Buenos Aires Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is one of those cities that has something for everyone. This cosmopolitan delight is extremely diverse and boasts a certain charm that has travelers returning to its buzzing streets time and time again. This major South American city has an authentic Latin feel combined with strong European vibes, creating a mecca for visitors seeking culture, dancing, and great food. Every neighborhood, or ‘barrio’, has its own distinct character, with Recoleta offering high-end luxury comparable to 5th Avenue in New York, Palermo delivering exceptional culinary delights and nightlife, and San Telmo exhibiting a more grungy yet still romantic feel with its cobblestoned streets and open-air markets.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

9 Best Ways to Experience Buenos Aires in 2024

Buenos Aires, or BA to its friends, is a city that’s constantly reinventing itself. Its colonial architecture and old world influences can make it feel at times like a European capital in the heart of South America. But Argentina’s capital has its own unique spirit and atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. To better experience what makes the city so special, consider taking a fun tour with one or more of the companies listed below. There’s no better way to get to grips with this intriguing location.

Best excursions – Luna Roja

Buenos Aires is a huge and fascinating city that could take a lifetime to fully explore. But if your time in Argentina is limited, you may want to see more of the country outside the capital city. That’s where Luna Roja comes in. This agency offers day trips and multi-day excursions beyond the city to explore the natural side of Argentina. Visit glaciers, the Andes Mountains, go whale watching, and more with this exciting company. For more information, contact them at info@lunarojaviajes.com or 541143119866.

Best food tour – Parilla Tour Buenos Aires 

Buenos Aires has a food culture like no other city on earth. Traditional South American recipes and produce mix with a heavy European influence to create something uniquely Argentinian. Explore this rich culinary heritage with Parilla Tours. This company will take you to the lesser-known parillas, or restaurants, that most tourists never see but the locals know are the best in town. Contact them at info@parrillatour.com or 5491146736565.

Best Argentinian experiences – Qwerty Travel Agency 

If you’re looking for one stop shopping, this is a tour company for you. Qwerty offers tours of the city and the Argentinian countryside, so you can see more of what you want to and less of what you don’t. Spend your trip learning more about the cultural institutions of the cosmopolitan city, or head outside of Buenos Aires to see the world’s most southerly city. Visit the mighty Iguassu Falls or explore Argentina’s wine country. Whatever you’re into, Qwerty has a tour for you. Reach out to them at info@qwertytravel.com.ar or 541147748079.

Best bike tour – Rental Bike Argentina

Getting on a bike is often one of the best ways to explore a city, especially one as big and interesting as this. Rental Bike Argentina will rent you a bike and give you a map so they can explore at your own pace. They also offer a range of guided tours that make the most of the bike trip around the city. Embark on the BA In A Day to see the highlights of the city in a limited time, or explore Boca and Centro to see the real life of the city. Contact them at info@rentalbikeargentina.com or 5491133289289.

Best sailing tour – Sailing BA

Take advantage of the city’s coastal location with a sailing adventure from Sailing BA. This company will take you on a relaxing and informative cruise that lets you see the city from a whole new angle. They also offer shore excursions if you’ve arrived in the city by cruise ship that let you see more of BA without having to worry about making it back to your boat on time. Reach out to them at info@sailingbatours.com or 5491145289809.

Best local tour – The Hummingbird Trip

Guided tours are great way to see a new city, but nothing compares to the experience of a local. Loli offers custom-designed tours built around your preferences so you can see the parts of the city that most interest you. She also has an encyclopedic knowledge of the best places to eat, drink, and see new things in the city she calls home. Traveling through Buenos Aires with her can make you feel like you’ve known the city forever, and yet it will only become more charming as you learn more about it. Contact her at travel@thehummingbirdtrip.com or 5491132271111.

Most unusual tour – Your Friend in Buenos Aires

Pablo Piera is Your Friend in Buenos Aires, and he has made a career out of showing some of the lesser-known sides of his city to travelers from around the world. Pablo offers a variety of tours you won’t find elsewhere, such as the Evita Tour and the Architec-Tour. But perhaps most intriguing is the Recoleta Cemetery Tour, which takes you to visit Argentina’s famous memorials to the dead. Learn the stories behind the ornate tombs and get a whole new perspective on the city and the people who have lived there. Contact Pablo at pablopiera@yourfriendinbsas.com.ar or 5491140785943.

Best Free Tour – Buenos Aires Free Walks

When you’re traveling on a budget, there’s no price better than free. And this company can show you some of the main attractions of the Argentinian capital at no cost to you. You can call ahead to book at buenosairesfreewalks@gmail.com or 541149168340, but there’s no need to. You can also just show up at the Front Gate of National Congress Square in the heart of the city and set out on a tour. They also offer a free tour of Recoleta Cemetery. Although the tours are free, you should tip your guide for providing you with such a cost-effective way to see the city.

Best private tour — Buenos Aires Private Tours with Carina

If you’re tired of always feeling crowded, a private tour is the best way to go. If your budget allows for it, private tours let you see new places and get all of your guide’s attention on a tour customized for you. Carina hosts a variety of tours to the city that can all be modified and built around exactly what you want to see. Give her a call at lagocarina@gmail.com or 5491150948644. It's

A weekend in Buenos Aires

You could spend a month in Buenos Aires and still not see it all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it your best shot in a weekend! A short trip is the perfect way to get a taste of the city and hit up some of the main attractions. If you are faced with a late check-in or early check-out, use a luggage locker in Buenos Aires so you don’t waste a moment of your limited time.

Weekend getaways are all about prioritizing activities to see the main attractions and we recommend putting the following at the top of your list!

  • Stroll down 9 de Julio Avenue - This major road is in the center of the city and has as many as seven lanes in each direction for some sections. There’s no better way to see the action of the city than a walk down this road, and you should also pay a visit to the iconic Obelisco monument.
  • Visit Plaza Dorrego - This square is the heart of the San Telmo district. It’s always buzzing with energy, you’ll have your pick of cafes and bars, and the market is not to be missed.
  • Indulge in local cuisine - Buenos Aires is known for its steak so if you happen to be a carnivore, you’ll want to sample the local produce. Head to a ‘parilla’ for an authentic Argentinian experience. 

Buenos Aires Lockers

Bounce suitcase storage in Buenos Aires is the answer to one of the biggest inconveniences associated with traveling: luggage. This service means no more getting stuck with your bags due to a late check-in or early check-out. Simply drop your belongings at a safe and secure Bounce facility, and hit the town! You’ll be able to explore Buenos Aires and pick up your things when it suits you. 

Off the beaten path in Buenos Aires

Looking to get away from the main tourist haunts? Buenos Aires is one of those fascinating cities that has something interesting around every corner, as long as you’re willing to look.

If you find yourself in Buenos Aires, consider checking out these hidden gems:

  • El Zanjon - This network of underground tunnels will transport you back in time. Learn about the history of the city by joining a guided tour and exploring them for yourself.
  • Patio de Los Lecheros - If you’re seeking out great food, head to Patio de Los Lecheros. You’ll find a diverse range of food trucks, bars, and even live entertainment. 

What to do alone in Buenos Aires

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, a solo trip to Buenos Aires will be hugely enjoyable. The city caters well to travelers, including solo travelers, and you will be rewarded with a culturally rich adventure. Make the most of local services like Bounce luggage storage service in Buenos Aires to avoid situations where you might get stuck with your bags. It will take away the stress if you have nobody to look after them and you won’t have to cart them around as you explore!

These activities are great ideas for solo travelers looking to experience the city:

  • Wander the streets of San Telmo - This barrio (neighborhood) boasts picturesque cobblestoned streets, charming little cafes, and a street market with live Tango dancers. Spend an afternoon wandering the streets to soak up the atmosphere. 
  • Join a tango class - Tango is serious business in Buenos Aires - have you even been to the city if you haven’t seen the dance performed? Immerse yourself in local culture by joining a tango class or spending a night at a milonga (tango club). 
  • Enjoy the serenity of Bosques de Palermo - Palermo is a charming part of Buenos Aires, boasting a 400-hectare park. Head to Bosques de Palermo for some greenery and fresh air within the city. 

The best souvenirs in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has no shortage of shopping opportunities and you will easily be able to find the perfect souvenirs. Try San Telmo market for handmade goods, or Argentina Souvenirs in Galeria De La Flor for more standard tourist thoroughfare. Feria de Matadeors is also a good option for those looking to enjoy the local culture while simultaneously doing some shopping.

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