6 beaches near Bucharest: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is always a fascinating and fun city to visit. From museums to cultural experiences and shopping and dining, there is no shortage of lovely things that Bucharest has to offer to visitors. You might not be aware, however, that there are also beaches near Bucharest that you could spend the day at. Romania's Black Sea beaches are some of the best in the world, and you will have the choice between beautiful wild beaches near Bucharest as well as beach resort locations where you can be pampered all day long.

After you land at Bucharest Airport and before you plan your beach day at one of the best beaches on the Romanian seaside, you need to consider what you are going to do with your luggage. Keep your bags in secure storage with Bounce so that you can be sure that you will have a great time at these sandy beaches. Planning to visit a beach resort or one of the beautiful beaches that are less developed is much more fun if you know that you won't have to worry about your personal items.

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Corbu Beach near Bucharest

Corbu Beach

This beach resort area is new, and it is located by the better-known resorts of Navodari and Mamaia. This is one of the most luxurious summer destination choices that you can make, and you will not be disappointed by any of the beautiful beaches in this area. There are some nearby ruins to visit here, as well as shopping and museums if you need a break from the beach. This is also a great place to head for a beach resort getaway over a weekend or a couple of days.

While the beach space itself is new here, there are lots of well-established businesses and hotels along the Black Sea. You will be able to find nearly any activity that you want to enjoy in this area, and you can choose to head to other beaches in the area as well if you have exhausted the offerings that Corbu Beach has to share with visitors.

Corbu Beach travel distance from Bucharest

There is no train route from Bucharest Train Station that will take you to this beach resort area, so you will need to drive. The drive to Corbu Beach takes about three hours.

Activity recommendations

You can kitesurf here, and many people also choose to try their hand at windsurfing at this beach. Heading over to Mamaia Beach can be a great idea as well since you will find lots of fun activities on offer in the more established sections of the beach area here. The nearby fortresses are a great way to spend some time off the sand, and you can choose from Histria Fortress and the Enisala Fortress for your sightseeing adventures.

Umbrella and chair rentals are easy to access here if you just want to head to this fine sand beach to get some sun or to play in the water all day. There are also various resorts to choose from, and you can get a full-service beach reservation instead if you want to be pampered while you get a tan.

The crystal-clear turquoise water here is ideal for snorkeling, and little ones can play in the surf safely. Many people enjoy just swimming around near the shore and enjoying one of the best beaches in Romania. Whether you are looking for a seaside resort experience or you just want to nap and read a book in the sun, this is a great beach spot for you to visit.

Vadu Beach near Bucharest

Vadu Beach

This is one of the wild beach locations near Bucharest. You will need to plan to bring your own snacks and beverages, and there is an access fee to get onto the beach. You will also have limited access to amenities here as Vadu village is some distance from the sand. However, there are pros to picking a wild beach location for your beach day since these spots are less busy and are also sometimes far more peaceful than beach resort areas.

Vadu Beach travel distance from Bucharest

As with some of the other beaches in this guide, there is no train route to take you to Vadu Beach. You will need to drive to this beach area, and the drive will take you about three hours.

Activity recommendations

The parking areas near this beach spot can vary in price, and you will need to plan to pay 5 RON to access the beach. This is an undeveloped beach area, but you can still swim and play in the water, and the fine sand makes a great place to lay out and relax. There is enough beach space here to walk along the water as well, and if you have the ability to rent gear, you could choose to enjoy water sports here as well.

While wild beaches are not for everyone, these can be the best beaches for some peace and quiet. If some of the more popular Romanian beaches are too busy for your taste, heading to one of the Romanian beaches without a resort can be the perfect choice to make.

Plaja Gostinu near Bucharest

Plaja Gostinu

This is a river beach spot that can offer a unique and really special beach experience. You can head here to see what a Danube River beach is all about. River beaches are the best beaches for those who love nature, and you will have the choice of swimming, sunbathing, or even hiking in the nearby forest if you wish. While many of the Romanian beaches that people think of for vacation plans are on the Black Sea, there are beaches along the Danube that are quite lovely.

The river beaches near Bucharest are also really close to the city center, which can be ideal for those who are not interested in making a long drive just to get to a beach during their trip to Romania.

Plaja Gostinu travel distance from Bucharest

This Danube River beach is just an hour and a half from Bucharest by car. There is no train route to take to get to this spot.

Activity recommendations

Many locals choose this fine sand beach for swimming since it is so easy to hop into the water here. You will have limited access to amenities here, but you should plan to bring your own chairs or towels and your own snacks and drinks. You can opt to walk along the river or just settle in to watch the river traffic go by all day long.

There is a forested shoreline along the river which offers access to hiking and walking trails for those who love to be active on vacation. This is also one of the prettiest Romanian beaches at sunrise and sunset for beautiful travel pictures. Sunrise is an ideal time to visit before the crowds show up.

Plaja Sfântu Gheorghe

Plaja Sfântu Gheorghe

There is no wild beach more remarkable than Plaja Sfântu Gheorghe. This beach location is truly wild, and you will need to ride a boat to get to this beach spot on the Black Sea. Head here to see pristine and wild shores and wild horses and to swim in the sea without worrying about crowds. The wild horses that make this beach area their home are one of the big attractions for coming here, and you might be able to get some pictures of these pretty native animals who call the island their home.

Plaja Sfântu Gheorghe travel distance from Bucharest

This beach area is about a two-and-a-half drive away, and then you will need to book a boat to take you to the beach itself. There is a ferry that runs three times a week, but it takes a very long time, so if you can afford to charter your own boat, it's worth it.

Activity recommendations

This is one of the most popular beaches in Romania for those who love to take a beach holiday that offers natural beauty and peace and quiet. This is an untouched beach that is not maintained, and you will share the beach space with wild horses that make the island their home. Plan to book a boat to take you out to the beach, as there is no other way to access this beach area.

The nearby town of Plaja Sfântu Gheorghe has some amenities for those who are spending time at the Black Sea on this island. Don't plan on resort-style accommodations and stores or shops, however. This spot, due to its difficulty to reach, is ideal for an overnight or weekend trip.

Mamaia Beach near Bucharest

Mamaia Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches as well as one of the most developed beaches near Bucharest. Coming here for a fancy beach getaway is easy, and many people who live near the Black Sea take advantage of Mamaia Beach's resorts each year. The nightlife is amazing here, and you can also opt to stay at one of the seaside resorts that line the beach if you want to be pampered and make the most of your trip to the Black Sea.

Mamaia Beach travel distance from Bucharest

This beach area is about two and a half hours from Bucharest.

Activity recommendations

Mamaia is one of those beach areas that is world-famous, and it might need to be on your list of things to see and experience while you are in Romania. Plan to rent water sports equipment or go swimming, or you can get umbrellas and chairs and hang out on the sand all day long. There are lots of restaurants nearby and beach bars which open their doors up to patrons as the sun sets.

Kids can enjoy playing in the shallow surf here, or you might want to kitesurf or paddleboard. The beach has recently been extended, allowing for more room to sunbathe, but this has also caused the beach itself to be a little more crowded during the peak season. Make sure that you get to the sand early in the day so that you can get your own little spot of paradise.

Plaja Agigea near Bucharest

Plaja Agigea

This beach spot is ideal for both sunbathing and snorkeling. There are many restaurants and shopping areas near the beach here, and you can elect to spend some time in the area and stay at a hotel for a couple of days to make the most of this beach spot. This is one of the prettiest beaches near Bucharest, and many locals choose to head to this location for a long weekend or even a beach getaway for the day.

Plaja Agigea travel distance from Bucharest

This beach area is about two hours and 20 minutes from Bucharest.

Activity recommendations

You might not find as many resort-style offerings here, but you can rent umbrellas and chairs and spend all day soaking up the sun. Kids and adults alike can enjoy playing in the surf here, and you will be able to enjoy a nice meal at some of the local eateries near the water. This is a golden sand beach that offers all of the things that most people are looking for when they are on vacation. You will also be able to enjoy a shorter trip to get to this beach than some of the other beach locations in this guide.


If you are traveling to Bucharest on a budget, beaches are excellent ways to save some cash. They also make ideal weekend getaways from the city, and if you don't mind traveling a little further, Romanian beaches never disappoint.

Choosing between the best beaches near Bucharest can be tough, but this guide will help you to find the right kind of beach experience for your particular taste. From fine sand beaches on the Black Sea to developed beach resort locations and beach clubs that offer all the amenities, there are many great choices that you can make when it comes to heading to the Romanian seaside.

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