Copenhagen Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Copenhagen Airport is one of two serving the trendy Danish capital and receives both international as well as domestic flights. While its overall appearance is one of modern efficiency, Copenhagen Airport is not far off celebrating its centennial year of operation.

The airport is on Amager Island which is a few kilometers south of the city. Øresund Bridge, the longest rail and road bridge in Europe, connects Amager to the mainland. Since the airport’s inauguration, millions of passengers have arrived at its terminals, and using the superb transport links available, have headed into Copenhagen to explore its diverse cultural offerings.

When you've come to the end of your stay in Copenhagen, or have hours to wait for a connecting flight, you'll want to make the most of the time, but your bags can weigh you down. Let's face it, humping luggage around is no-one's idea of fun so the best solution is to find a convenient luggage storage near Copenhagen Airport.

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Bag Policy at Copenhagen Airport

Once you arrive at the terminals in Copenhagen Airport, you'll be stuck with your bags for the duration or at least until the check-in desk for your flight opens. You can't leave your luggage unattended anywhere. When you've lots of time to spare and don't want to sit around in the airport staring at your suitcases then using a storage service is a great alternative. If you're planning a quick visit to Copenhagen Zoo before you leave, you'll find Bounce has bag storage in Frederiksberg that will save you the bother of going to the airport until you really have to.

Food Policy at Copenhagen Airport

There's a great selection of restaurants and cafeterias in Copenhagen Airport serving everything from fast food to healthy smoothies. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also readily available. But it's good to keep one thing in mind. Leaving luggage stacked in a corner while you queue to buy yourself a pre-flight coffee and sandwich is a no-no unless you want airport security chasing after you.

Even if you grab a trolley, while wheeling it around is easier than carrying your bags, you still can't take it into a restaurant or bar. The simple solution to keeping your hands free for eating and drinking is to use a suitcase storage facility.

Camera Policy at Copenhagen Airport

It's quite easy to get snap-happy when you're traveling, but when you're in Copenhagen Airport, you'll need to control the urge to press the shutter button. Taking pictures of and around the check-in desks is not permitted, nor is it possible to take shots of the passport control areas. If you're having a great meal and want to take a photo of the restaurant, or the staff who gave you good service, you'll need to inform them that you're taking the pictures. To prevent any problems, think before you click and upload to social media.

Rules at Copenhagen Airport

There aren't so many rules and regulations to consider when you're traveling to or from Copenhagen Airport other than whoever is dropping you off or collecting you is not permitted to enter the terminal building for security reasons. All goodbyes need to take place at the drop-off points and greetings in the specially designated meet and greet areas. Add to that keeping your personal belongings with you at all times unless you store them in a luggage locker and you'll be more or less covered.

Lockers at Copenhagen Airport

It's often the case you'll need to check out of your accommodation hours before the check-in for your flight opens. While you can make your way to the airport and deposit your luggage in the baggage storage facility there, the extra journeys back and forth will eat into your sightseeing time.

The bag storage at Copenhagen Airport is not located in the terminal buildings but in one of the parking areas some distance away. Luggage lockers are available in three sizes for either four or twenty-four hours and for a duration of up to a week. If you only need a storage locker for five or six hours, you'll need to pay for the entire twenty-four.

The Bounce storage service is situated in Copenhagen itself, so it saves you the extra time-consuming trip out to the airport. You'll only pay a flat daily fee for our luggage storage service too. That's approximately half of what you'd pay for any other storage service, leaving you extra cash for a delicious Danish pastry with your coffee.  

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