11 Unmissable Things To Do In Bucharest At Night

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Located in eastern Europe, Bucharest is a popular tourist attraction with its historic Old Town, sensational Romanian food, and some fantastic guided city tours. But it is Bucharest nightlife that really brings the city to life whether you are in a pub in the City Center enjoying a craft beer or in Old Town perusing the shops. Bucharest nightlife is unique in that what you can do at night is completely different than daytime activities.

During the day you can take a free walking tour of the old city, but at night you can take a pub crawl for a completely different way to explore Bucharest, Romania while you enjoy craft beer and other cocktails. Some other things you can do at night that you cannot do during the day are to enjoy an outdoor movie, see the city skyline lit up from Bucharest Old Town, and visit the largest beer hall in the city.

Bucharest Old Town is one place you can certainly find some exciting Bucharest nightlife with over 100 pubs, clubs, and bars. While there is still plenty of history on these cobblestone streets, much of it has been modernized to accommodate the younger crowd. Whether you want to dance, drink, or dine, Old Town is where Bucharest's nightlife comes alive.

Bucharest, Romania is filled with historic sites and relics so it is not hard to find something worth exploring in Old Town or the City Center. You will see why Bucharest's nickname is the Paris of the East or Little Paris seeing all the palaces and Parisian architecture. In fact, the capital city of Romania was called Little Paris back before World War II when visitors came from around the world. With the best hotels, Romania's capital is a fantastic place to spend a week or two.

If you want to go dancing until dawn, take a walking tour around a romantic lake with your sweetheart, or explore the interesting history of Romania at the Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest is the place to go. Bucharest nightlife is one of the best in all of the European cities and offers green spaces as well as clubs and pubs. While you are visiting Bucharest, Romania, you cannot have much fun if you are dragging your luggage around with you. Find the nearest luggage storage in Bucharest to drop off your bags while you explore the capital of Romania.

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Try the Local Cuisine

Bucharest nightlife is vibrant, bustling, and a little bit noisy but that is what makes it so special. The Romanian capital has hidden cafes with exquisite Romanian food and secret architectural treasures you can explore. The restaurants are sometimes located in lavish hotels while others are just quaint little kiosks where you can get the local street food.


Lente is a unique eatery that looks more like a fancy living room or dining room than a restaurant. The laid-back feel of the place and the cozy charm give you the feeling that you are having dinner at a friend or family's house. They even have over 100 board games for you to play if you wish. And the food is exquisite and unique.


If you are looking for a thick juicy steak or handmade burger and fries, Vacamuuu is for you. They have Black Angus, Wagyu Beef, and vacuum-packed aged beef, veal, and pork chops. One of their specialties is Lamb of the Rock, which is a rack of lamb chops cooked however you like.

Drink a Beer at an Old Town Club or Pub

Old Town Bucharest is full of exciting clubs and pubs whether you want to chill out and have a beer or if you want to dance the night away. Many of these places in Old Town are small and charming but others are a bit larger and geared towards young people.

Times Cocktail Bar

Within walking distance, right across the street from the historic Stavropoleos Monastery Church in Old Town, Bucharest, the Times Cocktail Bar is a local favorite. The music is always pumping whether it is a DJ or a live band and the atmosphere is cozy and friendly. The interior is beautiful with vividly colored lights and eclectic furniture. And the staff is great too.

Little Bucharest

Located in the heart of Old Town Bucharest, this hostel is not just a place to stay in the city, it is a sensational lounge with live entertainment, delicious and creative cocktails, delicious Romanian cuisine, and local craft beers. The place is casual and the vibe is fun and full of young adults from all over the world. Little Bucharest is definitely worth a visit.

The Urbanist

There is no place in the United States where you can go to get a drink as well as a tattoo, haircut, and new wardrobe but you can do it in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. The Urbanist is a relaxed place where you can have a beer or cocktail while you shop and they even do tattoos and haircuts. They also have great food. In fact, this is exactly what most young people are doing at night in Old Town Bucharest, Romania.

Check Out the View on a Rooftop Bar

What could be better than drinking a delicious cocktail on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in the city? Although there are not as many rooftop bars as there are regular bars, you can still find quite a few that are perfect for you.

Linea - Closer to the Moon

Linea is on the roof (8th floor) of the Victoria Department Store offering spectacular panoramic views of the lighted skyline of Bucharest, Romania. During the summer, the roof is open to enjoy the weather and in the winter, the rooftop igloos are amazing. With a vibrant energy and unique cocktails, delicious bar food, and live music, you will love this delightful bar in Bucharest, Romania.


Of course, where else would you go for a rooftop bar? The Nomad Skybar is a sophisticated restaurant by day and a trendy bar with a great atmosphere at night. Located on the top floor in Old Town Bucharest with a glass roof, the club features rock, acoustics, jazz, and DJs so everyone can enjoy the tunes. The club also serves an array of delicious food. You can see all over Old Town Bucharest, Romania, and get some stellar shots of the skyline.

18 Lounge

The tallest of the rooftop bars in Bucharest, Romania, the 18 Lounge is on the 18th floor of the south tower of the City Gate Building right next to Herastrau Park, the Arch of Triumph (also known as Arc de Triomphe), and The Gusti National Village Museum. This is a classy establishment that you should dress up for and you will probably not be having any DJs mixing it up. The 18 Lounge is a more mellow spot to enjoy a drink and the view.

Parks and Gardens

Bucharest is the perfect city to enjoy the parks and gardens, especially during the warmer months. The city boasts dozens of parks to explore and enjoy with different types of activities from water sports to hiking. Even better, most of the parks are free of charge.

Cismigiu Park Garden

Cismigiu Park Garden in Old Town is open 24 hours a day and boasts an English garden full of stunning flora as well as fountains, monuments, and a lake. The 1847 Cismigiu Park garden is like an oasis in a big city. It is very popular and crowded on weekends though. Especially the Monte Carlo Restaurant on an island in the middle of the lake and the Gambrinus Brewery from the 1800s that serves local beer and food.

Herastrau Park

Also known as King Michael I Park, this 462-acre green space in the middle of the city surrounds the main attraction, Herastrau Lake. The park is separated into two areas, one natural space with the Village Museum and the other is for the public. There are many recreational activities you can do after the sun goes down at Herastrau Park including renting a rowboat to check out the lake.

Read a Book at Carturesti Carusel Bookstore

This is known as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world and can be seen in thousands of photos on Instagram and other social media sites. The restored 18th-century building is definitely the prettiest bookstore in Romania. It has more than 10,000 books over six floors. You could get lost in here for hours. On the top floor, you will find a coffee shop called Creamier that has the best milkshakes in the country.

Take a Guided Tour

If you want to explore the city while you learn about its history, take a guided tour. Most of the night tours are geared toward pubs and clubs but there are some others. For example, there are several food tours and a few city attraction tours that are available after the sun goes down.

Bucharest Markets Tour

If you are a foodie or just enjoy eating, join this Bohemian Maret Tour. You will enjoy a guided tour of the city that includes a street snack of mici and local beers from several breweries, and then learn some history about the Communist regime at the Obor Market, University Square, and Strada Batistei. This tour also includes a peasant platter of cheese, meats, and vegetables, a Wallachian donut, and local cheeses. You can even learn some Romanian language if you want to.

European Underdog Evening Tour

The great thing about taking a guided tour of the city is that you get to see places that are typically off-limits to the public and learn interesting Romanian history. Take this two-hour walk to the Palace of the Parliament, Patriarchal Cathedral, Bucharest's Victory Road, and the National History Museum. The Atheneum, Constitution Square, and CEC Palace (Palace of the Savings Bank) are also on the itinerary. Your tour will end with a walk around Old Town and the ancient headquarters of the Wallachian Royal Family.

Bucharest by Foot City Tour

Another nighttime tour to enjoy is the three-hour private Bucharest by Foot City Tour. You will get to go shopping in Union Square and check out the University Palace and Intercontinental Hotel as well as the National Theatre in University Square. It also includes a visit to the Romanian Atheneum, Art Museum, and Central University Library.

Walk Along the Macca-Vilacrosse Passage

Some of the hidden gems of Bucharest, Romania are right in front of you but you will not notice them until they are pointed out. In between the nice hotels and many museums of the city, the glass-covered Macca-Vilacrosse Passage is spectacular with gorgeous architectural accents. Parisian cafe-style tables and chairs line the streets along with an Egyptian restaurant, bistro, and blues cafe.

Visit the Squares

There are 10 squares in Bucharest including the Charles de Gaulle, Quito Square, and Victory Square. The two most popular at night are Revolution Square and University Square.

Revolution Square

Revolution Square is a historic site from the Romanian Revolution when the uprising chased out Communist Bucharest, Romania in 1989. The Monument to Freedom sits right in front of what used to be the building for the Romanian Communist Party and is a great place for some selfies. In the middle of the city, Revolution Square is home to the Royal Palace, National Museum of Art, and Kretzulescu Church, as well as the Union of Romanian Architects Building and the statue of Corneliu Coposu.

University Square

Located in downtown Bucharest, University Square is a popular spot for shopping, dining, drinking, and meandering along the shops and eateries. It gets its name from the University of Bucharest, which is right nearby and there is a metro station there as well. Don't miss the four statues in front of the university including Spiru Haret from 1932, Gheorghe Lazar from 1889, Michael the Brave from 1874, and Heliade Radulescu from 1879.

Check out the Palaces

Palace of the Parliament

Also known as the People's Palace or Parliament Building, it is known as the second-largest administrative building in the world. Inside the Palace of the Parliament, you will find 480 chandeliers, 3,500 tons of crystal, and stunning architecture. The National Museum of Contemporary Art is also inside. Take a guided tour or explore on your own but don't miss the sites of the filming of The Nun, War Dogs, and Dying of the Light. You will want to make this your first stop because it closes at 7 PM.

Dracula's Palace: Curtea Veche

What better time to go visit Dracula's Palace, otherwise known as Curtea Veche, or the Old Princely Court. Built back in 1459 for Vlad the Impaler, this archaeological relic found near the Old Town is a fantastic sight to see and one of the most unique buildings in the world. It may not be a popular attraction for Bucharest nightlife but it is certainly a cool place to get some selfies. Don't miss the Turkish bath palace and murals. Check their website for their opening hours.

Explore Dracula's Castle

Once you have seen Dracula's Palace, take a trip to Transylvania to see the Bran Castle and the Romanian history of Vlad III Dracula. Take a little trip outside the city to see where the Dracula legends came from, at Bran Castle, which was nicknamed Dracula's Castle. Hike up the hill and you will be able to walk through the Gothic rooms and turrets where Vlad the Impaler once walked. The spooky atmosphere is exciting and you will remember it for a lifetime.

Learn the History of Nicolae Ceausescu

Take a tour of the Bucharest Ceausescu Villa while you learn all about the fascinating life of Nicolae Ceausescu, the last communist dictator of Romania. You will start in the private office and then the chess room before meandering through the dining room, bedrooms, and relaxation rooms. The greenhouse is still tended to and grows pineapples, bananas, and other tropical fruits. Last, take a look at their extraordinary indoor pool decorated in blue mosaic.

Bucharest Nightlife

Bucharest is a special place full of history, mystery, and the best bars and nightclubs in Romania. While visiting Bucharest you can enjoy the daytime attractions, but when the sun goes down, you will absolutely love the change in the city. Take a walk down Pasajul Victoriei Umbrella Alley, try some tripe soup and other good food at one of the eateries in Bucharest, visit Peles Castle, and take in the history at the museums during opening hours.

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