Rooftop Bars in Edinburgh: 7 Places to Drink with a View

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Scenic bars in Edinburgh

Edinburgh offers you so many fun things to do and see. You can enjoy Edinburgh Castle, museums, Arthur's Seat, and even art and science exhibits. You might also want to check out this guide about the best shopping in Edinburgh as you plan your trip if you enjoy a browse in the shops. You should not miss out on anything this area has to offer, and careful planning ensures that your trip is fun and rewarding!

One of the things that you should be sure to do when you head to Edinburgh is to sit down to eat at a rooftop bar or rooftop terrace. Don't feel like eating? Grab drinks instead? You will find that Edinburgh rooftop bars are charming and friendly, and you can enjoy excellent food menu options as well as classic cocktails and the best Scotch whiskies at these spots. Making time for at least one evening at one of these rooftop bars in Edinburgh can create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Once your bags are stored with us, you will be ready to head out to Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens, and of course, a rooftop bar (or two).

Drinks with a view in Edinburgh

Best Rooftop Bars in Edinburgh

With excellent views of areas like the West End and St. Andrews Square, these rooftop bars will give you the right setting for a romantic date night and the perfect venue for fun with friends or even dancing the night away. You can spend the day visiting Edinburgh Castle and then head out to a romantic date night at one of these rooftop bar locations.

Many of these spots will offer you great dining options like stone-baked pizzas or even fancy dining or fusion plates. You will also find that many a menu boasts excellent whiskies as well as varied beer choices. There is something really magical about Edinburgh at night, but most of these locations are also open during the day if you want to have lunch with a view or maybe even take a break in the middle of a busy day with a snack at a cool rooftop bar. There is no wrong way to make the most of the rooftop bars in Edinburgh, and you can plan to fit these wonderful dining options into your schedule in a variety of ways.


What It's Like:

This really cool option is one of the best rooftop bars in Edinburgh. This is a great place to enjoy a party atmosphere, complete with cool teepees and canopies and live music. You will feel like you have been transported to a music festival, only with better food and drinks. This trendy and fun bar also offers you excellent views and lots of great seating. You can mingle, chat, dance, or even just sit down for a quiet meal with your other half here with ease. This trendy location will make you feel like you're at a California music festival that somehow includes scenic views of the Edinburgh streets.

Our Recommendation:

There is an excellent wine list offered here, and you can get really good snacks and shareable plates if the mood strikes. This is one of the best rooftop bars in Edinburgh for a reasonably priced meal and drinks as well, so don't worry that you will have to pay a cover charge or any other fees to sit down here. Princes Street is a great place for nightlife fun, and Shout! can be your start to the evening or the place where you close out a night of fun near the Waverley Mall.


L3, Princes Mall, 3/48 Princes St


What It's Like:

This awesome rooftop bar overlooks Edinburgh Castle, and it is the right place to head for delicious Thai food as well as an incredible atmosphere. The location is trendy, elegant, and comfortable, and you will be able to get a seat here quite easily most nights, even if you have forgotten to make a reservation. This is one of the best rooftop bars in Edinburgh for great service, as well as creative cocktails and scrumptious food.

Our Recommendation:

The Thai noodles here are excellent, and the Thai-inspired cocktail menu is a ton of fun to order from. The helpful staff can advise what to try if you are unfamiliar with Thai food and drink. Make sure you check out the appetizers as well, as they can make a meal by themselves! There are also some delightful wines on the menu here and some whiskies if you are looking for a more classic drink experience.


4th Floor, 33 Castle St

Best Edinburgh rooftop bars

Cask Smugglers

What It's Like:

What is better than stone-baked pizzas? Stone-baked pizzas and whisky, of course! That was the idea that made this great rooftop bar come to life. The combination of good comfort food and tasty local whiskies makes this Waverley Mall rooftop one of the best places to head for a meal in Edinburgh. The drinks menu here is also really creative, and if you love interesting cocktails, this will be the perfect venue for you. Princes Street is a really ideal spot for a night of fun, so you might want to start your evening here and then wander into other parts of the Princes Mall area for more fun.

Our Recommendation:

The prohibition-era drinks are some of the most unique in the city, and you will not regret enjoying this part of the menu. The pizza is, of course, the star of the show here, but other really good comfort food items are offered here too. You can stop in here for a drink and a snack, but you can also have a full meal and make this your only stop for the night if you wish.


Waverley Mall Rooftop, 3 Princes St

The Lookout

What It's Like:

The owners of this location are well-known for their other quirky eatery, The Gardener's Cottage. The interior is Scandanavian in style, and the food is organic and locally-sourced when possible. The bar and restaurant is beautiful and cozy, and you will get excellent service from the helpful staff. This is a very romantic date night location, but you can easily have a great time here with friends too. This spot is open for lunch, but most people head here at night to make the most of the amazing views of Edinburgh's cityscape when the lights come on at night.

Our Recommendation:

The seafood dishes here are excellent, and the duck is always amazing as well. There is a full list of craft cocktails, craft beer, and an excellent wine list to enjoy. You should plan to sit down for a full meal at The Lookout, and you will be treated to a leisurely and enjoyable evening that offers excellent service, a great atmosphere, and amazing views. The excellent service alone will make you glad you chose this spot for a dining experience. Being treated to so many mouth-watering choices makes this a great place to choose if you are a bit of a foodie.


38 Calton Hill

Cold Town House

What It's Like:

This cool rooftop bar looks like a ski chalet, and the attention to detail here regarding this design and style is super. Despite the view of the Edinburgh streets below, you will find the efforts to transport you to a ski lodge really convincing. The outdoor seating area is comfortable and cozy, and there are even ski gondola cabins nearby to complete the feeling of being transported to your favorite ski lodge.

Our Recommendation:

This rooftop bar is casual, which means that you will head to the vintage Nissan van and order your food and drinks. Find your own seat and snack on shareable plates with friends while you enjoy a cold beer, some whisky, or a mixed drink from the fun and quirky cocktails list. Cold Town House is one of the most unique locations to sit down for a meal and a drink in Edinburgh, and you should consider this spot a must-visit.


4 Grassmarket

Rooftop bar views in Edinburgh

Harvey Nichols Forth Floor Brasserie and Bar

What It's Like:

This rooftop bar is actually atop The Fourth Floor Terrace shopping center. This is one of the tallest buildings in the city, and there are incredible views of so much of the city skyline from here. The floor-to-ceiling windows give you an unimpeded view of the surroundings and lots of light and sun when the weather cooperates. There is also a great balcony area that surrounds all the edges of the terrace if you want to get the best view or photo for your Instagram.

Our Recommendation:

Make sure you get a reservation for this spot since it is very popular and is in a busy part of the city. You will also want to plan to sit down for a full meal here, too, since the excellent dishes offered are some of the most unique and creative in the city. The wine list here is extensive, and there are many delightful whiskies on the drinks menu. Save room for a sinful dessert or a sparkling cocktail to cap the night off perfectly.


30-34 St Andrew Square

SKYbar Edinburgh

What It's Like:

Located on Bread Street, this swanky and trendy location is one of the most beautiful places in the city to sit down for a drink or a meal. There are cool fusion dishes and a great list of creative drinks and delightful wines on offer at SKYbar. You will find that the prices are a bit higher here than at other spots in the city, but it is well worth the cost to enjoy the amazing views and the exclusive feeling of this restaurant.

Our Recommendation:

Try the haggis spring roll if you are feeling adventurous or the tempting cauliflower steak if you want to enjoy a healthy meal or are meat-free. Since this place tends toward upscale, make sure you dress the part and consult their dress code before you arrive. Otherwise, it could be a little embarrassing.


34 Bread St

Drinking with a view in Edinburgh


No matter what you have on your list of things to do in Edinburgh, you need to make time for these rooftop bars for at least one meal or a few drinks. These are some of the best places to sit down and eat with amazing views of the city. You will be able to enjoy all kinds of great rooftop bars or rooftop restaurants during your stay if you're so inclined, and world-class drinks, as well as ultimate comfort food, are never far away.

All of these rooftop bars are centrally located and convenient for your sightseeing in the city. If you're short on time, fit them in where you can, and to make things even easier on yourself, place your luggage in one of our storage lockers before heading out to explore. With a few drinks in you and your hands free, it's bound to be a fun time in Edinburgh!

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