Dickies Arena visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Dickies Arena visitor guide

Dickies Arena is a multi-purpose venue that is located in Fort Worth, TX. The venue has been open since 2019, and it is one of the best arenas in the US for events of various kinds. The venue is well-known for rodeo events as well as musical events and professional bull riding competitions.

If you are going to be in the Fort Worth area, you will need to see if there is anything going on at the Dickies Arena that you want to check out. Make sure to let Bounce help you out with your Dickies Arena luggage storage on the day of your event. Being able to avoid issues with luggage and personal items at the gate can make your experience at the arena much more pleasant.

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Dickies Arena food policy

Dickies Arena bag policy

Dickies Arena bag policy guidelines are easy to follow. Clear totes are allowed that are 12” x 6” x12”. You can also use a large plastic, Ziploc-style bag that is one gallon in size. You will be able to bring in drawstring bags, and small purses or bags will be allowed as well.

Diaper bags and medically necessary bags are allowed but are subject to search. All bags that pass through the gates might be required to be opened, examined, and X-rayed. You cannot bring in duffel bags, laptop bags, or coolers. Backpacks of all kinds are forbidden.

There is locker storage at the venue, but the cost is high, and they tend to fill up fast. Trust Bouce for convenient and affordable luggage storage in the area - we always have space. 

Dickies Arena food policy

The Dickies Arena food policy does not allow outside food or beverage to come into the stadium with guests. You can find various concession options inside the stadium. There are limited dietary and allergy-friendly food options on offer, unfortunately.

You can contact the stadium before your visit if you need special food accommodations since you cannot bring your own food into the stadium. Medical food and baby food are exempt.

There are various catering options, and some seats in the stadium allow remote ordering. Food and drink are allowed at your seats. You can also get alcohol within the stadium at various concession venues. Guests are required to be seated to eat or drink unless they are in concession and dining-specific locations. Blocking the view of other ticketholders just to eat and drink is not allowed.

How to get to Dickies Arena

Dickies Arena transportation

If you were wondering how to get to Dickies Arena, we can help! You can drive to Dickies with your rented car or personal vehicle with ease. The Yellow Lots are open for all arena events. Buying tickets in advance for parking is recommended.

Rideshare is allowed on the grounds of the Dickies Stadium. Drop-off can be done at the West Entrance of the arena near Dickies Way. Pick-up is handled at Harley Avenue at the North End of the building. Taxis can also utilize these locations for pickup and drop-off.

There is no public transportation that will deliver you to the stadium. You will need to drive yourself or take a taxi or rideshare to the stadium. Make sure that you allow extra time to get parking and to walk up to the gates into the stadium. The parking lots are quite large and busy.

Dickies Arena camera policy

Following the Dickies Arena camera policy is easy for most guests. You can bring in your cell phone and take pictures with it. You cannot use professional cameras or photography equipment within the stadium. No GoPro cameras all allowed, and no fixed lenses longer than 4” will be allowed inside the stadium.

Video recording on any device is prohibited. Flash photography is also not allowed. The policies related to the use of cameras will be enforced during every event at the stadium. Guests who do not comply with these policies will be removed from the stadium without being granted re-entry. You will not be refunded the cost of your ticket.

All guests are required to allow other people to watch the game in peace and are prohibited from getting in the way or disrupting others from enjoying the game.

Dickies Arena policies

Dickies Arena rules

All guests are required to act appropriately per the Dickies Arena policies. Guests cannot re-enter if they choose to leave the venue. Shoes and shirts are required at all times. You will only be allowed to sit in your ticketed seats, and you might be required to produce your tickets to prove that you are sitting in your assigned seat.

Cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are not allowed inside the arena. Those engaging in disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be ejected from the stadium without re-entry.

Door entry times vary by event. You will want to contact the stadium or call the general information line if you need to find out what time you will be able to access the stadium. You should always allow extra time to get to your seats due to lines and parking times.

Face coverings and masks are allowed inside the arena at the discretion of guests. Masking is not enforced unless federal and state guidelines require it. This policy is subject to change as conditions change.


If you are going to be in the Fort Worth area, you will want to consider heading over to Dickies Arena for an event. There are many things that go on at the stadium throughout the year. The stadium’s concerts are always a big draw, but there’s often something exciting going on here. 

Make sure that you comply with all the policies of the arena and that you consider taking care of your luggage storage needs before you get to the gate. Having to deal with bags that cannot be brought into the stadium can be stressful, but we can help. Let Bounce take care of your luggage storage so that you can have a great time at Dickies Stadium during your visit.

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