Hanoi Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Hanoi, Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is one of Asia's brightest and most vibrant cities. Rich in history and culture, Hanoi is a cultural hub and the perfect gateway to explore this fascinating country. Of course, the city is also known for its incredible food scene, with many of the best restaurants in Vietnam located here.

In many ways, Hanoi is a city of neighborhoods. The French Quarter, Ba Dinh, and Hoan Kiem, to mention just a few, are all fascinating places with their own unique atmosphere. And in this city of over eight million residents, you're sure to find something you like, no matter what you're into. Drop off your bags at a Hanoi luggage storage service and immerse yourself in this lively city. You'll soon find that Hanoi has something to offer everyone.

8 Best Ways to Experience Hanoi in 2024

As a city, Hanoi is a fascinating blend of Southeast Asian, Chinese and French influences. It displays centuries of ancient architecture, fabulous temples, and an Old Quarter that can be best described as chaotic but charming.

When you step into the city, you step into a different world; a world that brings with it untold opportunities for adventure and exploration. One thing you don’t want to be doing is carrying large amounts of luggage. With this in mind, Bounce luggage storage services have teamed up with trusted partners to take care of your bags for you. This leaves you free to enjoy your adventure and discover all that the city has on offer.

Best Motorcycle Tour - Motorbike Tours Hanoi

You won't have been in Hanoi for more than five minutes before discovering that the motorcycle is the most popular way of getting around. Motorbike Tours Hanoi recognized this when setting up their business. Their motorbikes can simply take you to places other vehicles could never hope to reach. They provide full and half-day city tours on delightful vintage Vespas.

There is more to their business than just Hanoi however. If you want to see more of the country, and experience both authentic gems and famous landmarks, they offer multi-day tours all around Vietnam on bigger bikes. To contact them call 84 – 97 – 587 – 4987 or email them at info@motorbiketourshanoi.com

Best private tour - Hanoi Free Private Tour Guide

This is a company whose stated objective is to promote Vietnam's beauty, history, people, customs, culture, and cuisine. They can provide a wide range of walking tours that will expose you to much of what this city has to offer. Among the favourites are the Old Quarter tour, Street Food tour and the War Site tour, although there are many others to consider.

Tours last anywhere between three and eight hours and you will be expected to pay your own entrance fee for any of the sites you visit. It is common to give your guide a tip at the end of the tour, but this is by no means compulsory. To find out more about what this company has on offer, email them at hanoifreeprivatetourguide@gmail.com or call them on 84 – 96 – 176 – 4299

Best small group tour - Hanoi Urban Adventure

This is a company that does have a broad spectrum of different tours to offer. They prefer groups of not more than twelve and offer tours such as Private Hanoi Morning Highlights, Hanoi Street Food by Night, and Discovery by Bike. Established in 2007, this is a company that employs expert guides who are able to share both their knowledge of and love for this fascinating city.

Their stated objective is to allow the clients to interact with the locals and get off the beaten track used by so many tourists. To find more about them and their extensive range of tours contact hanhn@peakdmc.com or call 84 – 90 – 419 – 3308

Best bike tour - Hanoi Biking Travel

Despite the name, this company far more than just a cycling company. They do offer a delightful cross-section of cycling tours including one and two-day countryside, visits to a well-known ceramics center, and early morning tours to some of Hanoi's most chaotic markets. In addition, they can lay on other forms of transport and get you to just about any part of the country that you’re interested in.

If you’d like to discuss the options available, or perhaps has ideas for a tailor-made tour of your own email them at hanoibikingtravel@gmail.com or call them on 84 – 98 – 696 – 9898

Best local guide - Tour Guide Hanoi

Anh is born and bred in Hanoi. After more than fifteen years in the travel industry, he has plenty of experience. Having dealt with clients from over fifty different countries, he is an expert at putting together travel packages custom-made to suit the clients he serves.

In addition, he offers a wide range of Hanoi tours which will give you a much closer look into the life and culture of the city's residents. If you want to discover more about his many tours which include a full day city tour or a street food adventure and email info@tourguidehanoi.com or call 84 – 91 – 351 – 0226

Best food tour - A Taste of Hanoi

For many, visiting Hanoi will mean visiting a country where some of the customs, cultures, and most of the food, is totally different from what they are familiar with. This tour company will help you bridge the unfamiliarity gap. Their tours offer you the opportunity to explore Hanoi after dark and experience some of the city's secret gems and jewels.

A taste of Hanoi is a multifaceted tour company that is also able to guide you towards accommodation that will perfectly suit your budget, no matter what that is. In addition to working in the travel industry for many years, the founder of the company, Brian, also has experience working as a chef and bartender. What better person to guide you through the culinary delicacies this country has on offer. Call them on 84 – 97 – 472 – 2640 or email bookings@tasteofhanoi.com

Best off the beaten path tour - Hanoi Backstreet Tours

This company was founded by three brothers Tommy Nguyen, Tho Nguyen, and Hai Phung. Growing up in poverty after the Vietnam War, all three brothers were lucky enough to do very well at Hanoi’s Open University for tourism. In fact, at one stage they were voted “the new faces of Vietnam’s tourist industry”.

Individually, they all went on their own tourist industry adventures before getting together to form Hanoi Backstreet Tours. Their deep love of their home city and broad knowledge of the industry enabled them to spot a unique gap. They now offer tours as pillion passengers on the famed Minsk motorcycles to parts of the city that many other companies haven't thought of visiting. If you want to experience Hanoi in ways that only locals normally  experience it then call them on 84 – 97 – 215 – 8383 or email them at booking at Hanoi backstreet tours@gmail.com

Best restaurant tour - Ha Food Tours

Ha set up his food tour company almost by accident. He had been working as a tour guide for many years, and at the end of each of his tours, he would advise his guests to try the local cuisines. Eventually, he realized that many tourists were as interested in Vietnam's gastronomy as they were in the beautiful countryside. From there, Ha's food tours business was born and he was the first tour guide to offer culinary tours in the Old Quarter.

Because the cuisine in the city is so varied, Ha’s tours are varied as well. Let him guide you to those places where the locals eat and where the recipes adhere to their ancient traditions. For more information contact info@halfwouldtours.com or call 84 – 93 – 633 – 2839

A weekend in Hanoi

A weekend in Hanoi isn't really long enough to do the city justice. However, with only a couple of days to spare, you will be able to see most of the major sites in the Vietnamese capital. Drop off your bags at a Hanoi bag storage so you can cram in more of what Hanoi has to offer.

  • Visit the prison that used to be known as the Hanoi Hilton at Hoa Lo. This important historical site helps you understand the Vietnamese struggle for independence and the war that shaped the country.
  • Learn about Vietnam's complex history at the National Museum of Vietnamese History. Located in a former French colonial school, this incredible museum tells the story of Vietnam from the prehistoric era up to the present day. Don't miss the exhibits on the Vietnam War and the French colonial period.
  • See another side of Vietnamese culture at Thang Long water puppet theater. Puppetry has been part of Vietnamese culture for centuries, and this stunning theater makes it appear as though the puppets are moving on top of a pool. It's a unique way to spend a night out enjoying authentic culture.

Hanoi lockers

Hanoi is big and bustling, and sometimes chaotic. The best way to experience it for yourself is simply to go with the flow and enjoy the anarchy. You can make things easier on yourself by dropping off any unneeded bags at a Hanoi luggage locker. The lighter you travel, the more ground you'll be able to cover, and the more you'll see of this incredible place.

Off the beaten path in Hanoi

Hanoi is embracing international tourism more and more with each passing year. But even as the tourist crowds grow, the city still has plenty of hidden gems. Drop off your bags at a Hanoi bag storage and step off the beaten path to see some of these hidden Hanoi gems.

  • For a different take on history, visit the Vietnamese Women's Museum. As the name implies, this institution focuses on telling the history of the country through the eyes of its female population. Learn about the role women have played in the history of Vietnam from the earliest times up to the Vietnam War.
  • Take a boat ride on West Lake. The largest lake in Hanoi, this body of water is a great place to relax. You'll see historic sites such as Tran Quoc Pagoda and Quan Thanh Temple as you journey over the calm waters of the lake.
  • Visit Hanoi's famous Train Street. In recent years, this area has gone viral thanks to online videos of trains running down the center of the street in the old quarter of Hanoi. At three p.m. and seven p.m. every day, local residents bring their kids indoors, pick up their belongings and press themselves against the walls of this narrow street as a train rushes past with only inches to spare. It's a thrilling place to visit, but pay attention to the locals and do as they do to stay safe.

What to do alone in Hanoi

Hanoi is a great city to explore by yourself. With friendly locals and lots of foreign travelers too, you won't have a hard time meeting people. And traveling alone can make it easier to see more of what you want and less of what you don't want. Whether you're in Hanoi on business or for pleasure, you'll find plenty to keep you occupied on a solo trip.

  • Take a break from the bustling crowds at Hoan Kiem Lake. The lake is reputed to be the home of a mythical turtle from a Vietnamese legend, and the lake certainly has plenty of regular turtles to spot. It's also a great place for a relaxing stroll where you can breathe some fresh air even in the heart of the city.
  • Vietnam is home to many different ethnicities and cultures. You can explore this diverse population at the Museum of Ethnology. Learn more about Vietnam's past and current ethnic groups through the artifacts of their culture and spend an afternoon admiring the country's diverse population.
  • Hanoi is rightfully known for its incredible food scene, and the best way to immerse yourself in the cuisine of the city is on a food tour. A knowledgeable guide will take you to all the best locations for food in the city, and you'll be able to meet fellow travelers as you experience the delicious side of Vietnam.

The best souvenirs in Hanoi

With a variety of markets and specialty stores, Hanoi is a great place to shop. The night market alone is ideal for picking up items such as tea and non la, the famous Vietnamese conical hat. However, if you want something a little more unique, Collective Memory styles itself as an anti-souvenir shop. Every item here is made locally and intended to be used when you get back home. Look for maps, prints, photo books, and other high-end souvenirs, all of them made in Vietnam. You could also visit Tinh Dau in 60 Square to buy artwork by local painters. And for something quirkier, visit TiredCity for unique prints on T-shirts, tote bags, and other fabrics.

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