Casablanca Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco

Morocco's main port, Casablanca, has been made famous by the film of the same name. But in this modern city, you won't find European refugees waiting for exit visas. Instead, you'll find a city filled with cutting-edge architecture that mixes European and Arab influences everywhere you look. Casablanca is one of Morocco's most modern and exciting cities, and it's a great place to explore what the country has to offer. 

Once occupied by France, the city shows traces of Gallic influence everywhere. But the Arab heritage of the country still informs its modern character. Plus, with stunning coastline and endless sunny days, Casablanca is worth exploring at any time of year. Drop off your bags at a Casablanca bag storage and dive into this fascinating place.

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Casablanca, Morocco

A weekend in Casablanca

There's more to see and do in Casablanca than a single weekend can show you, but with only a couple of days in the city, you'll be able to see some of the main attractions and get a sense of Casablanca's atmosphere. Leave your belongings at a Casablanca luggage storage service to make things easier on yourself.

  • Africa's largest mosque is one of Casablanca's top attractions. The Hassan II Mosque boasts the world's second-largest minaret, and its architecture is stunning. Take a guided tour to explore the secrets of this outstanding place of worship.
  • The corniche is Casablanca's famous seafront promenade. Take a stroll along the boardwalk to admire the ocean views and rub shoulders with travelers and locals alike. You'll also find lots of beaches, cafés, and restaurants along the way.
  • Explore one of Casablanca's most striking buildings at Mahkama du Pacha. The former home of the Pasha or Governor, it's now the location of Casablanca's Court of Justice. Although it was only built in the 1940s, the palace looks far older because it was designed in traditional Moroccan style.

Casablanca lockers

Casablanca can be a hectic and chaotic place. That's part of the charm of the city. But if you want to make exploration easier, you can always leave your unneeded bags behind at a Casablanca luggage storage locker. Knowing your possessions are safely looked after will give you peace of mind to explore the town and get to grips with this Moroccan marvel.

Off the beaten path in Casablanca

Beyond the major attractions, Casablanca has some more unique places to offer. Step off the usual tourist trail, and you’ll find a striking forest, ocean views, and a not completely authentic gin joint. Explore these unusual places to see another side of Casablanca.

  • Casablanca doesn't have a lot of green space to offer, but on the outskirts of the city, you'll find the striking Foret de Bouskoura-Merchich. This 3000 acre eucalyptus forest was recently planted, but it's a great place to stretch your legs and get some fresh air close to the city.
  • The lighthouse of Phare d’El Hank offers incredible views of the harbor. Built in the early twentieth century, you can climb the lighthouse and enjoyed sweeping views of the rocky coastline and the city. Don’t forget your camera.
  • Have a drink at Rick's Cafe. Opened in 2004, this café was inspired by the setting of the movie Casablanca and is a must visit for fans. There's even a 1930s era piano with a pianist playing period tunes, just like in the movie.

What to do alone in Casablanca

Lively and vibrant, Casablanca is a great place to explore by yourself. Traveling alone means you can focus more on what you want to do and get a better sense of the atmosphere of the city. Plus, the locals are generally extremely friendly and welcoming.

  • The Old Medina of Casablanca is one of the oldest parts of the city. The narrow warren of streets is full of market stalls and vendors, making it the ideal place to shop. It's a crowded and sometimes chaotic way to experience the city's real nature.
  • Learn more about 20th-century Morocco at the Musee de la Fondation Abderrahman Slaoui. The museum houses a local businessman's collection and is dedicated to vintage posters, jewelry, photography, and paintings from the last hundred years.
  • The Old Medina is an icon of Casablanca, but if you want a more modern shopping experience, Morocco Mall in Casablanca is the second-largest shopping mall in Africa. You'll find all the top fashion brands and premium labels here, plus plenty of places to eat. There's also a cinema and a huge aquarium, making the mall an interesting place to visit in its own right.

Best souvenirs in Casablanca

Thanks to its many souks and markets, Casablanca is a great place to shop. Traditional pottery goes back centuries in the area, and you can pick up good examples at Artisanat Morocco. Tea occupies an important place in Moroccan culture, and an authentic teapot makes an interesting and useful souvenir. Check out Bab Marrkech for some great items. Argan oil is produced mostly in Morocco, making this another great Casablanca souvenir. This oil, with many health benefits, can be found throughout Casablanca. You can find a good selection of cosmetics made with argan oil at Exposition Artisanal Store.

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