Where To Stay In Bucharest: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

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Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is located in the southeast area of the country near Dambovita, an ancient river. Also known as Little Paris, Bucharest is filled with both classic and modern Romania, making each neighborhood strikingly different than the others. With each area so unique, it helps to have some inside information before you choose where to stay in Bucharest.

Before you start looking for the right motel, hotel, or bed and breakfast to stay in Bucharest, you should make sure the area around it is what you are looking for. It helps to stay within walking distance of the attractions you plan to visit as well as trying to find one near Bucharest City Centre because that is where you will find the most shopping, dining, and entertainment. Old Town is the best place for those who want to be right in the thick of things.

There are plenty of luxury hotels all over the city to stay in Bucharest but whether you want a modern hotel with all the bells and whistles or a quaint bed and breakfast, where to stay in Bucharest really depends on how your interests mesh with the neighborhood you choose. You may find the best motels by University Square but if you have no interest in what surrounds it, you should look somewhere else.

In this Bucharest neighborhood guide, we will help you decide where to stay in Bucharest since we have done the research for you. But, whether you choose Old Town, Calea Victoriei, or one of the other neighborhoods, you need to find a place to store your luggage while you are out exploring. Luckily, there are multiple convenient suitcase storage facilities in Bucharest, wherever you decide to stay.

Where to stay in Old Town

Also known as Lipscani and filled with historic buildings, Old Town is in the center of Bucharest and has a history that dates back to 1459. Although it suffered from earthquakes, fires, and war, Old Town has stayed centered for the most part. Bordered by the Dambovita River to the south, the Jewish neighborhood to the east, and several large parks to the north and west, Old Town Bucharest is packed with tourist attractions both old and new.

Old Town also has some of the best hotels and is within walking distance of many major attractions like the National Museum of Romanian History, University Square, the National Art Museum, and the 1724 Stavropoleos Monastery Church. Old Town Bucharest is popular for its stunning architecture and quaint shops, and several Bucharest Old Town Hotels with modern rooms, a hot tub, and even a swimming pool or two.

Hotels in Old Town Bucharest

For where to stay in Bucharest, check out the Hilton Garden Inn for lavish rooms, free WiFi, and a pool as well as all the usual amenities. The Moxy Bucharest Old Town has all the comforts of home and then some, including a buffet breakfast. Or try the RembrandT Hotel across the street from the Stavropoleos Monastery Church. The RembrandT is a small boutique hotel with seven floors of huge rooms.

Where to stay in Dorobanti

Just to the north of Old Town, this neighborhood has been the top choice of where to stay in Bucharest for royalty and other aristocrats since the 1800s. Today, although many of the old villas have been taken over by tall apartment buildings and flats, it is still one of the best places for shopping, dining, drinking, and exploring.

You can also visit the Museum of Maps, Zambaccian Art Museum, and Victor Babes Museum. The Arch of Triumph is also nearby as well as several parks, making it the greenest neighborhood in the city. Lake Floreasca is a huge attraction as well as the Spring Palace Museum and Aviation Museum nearby. There is also a major bus stop in the middle where you can catch a ride to and from the Henri Coanda International Airport.

Hotels Near the Park

The main hotel in Dorobanti is Vila Paris in a quiet residential area within walking distance to many attractions including the Dinamo Stadium and Herastrau Park. It has free WiFi, family rooms, and is close to public transport. Or try the Hotel Cristina Plus nearby where you will get all the best amenities for a budget price. They even have a business center, spa services, and memory foam beds.

Where to stay in Floreasca

Many people choose Floreasca as their home base when they stay in Bucharest as it is not far from the city center with many of the best hotels. Just meandering along the quiet streets of the village taking photos of the unique architecture is enough to fill one whole day. Just two miles from the Old Quarter, you will find a variety of attractions in Floreasca as well.

If you choose Floreasca as where to stay in Bucharest you will have an array of entertainment choices with some of the tallest buildings and lively nightlife in the most exclusive clubs. The Sky Tower, which is the city's tallest building, is just north of the lake by the Aurel Vlaicu Metro Station. You can also get some awesome souvenirs at the Promanada Mall.

Right by the Lake

Some of the most popular Bucharest hotels are right in Floreasca. In fact, the Diesel Hotel is located right on the lake and features sensational views, free WiFi, and a restaurant featuring international cuisine. Just across the street, the Johann Strauss Hotel is a smaller boutique-style hotel with a restaurant, bar, and quaint and cozy rooms for a quiet stay in Bucharest.

Where to stay in Cotroceni

Cotroceni is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Bucharest as well as what Europe considers to be the coolest. The main attraction you will find in Cotroceni is the Cotroceni Palace. Also known as the Presidential Palace, this stunning building dates back to 1679 and has several historical monuments as well as the monastery, museum, and a collection of over 20,000 items throughout the estate.

In addition, the village boasts the Botanical Gardens, filled with thousands of flowers, plants, and other flora as well as some walking trails to explore. Casa Radio is another popular site on the shores of the Dambovita River, which was the Hippodrome before WWII. You will also find the Eroilor Metro Station, making it convenient to get to other parts of the city.

Stay Near the City Center

If you choose Cotroceni as where to stay in Bucharest, you will be close to the city center as well as a number of posh hotels. Right in the middle of the village is the Pergola Boutique Hotel featuring a garden, restaurant, and easy access to many attractions. Or try the Hotel Parliament in a charming area near the palace as well as a vibrant atmosphere. There are also a variety of cheap hostels if you do not mind sharing.

Where to stay in Piatra Unirii

It may not officially be a neighborhood, but Piatra Unirii is the largest square in the city as well as the meeting point of districts one through four. Unirii Square was built during the communist era and was previously named the Boulevard of the Victory of Socialism. It is a major transport hub with the Piatra Unirii Metro Station and RATB bus station.

You will also find the Palace of the Parliament, Unirea Shopping Center, and a plethora of pubs, clubs, and restaurants to enjoy. The Bucharest National Theater TNB is also nearby and it is an excellent location for families as well. If you want a place to stay where you can easily walk to just about all the attractions nearby, Piatra Unirii is a good place to stay in Bucharest.

Luxury Hotels and Budget Hotels

One of the best hotels in the area is the luxury hotel Eropa Royale with air conditioning, an on-site restaurant with a buffet breakfast, and all the usual amenities. Another fine choice is the Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel featuring spacious rooms, spa facilities, and several fine dining restaurants. For those on a tight budget, try the Km O Deluxe Apartment just a few steps from the square.

Where to stay in Piatra Romana

If you want to visit the Museum of Art Collections during your stay in Bucharest, Piatra Romana is a fantastic central spot to choose. This neighborhood is also home to the National Museum of Romanian Literature, a comedy club, and shops to peruse. Piatra Romana is also known as the spot for foodies.

This is where you will find the best restaurants in the Romanian capital featuring many different cuisines as well as small eateries with unique foods to try. Only a mile from Old Town, this is the best location to stay in Bucharest if you want to enjoy the best neighborhoods as well as the best hotel.

Within Walking Distance to Attractions

At the top of the hotel list, you will find the Radisson Blu Hotel with its stunning modern design, almost 500 rooms, and within walking distance to the World Class Health Academy as well as the largest casino in Romania. For a budget hotel with five-star accommodations, the Novotel Bucharest City Centre is perfect. Its stunning glass building is decked out with an indoor wave pool, spa, and fitness area. The Residence Villa Barrio is another fine establishment that is near several attractions like the National Theatre.

Bucharest Neighborhood Guide

Whether you are looking for a quiet street in central Bucharest or a busy hub of entertainment near Revolution Square, your stay in Bucharest will not be complete if you do not visit the historic center as well as some of the major attractions. For example, the Romanian Athenaeum is home to the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and boasts marble staircases, spectacular frescoes, and over 650 seats.

Revolution Square is also a great place to visit near the Royal Palace, the National Museum of Art, and the Monument of Rebirth. But don't miss the Bucharest parks such as the oldest city park, Cismigiu Gardens, or the 400-acre King Michael I Park. The city is full of green spaces, lakes, and trails to enjoy during your visit to Bucharest.

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