Paycor Stadium visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Paycor Stadium visitor guide

Paycor Stadium, formerly known as Paul Brown Stadium, is an iconic and beloved sports venue that’s been a prominent fixture in Cincinnati for decades. While Paycor Stadium is the official name of the venue, it’s more commonly known as Paul Brown Stadium among the Bengals faithful and casual Cincinnati locals alike. 

Bengals games are famously rowdy, with the franchise encouraging a participatory atmosphere for its colorful (often orange and striped) fans. There’s a reason Paycor is one of the bucket-list NFL stadiums for football die-hards. With a seating capacity of over 65,000, it serves not only as the home of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals but the go-to venue for the largest concerts and events held in the city. 

It’s centrally located near downtown, which makes it an ideal destination for traveling fans and locals that want to grab a bite or drink at Cincinnati’s underrated dining and nightlife scenes. 

If you’re traveling into Cincinnati or staying downtown and are stuck with your bags, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Paycor Stadium bag policy. If you have luggage or large items of any sort, you’ll want to arrange a secure place to store them during the game. For the best in town, trust Bounce. Our Paycor Stadium luggage storage is convenient and affordable, and always secure.

Paycor Stadium bag policy

Paycor Stadium bag policy 

The Paycor Stadium bag policy allows all single-compartment items made of translucent plastic or vinyl that are smaller than 12" x 6" x 12". Other than clear bags, a small clutch purse no larger than 4.5" x 6.5" is permitted. A clear plastic bag (like a Ziploc bag) that holds one gallon is allowed in but cannot contain outside food. 

All backpacks, luggage, totes, and other items are strictly prohibited at Paycor Stadium, and there aren’t lockers onsite, so you’ll want to leave the luggage at home or find a secure place to store them while you’re at the game. Bounce’s Downtown Cincinnati storage spot is conveniently located near Paycor Stadium.  

Paycor Stadium food policy 

The Paycor Stadium food policy strictly prohibits all outside food and beverage except for a single (unopened, plastic) bottle of water per fan. 

There are plenty of hearty stadium favorites on offer at Paycor’s concessions. Who Dey Melt Grill is solid for indulgent grilled cheeses, and Gold Star Chili serves up piping hot howls of the iconic Cincinnati-style chili. Craft beer fans will want to hit up Queen City Taphouse for a few artisan brews during the game. 

Unfortunately, there are highly limited options for vegans and gluten-free fans, so you'll wanna look into grabbing a bite before heading to the game (Essen Kitchen, Loving Hut, and The Whole Bowl come highly recommended). 

How to get to Paycor Stadium

Paycor Stadium transportation 

Paul Brown Stadium is situated along the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati, and it’s very easy to get to. 

By car

If you're driving in from a suburb or from out of town, Paycor Stadium is easily accessible from highways I-71 and I-75. Parking on game days generally costs about $70, which is steep. In keeping with tradition, tailgating is a Bengals pastime, and the lots open four hours before kickoff. Just know that open-flame grills are prohibited. Otherwise, it’s quite the party! 

By public transportation

Cincinnati's Metro bus system provides routes that serve the stadium area. The Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar also stops just outside the stadium. 

On foot

If you're staying in downtown Cincinnati, walking is easily the quickest and most affordable way to get to Paycor Stadium. The riverfront is gorgeous during summer and fall, so taking a pre or post-game stroll is ideal. 

By taxi or rideshare

Services like Uber and Lyft are common in Cincinnati, especially in downtown or neighborhoods like Over The Rhine. Surge pricing can make it pretty expensive, and traffic will definitely factor into the convenience. Taxis are less common but can be hailed in downtown areas. 

By shuttle service

Many Cincinnati hotels and bars operate shuttle buses on game days, so check with your accommodations or research a local bar so you can hitch a ride to the stadium. 

Paycor Stadium camera policy 

All professional camera equipment like monopods and tripods are prohibited at Paycor Stadium. This also applies to any camera with a detachable or extendable lens. Video and audio recording equipment will also require a media credential. If you're walking around before and after the game, the stadium is right on the riverfront, which makes for excellent photo opportunities.

Paycor Stadium rules

Paycor Stadium rules 

Permitted items 

Fans may bring in a seat cushion (without pockets), which is useful during the colder months.  

Banners, signs, and flags 

All banners, flags, and signs cannot be larger than 3 feet by 8 feet or obstruct the view of other patrons. All signage and language must pertain to the event and not be inappropriate or offensive in any way. Flagpoles and sticks are not allowed inside the stadium. 


For Bengals games, every Paycor Stadium gate opens 90 minutes prior to kickoff. Gate times may vary for concerts and events. 


Paycor Stadium has gone completely cashless, so you’ll want to bring a credit or debit card to purchase concessions or merchandise. Mobile payments like Google or Apple Pay are also accepted, and there are cash-to-card kiosks (reverse ATMs) throughout Paycor Stadium. 


There are no longer any vaccination or testing requirements for entry to Paycor Stadium. 


With its incredible atmosphere and distinctive fanbase, Paycor Stadium is a must-visit NFL Stadium for football fans. If you’re a live music fan and your favorite artist is playing stadiums on their summer tour, taking a trip to Cincinnati is a great way to catch a show and explore this underrated travel destination. Just remember, your best resource for luggage storage is Bounce. With dozens of locations across Cincinnati and even a few near the stadium, you're well taken care of.

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