is to store it in a luggage locker.

Food policy at Bruges Train Station

The food outlets at Bruges Train Station are more focused on quick coffees and takeaway snacks than they are on main meals. That's great if you want to pick something up before you board your train or are just passing through and don't have long to wait before your departure. If you want something more substantial than a quick caffeine fix, you'll need to venture out of the station and onto the surrounding streets. Close to the Stationsplein you'll find restaurants serving everything from gourmet soups to pizza and seafood.

Camera policy at Bruges Train Station

There is no reason you shouldn't get your camera out and take photos in Bruges Train Station. Whether or not you'll find something you want to snap depends on the kind of photos you like to take. Some of the architectural features look great in black and white and the trains are fantastic subjects for practicing your motion blur technique. The use of a tripod isn't permitted as it may cause an obstruction to other passengers and you should be careful not to include strangers in your shots without asking their permission first.

Rules at Bruges Train Station

The same as with any public use location in Europe, there are regulations in place at Bruges Train Station that you must adhere to when using the facility. Good conduct is expected of all passengers. Drunk or disorderly behavior will be dealt with swiftly by the station security staff and the culprit removed from the station. This also applies to anyone being abusive to either members of staff or other travelers. Smoking is not permitted on the concourse so wait until you're outside the building before lighting up or starting to vape.

Lockers at Bruges Train Station

There is a luggage storage facility inside Bruges Train Station which is located close to the ticket office. These lockers are automatic and have restricted access hours. There are three different sizes and the largest can accommodate a bulky suitcase. The only inconvenience you may experience is finding a locker available. Bruges is a busy station and you could arrive there to find all the right sized lockers for your luggage taken or worse, completely closed.

Bounce has several luggage storage facilities in Bruges itself and as the station is twelve minutes walk from the center, you may find them much more convenient. Leave your bags with Bounce and you can explore Bruges without your luggage before making your way to the station. For a Bounce luggage locker in Bruges all you'll pay is a small daily per bag fee. There's no size restrictions either and for each bag stored, you're covered with a comprehensive protection plan.

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