Hong Kong Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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Hong Kong airport, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place like no other. A former British territory within China, Hong Kong has been a place where East meets West for centuries. And although it is now a part of China, Hong Kong still retains a culture all of its own. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Hong Kong contains just about everything you need for a great vacation. And Hong Kong’s busy airport is the gateway to everything the Fragrant Harbor has to offer.

Hong Kong Airport is one of the world’s busiest, serving over 70 million passengers each year. Open 24 hours a day, the airport employs 65,000 people and is almost a small city in its own right. It can be an overwhelming place to travel through. Make things easier on yourself by dropping off your bags at a luggage storage service near Hong Kong airport. The less you have to carry, the easier it will be to navigate this extremely busy place.

Arrivals board, Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong Airport bag policy

Hong Kong Airport’s policy around baggage is similar to what you’ll find in airports around the world. No weapons of any kind are permitted anywhere in the airport. Flammable liquids and explosive devices are also banned. Bags will be subject to security screening whether you send them to the hold of the plane or carry them with you. Liquids over 100 milliliters are not allowed in carry-on luggage.

Hong Kong Airport has a baggage storage facility on level 5 of Terminal one. However, given the number of passengers who use the airport, finding an available locker can be tricky. Also, note that bags over 30 kilos are subject to additional fees. It may be better to store large and heavy bags at an off-site luggage storage near Hong Kong Airport to make things easier on yourself.

Hong Kong Airport food policy

Apart from the rules regarding bringing liquids onto a plane, Hong Kong Airport permits you to bring food from home. Be aware that the food will be searched by security staff before you are allowed to enter the secure areas of the airport. If you don’t feel like bringing food with you, Hong Kong Airport offers plenty of places to eat.

You’ll find Japanese food at Baikohken, and Korean cuisine at Bari-Uma. Beef and Liberty offers a more Western menu, and DeliFrance brings a taste of Europe to Hong Kong. For those with expensive tastes, there’s even a caviar bar. If you’re in a hurry to catch a flight, you’ll also find the usual fast food offerings.

Hong Kong Airport camera policy

Cameras are allowed inside Hong Kong Airport. However, they will be subject to security screening like anything else. Note that lithium batteries and portable power banks are not permitted in checked baggage and must go into the cabin of the plane with you. Also, while taking photos in the airport, be conscious of security personnel and secure areas. Make sure you don’t even look like you’re trying to take a photo of security, as this may be perceived negatively and give you some awkward questions to answer. If you have a lot of expensive camera equipment, it may be best to store it securely at a luggage storage near Hong Kong airport where it will be looked after.

Hong Kong Airport rules

  • Smoking is prohibited in Hong Kong airport except in designated smoking areas. The airport provides enclosed smoking lounges for smokers.
  • You can bring empty water bottles through security and fill them up on the other side once you’re in the secure area. Water fountains are provided throughout the airport for this purpose, usually next to bathrooms.
  • The airport is connected to the city by the Airport Express train, which runs from 6 AM until midnight and makes the trip between the airport and the city in 24 minutes.
  • The airport can also be reached by taxi and public bus.

Hong Kong Airport lockers

Hong Kong’s airport is as busy and bustling as the city it serves. From the moment you step off the plane, you’ll see what Hong Kong is all about. And while the airport isn’t the highlight of anybody’s trip, it is necessary if you want to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

You can make your trip far easier if you don’t carry more than you need to. Drop off any heavy bags at a suitcase storage near Hong Kong airport, where they’ll be safely looked after. As you explore the fascinating culture and incredible cuisine of this unique destination, you’ll be glad you chose to travel light.

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