Houston Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Houston skyline

Houston is a huge metropolitan city in Texas. Known for NASA’s Space Center, the city has a lot to offer travelers. From world-class dining experiences and sporting teams to picturesque parks and museums, you will have no problem filling your trip itinerary. The city’s Theatre District is its second big drawcard, with a huge number of venues all located in the one area. There’s guaranteed to be something playing whenever you’re in town. 

Interestingly, many people are unaware of the diversity that Houston offers. For instance, Downtown is right in the middle of the action and in close proximity to restaurants and theaters. On the other hand, a neighborhood like Montrose offers a different experience entirely with its eclectic vibes and creative community. We recommend making a plan to see a few different areas to broaden your experience of Houston.

A weekend in Houston

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aerial view of Toyota Center arena

4 Best Ways To Experience Houston In 2024

Houston may be synonymous with space travel and state-of-the-art air conditioning, but there's another side to this Texan city that ranks as one of the ten largest in North America. As NASA looks to the future with cosmic explorations, Houston peers into the past with a district containing almost twenty different museums covering diverse collections related to science, history, and the fine arts. 

The Houston museum district is just a minor part of the city's extensive and world-renowned cultural offerings. Part of Downtown Houston comprises a specialized theater district with five major venues and several entertainment complexes. The food scene is also a big part of the city's lifeblood and is a unique fusion of cuisines from a variety of nations. Use the companies mentioned below and you'll discover all of Space City's hidden secrets, above and below ground, as they accompany you around on foot or by limousine.

Best Downtown Houston Tour – Astroville Tours

Downtown Houston is a unique area of the city that really merits being explored in depth. Astroville Tours provide a superior excursion service that covers just about every angle of touring you could wish for. Whether you join up with a group or take a personal tour, you'll see places in Downtown that will take your breath away.

Astroville Tours will take you deep underground into Houston's tunnel system, which lies beneath the mega skyscrapers of the business district, while learning about the history of the Fortune 500 companies above. If subterranean is not for you, a guide will ride with you on the Metro Rail System pointing out all the best sights, take you to a Rockets basketball game with sightseeing included, or take you out for the evening on a big bar crawl.

Contact Astroville Tours for more information by calling 1-551- 206-3548 or email them atastrovilletours@gmail.com.

Best History Tour – Best Bites Houston

One way to make hearing all about Houston's past more interesting is to take a combined history and food tour with Best Bites Houston. The guides from Best Bites know more than a thing or two about the city and can relate facts from its founding days to modern times in a fun and entertaining way.

You'll set out with them in the early evening, after downing a welcoming cocktail, to walk around several historic sites like the Old City Hall and the commercial district. There's lots of stops at restaurants for tastings of popular Houston dishes such as brisket, pizza, and cookies made from a recipe that originated in Ireland.

Join a Best Bites Houston tour by calling 1-713-885-7930 or by emailing them at info@bestbiteshouston.com for more details.

Best Sightseeing Tour – Allstar Transportation Limousine & City Tours

If you're going to tour Houston then do it in style by riding in the back of a chauffeur-driven limo from Allstar Transportation Limousine & City Tours. From the moment you're collected at your hotel until the tour finishes four hours later, it'll be luxury all the way. The guide rides shotgun in the front seat and points out all the top city attractions as you drive by as well as sharing endless facts and anecdotes about what you're passing. You can stop when and wherever you want for photos, drinks or to have a leg stretch in somewhere like the McCullen Sculpture Garden.

Get ready to ride around Houston like royalty by calling Allstar Transportation Limousine & City Tours on 1-281-254-1718 or email them at towncars@allstarhouston.info.

Best Food Tour – Taste of Houston Food Tours

The food culture of Houston is something that merits being investigated fully and to do that you really need an expert food guide by your side. You'll get one if you go with Taste of Houston Food Tours. They'll introduce you to all of the variants of the city's cuisines which range from Indigenous to good old Tex-Mex and barbecue.

Tours usually last between three to three and a half hours and can be conducted walking or by vehicle if you prefer, though there's so much tasting involved a stroll between venues will probably be welcome. The Downtown, Heights and Montrose districts of the city are explored on separate tours as doing them all together would be too much food and too many flavors at once for anyone.

Eat your way around Houston with Taste of Houston Food Tours by emailing them at info@foodtourcorp.com or call them on 1-713-554-1735.

If you find yourself in Houston on a solo business or pleasure trip, there’s plenty of things to keep you busy. Check your bags into a luggage locker in Houston and get exploring!

Wondering what to see as an independent traveler? We have you covered.

  • The Museum of Fine Arts: Immerse yourself in the beauty of this varied collection. A must-visit for appreciators of art.
  • Downtown Aquarium: With over 200 species of marine life living in this aquarium, you’ll be guaranteed an entertaining and educational visit. 
  • Discovery Green: This park covers nearly 12 acres of land and seems to constantly be hosting some sort of event. Even if there’s isn’t anything on the day you visit, you’ll still enjoy a stroll around this green outdoor environment.

The best souvenirs in Houston

To find some iconic Texan souvenirs in Houston, you have a few options. Gifts of Texas can be found in the Galleria and is hugely popular for those looking for a token to commemorate their trip. It’s also a great place to find items for loved ones back home. The gift shop at the Museum of Fine Arts sells books and homewares if you are looking for something a little different, or you can try Texas Treasures at Memorial City Mall for some classic Texan merchandise.

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