Heuston Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Train at platform

Heuston Station is the largest station in Dublin. Opened with just two platforms in 1846, it now boasts nine platforms and sees a footfall of more than 22 thousand passengers per day.  The station is a hub with links to many different parts of the country, including tourist hotspots such as Cork.

Dublin is a relatively small city with a reputation for being extremely friendly. From the station itself, the city center is just a twenty-minute walk away and there is plenty to see and do in this emblematic Irish destination. If you are carrying bags, a good idea is to fish out just what you need and then stow them in a nearby luggage storage facility, of which there are many.

Freed from the Sherpa-like burden of hauling bags, you are at liberty to taste some of the hospitality, culture and fine dining that this city is so renowned for.

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Heuston Station bag policy

You are not restricted to how many bags you carry on trains from Heuston Station but you are to keep them in sight at all times. On the trains, there are overhead storage racks that can accommodate smaller items as well as space between the rows of seats.

For larger bags such as backpacks and suitcases, there are racks at both ends of each compartment. Note that there is no luggage storage facility in Heuston Station. However, you won't have any trouble finding one nearby.

Heuston Station food policy

At the station, there are mini supermarkets so you can purchase both food and any small items you may need for your onward journey. There are also fast-food restaurants, pubs and places to grab a coffee.

In recent years, Dublin has seen an explosion of restaurants selling all manner of different foods to suit every taste and budget. More than one hundred of those restaurants are situated very close to the station itself so with very little effort, you could be trying a whole new eating experience.

Heuston Station Camera Policy

if you're planning to do commercial photography in the station, you'll need prior permission from management. However, if you're just looking for a couple quick photos to document your trip, you won't have any problems. Still, it's not a great idea to try and set up a tripod or lights or other equipment in this busy station. If you have bulky camera equipment, the best thing to do might be to leave it behind at a luggage locker near Heuston Station before traveling.

Heuston Station rules

Heuston Station general restrictions

  • You may not carry loaded firearms, explosives or inflammable materials.
  • No corrosive or radioactive materials are allowed on the trains
  • No poisons are allowed onto trains

    Heuston Station public transport

Though the station is close enough to make walking a very viable option when exploring the city, Ireland is not a country renowned for its sunny weather. If you feel that your excursion is going to require more than just an umbrella and a comfortable pair of walking shoes, all is not lost. From the station, you will have access to both the bus and tram systems. In addition, there are plenty of taxis available.

You need to be aware that Dublin's inner roads and streets were designed well before the advent of the car, and they are not always conducive to transport other than on foot. Fortunately, the older parts of the city are small and so all of the major sites can be reached easily. There is also no shortage of pubs for you to duck into and wait out any real downpours while enjoying a pint of the countries most famous export, Guinness.

Heuston Station lockers

The most popular attraction in Ireland is the Guinness Storehouse which offers ongoing tours of this famous brewery. Not only would this expose you to some of the country's history, from the top of their tower you will gain the best views in the city.

If that isn't your thing, there is the Kilmainham Gaol Museum which has become a testament to rebellions that have plagued this country for centuries and showcases some of the cruelty imposed on the population. The quaint Temple Bar area offers a very different perspective with its local dance and music demonstrations that have come so associated with the people of this country.

 In addition, there are numerous well-respected art galleries to consider, as well as the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral. Carrying luggage is going to be a hindrance on this adventure, but that is a problem that is easily resolved by using one of the many locker rental facilities. Avoid disappointment by choosing a company that offers online booking and unlimited bag size. Another thing to look out for is protection coverage so that you are sure you are covered in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.   

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