8 must see parks in Doha

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Doha, the ultramodern capital and shining jewel of Qatar, is known to many for its striking architecture, cultural heritage, unique shopping experiences, and numerous festivals and performances year-round. From a fishing and pearling village, it transformed into a prosperous and vibrant city with much to offer its residents and visitors. While there’s no doubt that Doha, Qatar, is an excellent destination for pleasure and entertainment, it’s also a beautiful green city where you can be close to nature and unwind.

Whether you’re looking for more fun activities, a quiet stroll along the grass, or just want to laze on a picnic blanket on a warm afternoon, the parks in Doha have got you covered. Many are within a short distance of the city’s major attractions, offering a cozy spot for a quick break from sightseeing. Each Doha park also offers different amenities, activities, and scenery, so you’re bound to find the best one for your needs.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best parks in Qatar, their offerings, and what makes them special. But before you begin your nature adventure, lighten your load using our luggage storage service in Doha. Leave any of your items, from backpacks and picnic baskets to gym bags and scooters, and collect them at your convenience. Here at Bounce, we'll take care of your stuff.

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Aspire Park

Considered one of Qatar’s finest landscapes, Aspire Park is a vast green space covering 88 hectares. You may even spot this green oasis as you descend into Doha Airport. It’s a family-friendly park in Doha with great facilities to keep everyone entertained for hours, including children’s playgrounds, extensive lawns, exercise equipment, football fields for sports enthusiasts, running and walking tracks, cycling paths, fountains, trees for shade, and cafes. It is minutes from central Doha, behind Hyatt Plaza and Villaggio shopping mall, making it a lovely stop after shopping. You can store your shopping bags safely and explore the park without burden.

Aspire Park is the biggest in the city, so dedicate a few hours to enjoying its features or participating in different activities. In summer, it’s common to find people rowing boats on the large lake and having a nice meal in front of the water at night. Cross the stone or wooden fountain bridge and take beautiful photos to share with your families and friends on social media.

Play sports, eat ice cream, dash across the bridge, or simply relax and escape the heat at Aspire Park. Since 2003, this sporting destination park has been the center for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. It also boasts Doha’s tallest structure, the Aspire Tower, and often hosts festivals, summer camps, and sports events, like the FIFA World Cup. If you haven’t had your fill of running for the day, tackle the Aspire Park running trail or join an exciting race to test your stamina, suitable for casual runners and everyone else who likes to keep active.

Sheraton Hotel Park

If you’re staying in or near the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel, stop by Sheraton Hotel Park or simply Hotel Park. It’s located at the northern tip of the prominent West Bay district, a luxurious area with spectacular ocean views and some of the capital’s best restaurants, shops, parks, and cultural facilities. Hotel Park offers a secluded spot behind the bright light of the district’s skyscrapers.

This beautifully manicured park covers an 80,000-square-meter space accessible to the public. It has lush green spaces, fitness gear, walkways, plantations, water features, and other amenities for family fun and lifestyle activities. Young visitors will enjoy the play areas, with swings, slides, and various vehicle-shaped seesaws. Then, there’s a skateboard ramp-like frame and metal climbing frames for older children, while parents can sit on the stone benches while keeping an eye on their children.

Parents don’t have to worry about their little ones’ safety, as the park features 24/7 security and safety lighting. It also has accessible restrooms and convenient underground parking. If you’re lucky, you might visit on a day when a festival or sports day is happening at Sheraton Park.

Al Khor Family Park

Take your family out to witness the wildlife in Qatar and spend a day of entertainment at Al Khor Family Park & Zoo, one of Qatar's top family parks. Covering an area of 240,000 square meters, Al Khor Family Park is one the largest wildlife parks in Qatar and a major tourist hub in Doha. It’s a few minutes from the central city, making it a lovely place to escape Doha’s hustle and bustle.

An incredible wildlife experience awaits you here, with happy and healthy animals, including wild cats, rhinos, crocodiles, tigers, jaguars, and many other animal species. The bird sanctuary is a must-visit for bird lovers and birdwatchers, home to eight parrots of Indian origin, love birds, Macau birds, wild birds, etc. Don’t forget your camera or ensure your phone is fully charged, as you’ll have a day capturing stunning photos of nature and animals at Al Khor Park and Zoo.

If you need a quick break from sightseeing but your little ones still have energy to burn, take them to the children's playground. It has rubber flooring and is designed so children can be safe as they play. The park’s vast infrastructure also features fountains, a mosque, an exhibition area, a skating rink, a golf course, and more. So no matter your age or the activity you want to do, you’ll find something to do and places to see at this wildlife park.

Al Bidda Park

Formerly Al Rumaila Park, Al Bidda Park is nestled in the historical heart of Qatar’s capital, providing 174.5 hectares of green space. It boasts sweeping lawns, sports facilities, native plants, colorful flower beds, and a number of fascinating attractions.

Al Bidda Park has three distinct areas: Al Bidda, Wadi Al Sail, and Arumailah. You’ll fall in love with Al Bidda’s secluded lawns, where you can rest and forget life’s stressors, while Wadi Al Sail’s wide-open spaces and panoramic views are unmatched. For flower lovers and plant enthusiasts, be sure to check out Al Rumailah’s formal gardens. No matter which section you go to, you’ll find something that will pique your interest.

The park underwent an expansion and extensive reconstruction and re-opened in 2018, combining recreation, sports, play, and heritage. One of its spectacular additions is the steel bridge structure that links Wadi Al Sail with Arumailah Park. It’s also an ideal viewing platform to admire the Doha skyline and the glorious sunrise and sunset. Another location for a sunset photo is the Arched Monument, a beloved landmark in Doha.

If you’re here to play, different sports can be enjoyed at Al Bidda Park, including basketball, volleyball, and tennis. It also has a basketball court and football field that add to its sporty character. Plus, it welcomes everyone to participate in organized wellness and sporting activities, which it hosts monthly.

Oxygen Park

What was primarily designed to provide a green lung for Doha’s Education City Campus is now a preferred destination for the local community. Completed in 2019, Oxygen Park is one of the latest additions to the network of parks in Doha, offering a refreshing relief from the desert heat. This beautiful park provides thirteen hectares of green spaces, seven thousand meters of pathways, a 1,600-meter running track, a covered walkway, gardens, an equestrian track, and more.

Education City students, residents, and visitors can enjoy the fresh air, play, exercise, and unwind in the lush green surroundings at Oxygen Park. Although ideal for all ages, it will be most enjoyable for older adults or sporty families. The sports zone has lower- and upper-level bowls featuring three multi-use sports pitches, including a running track and volleyball courts. There are also folly buildings with cooling units that provide a welcoming respite from the sweltering sun or serve as a resting spot after an intense workout.

If you go to the recreation zone, you’ll discover individual gardens, children’s play areas, an amphitheater, and a heritage area. The covered playground has mounds that children can use to reach the equipment. The grassy lawns are perfect for picnics during the cooler months, while the cascading waterfalls offer a refreshing water spray.

Mia Park

The Museum of Islamic (MIA) Park is one of the most scenic green spaces along the waterfront. It is open 24/7, offering year-round attractions, including sporting events, film screenings, pop-up markets, art workshops, and more. You can also come here for a sunset stroll or a picnic on a warm afternoon.

MIA Park is a paradise for art enthusiasts and nature lovers. One of the iconic artworks here is Richard Serra’s vertical steel sculpture 7, just a short walk along the promenade from the museum. It took about seven years to complete and was eventually unveiled in 2011. The park also has three kids’ play areas, suitable for different ages and designed for physical development and fun. If you’re tired from walking, bike rentals are available for children and adults near the carousel.

You can stop by this Islamic arts park as a part of your tour of the Museum of Islamic Art, which houses one of the world’s best Islamic art collections. If you get hungry, go to the Park Café and relax in the shaded seating areas while enjoying tasty pastries, freshly made salads, and sandwiches with a panorama of the glittering West Bay. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, join a guided kayak tour, which offers a different perspective of the museum building and the park from the water.

Al Legtaifiya Park

Al Legtaifiya Park is not as big as other parks in Doha, but it’s pretty vast and spacious for a community park at over 27,500 square meters. It’s ideal for families with children, with facilities for recreation and fun, a well-maintained lawn, and a paved walking track that connects to the central plaza. If you visit in summer, you’ll relish the sweet fragrances of seasonal flowers, bringing more vibrant hues to the area.

The park boasts the first inclusive playground in the region, with an accessible slide, ramps, an inclusive trampoline, climbing areas, and a swing. It has facilities for children with mobility issues, so they won’t feel left behind and play with others. If you’re here after sunset, you shouldn’t miss the in-ground fountain, the park’s centerpiece. It comes alive in the evening hours with the water streams dancing in the air and lit by attractive lights.

Older visitors who want to remain active can play at the medium-sized football pitch or the full-size basketball court. However, note that you need to book the courts to gain access and play. Other amenities include gym equipment, benches, water booths for drinking, and washrooms.

Al Wakrah Public Garden

A few minutes south of Doha is a magnificent park and garden located in Al Wakrah. Al Wakrah Park is a calm and relaxing destination for locals and visitors looking for a tranquil place to rest, meditate, and soak in the nature around them. It was founded in 1989, making it one of the oldest and most important parks in Qatar, perfect for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and plant lovers.

Al Wakrah Public Garden takes pride in its plant diversity, containing seventy-one species of trees, perennial plants, and shrubs. It also has seasonal flowers, multiple seating areas, lush greenery, and tall palm trees lining the open walkways.

A cafeteria is available for light snacks and refreshments, so you can refuel after hours of exploration. Next to the cafeteria is a large pool with a paved area for relaxation. Kids won’t be bored with plenty of areas for running, playing, and entertainment, including swings and various rides.

Pick the best park in Doha for leisure, fun, and relaxation!

There’s no limit to what you can do in Doha, Qatar, whether you want to shop at traditional markets and luxury stores, visit world-class museums, or join camel racetrack tours. But if you want a change of pace and to take a break from all the actions, the parks in Doha are the place to go. They allow you to indulge in a blissful nature retreat without leaving the city.

These parks on wonderful places to spend your days in Qatar’s capital. For information on accommodation in the city, we've outlined options in our guide on the best hostels in Doha.

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