Edinburgh Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Edinburgh Airport, Scotland

Edinburgh Airport serves over 14 million passengers per year, making it the busiest airport in Scotland. From here it is possible to fly to most airports in Britain and many international destinations. It is well serviced by public transport and the eight-mile trip from the airport to the city center can take as little as twenty-five minutes.

With a city that is so steeped in history right at your fingertips, there is every reason to visit, but unfortunately, there are no luggage storage facilities in the airport itself. That need not put a damper on your stay, however. There are many reliable luggage lockers facilities near Edinburgh Airport, so why not ditch the bags and explore unencumbered?

As far as exploration is concerned, Edinburgh offers a wide variety of things to try that you don't come across every day. You might like to do a whisky tasting, watch tartan being woven, or explore some of the city's famous, and sometimes infamous, pubs. A climb up to the celebrated Edinburgh Castle will provide a short sharp burst of exercise, though there are easier ways of getting up there if you don't fancy making the ascent on foot.

Edinburgh fringe festival

This festival, which takes place in August each year, is among the largest arts festivals in the world. As you would expect, it attracts a huge audience, and accommodation is at a premium at this time. To help put that in perspective, it normally attracts 53,000 artists, so the performer's accommodation alone will put pressure on a city of that size.

Now toss in around 3.5 million visitors and you have all the makings of an accommodation bonanza for hotels, guest houses and any local with a bit of room in his shed. If you do find a place to stay, you will be able to visit a tiny fraction of the 3000 shows taking place. Many are free, and the atmosphere in the streets alone makes the visit worthwhile.

Edinburgh Airport baggage policy

As with most major airports, Edinburgh requires that you keep bags with you at all times. Also, liquids in volumes above 100ml are north permitted in your carry-on baggage. Make sure you remove these before passing through security. The airport itself has no baggage storage, but if you are carrying more than you need to, you should be able to find a baggage storage near the airport to help you out.

Edinburgh Airport food policy 

Though this airport has a long aeronautical history, it is now a modern bustling travel spot that offers all of the amenities you could require. There are restaurants both before and after check-in, and many of the names will be familiar. As well as grab-and-go takeout places, you’ll find restaurants and bars where you can linger if you have time to kill.

As far as shopping is concerned, you will be able to purchase everything from clothes to shortbread, as well as that essential can of haggis to prove that you have been there.

Edinburgh Airport camera policy

You are allowed to take photos at Edinburgh Airport. However, be careful where you point that camera. Make sure you don’t photograph any secure areas of the facility and avoid taking photos of security staff. Also, the airport can get busy. It’s not the place to set up a tripod and create a nuisance for other travelers.

Edinburgh Airport rules

Modern airports now all need to protect passengers and staff from a wide range of security threats. Before boarding your flight, you will need to pass through both security and a metal detector. International laws prohibit the carrying of gels and liquids unless they are in containers of less than 100 mls and carried in a clear resealable plastic bag.

Your carrier will have their own set of criteria as to bag size and what you may and may not take on board. These items will not get you past security:

  • Acid
  • Ammunition
  • Guns, either real or replica
  • Bladed objects including those deadly nail clippers
  • Tools
  • Hypodermic syringes
  • Golf clubs, bats or rackets

    Edinburgh Airport city links

Because the airport is so close to the city center, and because it is serviced by such a wide range of public and private transport, getting around is really easy.

Trains from the airport run every fifteen minutes, and the journey time is thirty minutes to the heart of the city. You will easily find a bus right outside the airport. Look out for the Airlink 100 which makes the journey to the city non-stop. You can pay the driver by touch card or with the exact cash.

Taxis will take around twenty-five minutes and there is a rank outside the airport.

Edinburgh Airport lockers

Though there are no baggage storage facilities at the airport, there are still plenty in the vicinity. Whether you are visiting for the festival or to soak up some of the atmosphere that this historic city brims with all year round, you won't be making the best of your experience if you are hauling luggage.

Some of the best locker rental facilities are not only conveniently situated, they also offer online booking and include insurance for that added peace of mind.

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