Where To Find The Best Street Food In Colmar

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Colmar is a city located in France and is part of the country’s lovely Alsace region. The region has developed a reputation over the years for being a go-to spot for its culinary and wine scene, and the city of Colmar is no exception. Because of its colorful history that involved being captured by Germany, Alsatian cuisine has noticeable influences from both German culinary traditions mixed in with the French.

If you are visiting Colmar, there is simply no way that you can miss out on some of the amazing and unique street food that the city has to offer. Like the rest of Alsace, the city’s local delicacies have hints of French and German cuisine; some of the most recognizable street food include the kugelhopf, the bretzel and sauerkraut. Whether you want a savory snack, a sweet treat or a hearty meal, you will surely find Colmar street food to satisfy your cravings.

To help you with planning your trip to Colmar, we have done the legwork and compiled some of the best street food spots that the Alsatian city has to offer. From Michelin-starred restaurants and wine bars to market food stalls, these places will provide you with some of the most amazing treats you will try in Colmar. Before stopping to dine, don’t forget to look for a Colmar luggage locker where you can securely store your bags and other belongings. Dine hands-free and enjoy every bite!

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The best street food vendors in Colmar

This lovely city does not give you the experience of street food vendors on every corner like some places in Europe do, but the food you find will be more than tasty!

Auberge de l’Ill

Often regarded as one of the best restaurants in the entire region, the Auberge de I’lll is a fine dining restaurant that offers Alsatian cuisine. Boasting an impressive two Michelin stars, the restaurant is owned by the Haeberlin family and makes elevated versions of traditional Alsatian dishes.

Some of the most popular items from the restaurant’s menu include the caramelized veal sweetbreads with foie gras and ravioli and sautéed bass with black lentil makis. However, if you’re looking for something more street food-adjacent, you should definitely order the bubespitzle, which is a German-style gnocchi dish. Because of the restaurant’s fame, it is recommended to make reservations ahead of time.

Winstub Le Cygne

Tucked away in a side street and far from the crowds of tourists, the Winstub Le Cygne is one of the best hidden gems in Colmar. The winstub features a cozy dining area where you will find mostly locals dining and socializing.

The spot is known for its fine selection of wines and alcohol as well as its offerings of authentic Alsatian specialties, including the lawerknaepfla (quenelle dumplings filled with different kinds of meat), the jambonneau à l’ancienne (pork leg) and the fleischschnackas (pot-au-feu soup, a regional food). For something more familiar, the winstub also has its own version of the famous flammekueche tarts (tarte flambée).

La Maison des Têtes

Do you like museums and historical buildings? Among the most renowned restaurant-hotels in Colmar, the La Maison des Têtes is a good spot for lunch or dinner and is known for its sophisticated Alsatian and French dishes. Located not too far from the famous Unterlinden Museum and set in a 17th century building, the restaurant’s menu includes delectable dishes such as the soufflé pike quenelle and their house-made paté en croute.

However, we highly recommend that you try their refined version of the beloved Alsatian street food known as baeckeoffe, which is a potato casserole confit in a marinade of lamb, pork and beef. Pro tip: pair this dish with one of the restaurant’s many Alsatian wines for the complete experience.

Restaurant La Soi

Restaurant La Soi is a quaint winstub that is beloved by locals for its no-frills menu filled with Alsatian classics. Found in the heart of Colmar, the wood-lined dining spot is extremely cozy and welcoming and perfect for a lunch meal.

While the menu here is limited, don’t worry because the only thing you have to order here is the flammekueche, or tarte flambée, which the restaurant offers in a variety of combinations. In fact, La Soi is said to have one, if not the best version of this Alsatian favorite in all of Colmar. A must-try is the “Forestiere”, which is a tarte flambée filled with Tomme cheese, onions, wild garlic, mushrooms, bacon and cream. The restaurant also serves alcohol, including wine and beer.


Situated in the center of Colmar, Croustine is a dining establishment that specializes in fast food. Serving food from breakfast to dinner time, the sandwich shop offers a wide range of local delicacies that are perfect for takeaway.

Some of the items on Croustine’s menu include sandwiches, pastries, paninis, house salads, alsacettes, Alsatian garnish, wraps and more. It is also one of the best places in Colmar to order the bretzel (the German version of pretzel), which is among the most popular street foods in the Alsace region.

La Fleur de Sel

La Fleur de Sel is an intimate bistro that offers a delicious Alsatian meal with a view of the lovely Petite Venise canals. What the restaurant lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its lovely terrace by the water as well as its incredible selection of local favorites and tasty meals.

Some of the must-try dishes at La Fleur de Sel include local street food favorites such as the flammekueche, the bibeleskaes (white cheese with potatoes, garlic and chives), the tartiflette (casserole with cheese, potatoes, onions and lardon) and the choucroute garnie (sauerkraut with smoked sausage and bacon). Don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note with the restaurant’s mireabelle plum sorbet.


Sitting in the historic center of Colmar, Sézanne is an épicerie (specialist grocery) and a bistro that draws foodies and gourmands from all over the city. At the downstairs grocery, you can find a bunch of local products such as pate, Alsatian wine and charcuterie, giving you a true taste of regional food.

Upstairs, you will find a bistro bar that serves some excellent street food and vegetarian-friendly courses. One of the bestselling items on Sezanne’s menu is the tartine, which is an open face sandwich topped with a variety of meats and garnishes.

Wistub Brenner

Wistub Brenner is nestled in the heart of Petite Venise and is known for whipping up traditional Alsatian dishes using fresh and seasonal produce. Because of its high quality of food, the restaurant has been hailed by numerous gastronomic guides, including the prestigious Gault et Millau and the Michelin Guide.

One of the stars of Wistub Brenner’s menu is the bibalakas, which is organic white cheese with chives and garlic, that’s served with smoked ham, sautéed apples and Munster cheese. Plant-based diners will also be glad to know that the restaurant has a few vegan options.

Le Caveau Saint Pierre

Dating back to 1568, Le Caveau Saint Pierre is housed in a traditional half-timbered house that offers fantastic Alsatian and French cuisine. Found in the Petite Venise quarter, the dining spot has a rustic feel to it with its checkered tablecloths and stone walls, offering guests a non-pretentious and cozy atmosphere.

At Le Caveau Saint Pierre, you can order some amazing local fare, such as a variety of the famous flammekueche, pork cheeks in beer sauce and choucroutes (with blood sausage and cider apples or fresh fish). The restaurant also has some vegetarian-friendly options and also offers classic Alsatian desserts such as the kougelhopf (sweetened bread) and crème brulee. Read our guide on how to get around Colmar and then head to Petite Venise for a bite to eat.

Pâtisserie Gilg

Pastries are a huge part of the French culinary scene and no other place in Colmar does it better than Pâtisserie Gilg. Originally from Munster, the patisserie opened a location in Colmar in 2008 and has gone on to become one, if not the most popular bakery in the city.

At Gilg, you can order all types of French and Alsatian goods, including macarons, croissants, quiche, parfait, mille-feuille (Napoleon) and kougelhopf. The patisserie also offers coffee, which pair well with their freshly-baked pastries.

Where to find the best Colmar street food spots

Petite Venise (Little Venice)

Undoubtedly the most popular area in Colmar, Petite Venise also happens to be one of the best places to explore and sample some local street food. Part of the Krutenau neighborhood, the quarter got its name from its canal connections, which is reminiscent of the waterways in the Italian city of Venice.

Petite Venise is also the hub for tourism and culture in Colmar, which is why most establishments have set up shop here. There are plenty of restaurants, winstubs (wine bars), food stalls and cafés in the district where you can enjoy some authentic Alsatian delights.

Vieux Colmar (Old Town Colmar)

The Vieux Colmar, or simply Old Town, is the city’s historic center. Here, you can find some of Colmar’s most prominent attractions as well as a variety of commercial establishments. Some of Old Town’s best restaurants and dining spots include Restaurant La Soi and the two Michelin-starred L’Epicurien.

Marché Couvert (Covered Market)

Located along Rue des Écoles, just a short distance from the city center, is the Marché Couvert Colmar, otherwise known as the Covered Market. As its name implies, it is public market where you can find a wide and diverse range of goods and products, perfect for those who are looking to do some shopping while in the city.

A major attraction in Colmar, the Covered Market has been around since 1965 and is filled with numerous vendors where you can find fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, street food, pastry and more. The market also occasionally serves as a commercial venue that hosts different events, live concerts and more.

Street food festivals in Colmar

Colmar Christmas Markets

Every Christmas season, the city of Colmar transforms into a huge winter wonderland, filled with holiday decorations and its world-renowned Christmas markets. This is why December is the busiest time of the year in the city and the best time to visit Colmar. There are six different Christmas markets that take place during this time, each of which have their own location in the city.

For food enthusiasts and gourmands, the best spot to visit is Place de la Cathedrale, where the Gourmet Christmas Market can be found. In this lovely market, guests can find a wide range of tasty food offerings and specialty items that you won’t normally find in other Christmas markets. Some of the unique dishes that you can expect to find include black truffle risotto and Bouchee a la Reine.

Also worth visiting for some good food is the Christmas market at Place Jeanne d’Arc, which is dedicated to Alsatian products and specialties. In this market, you can shop from a host of local delicacies, including Alsatian wines, foie gras, cold cuts, bredalas (biscuits), liqueurs, gingerbread, jams and so much more. Additionally, if you want to drink Glühwein (mulled wine) from a mug, head over to the Christmas market Place des Dominicains.

Foire aux Vins d’Alsace (Alsace Wine Fair)

Colmar is proudly known as the wine capital of the Alsace region, which is why it really is no surprise that the city serves as the venue for the Foire aux Vins d’Alsace, otherwise known as the Alsace Wine Fair. Founded in 1948, the 10-day fair is held annually at the Parc des Exposition and is the third trade fair in France (the other two being in Paris and Marseille).

Ever since its inception, the Alsace Wine Fair has become the biggest event during the summer season and a major draw for the city, welcoming an average of 300,000 attendees yearly. Contrary to what its name suggests, the fair has more to offer than just a showcase of wines; there are over 350 exhibitors that participate every year belonging to various categories including gastronomy, restaurants, hotels, automotive, agriculture, fashion, health, outdoor recreation and more.

On the final day of the fair is when the Festival is held; this event is a live concert that has featured a myriad of local and international artists and performs, such as Sting, David Guetta, James Brown and Snoop Dogg.

Regional Food in Colmar, France

Although this area of the Alsace does not have the typical street food carts or vendors on every corner like some European cities do, wonderful tastes that familiarize you with the regional food await, whether it's a private dining experience or a busy brasserie with a full bar. Satisfy your cravings at any one of these places and eat to your heart's content!

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