Best Brunch In Istanbul: The Definitive Guide

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With more than 15.8 million residents, Istanbul, Turkey is the most populated city in Europe. The first known name of Istanbul was Byzantium back in 657 BC by the Megarian colonists. Today, the city is a bustling metropolis packed with history, culture, attractions, and dining options.

Unlike in the US, many people enjoy brunch in Istanbul on a daily basis as it is a popular meal in almost every household as well as in restaurants and cafes. In fact, you can probably find more places that serve brunch than those that serve breakfast.

The classic Turkish breakfast spread is a huge meal and has a vast array of different foods. You will find a variety of cheeses, breads, olives, cured meats, cucumbers, eggs, and all sorts of toppings like jam, honey, and sweet butter. Along with their first meal of the day, Turks enjoy a cup of Turkish tea.

A Turkish breakfast spread is often eaten before noon but many places serve brunch all day long. In fact, in most Istanbul brunch spots, a traditional Turkish spread is on the menu well into the evening time so you can enjoy brunch in Istanbul whenever you want. But first, drop off your suitcases or large bags at a luggage storage facility in Istanbul, Turkey to keep them safe while you enjoy.

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Mangerie Bebek

This is one of the most popular Istanbul brunch spots for a Turkish breakfast, located on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait with stunning views of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and beyond. They serve a Turkish breakfast spread they call the Mangerie Breakfast Spread with cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and bread with clotted cream, Nutella, and homemade jams.

You can also get stuffed flatbread pastry, eggs benedict, omelets, delicious bagel sandwiches, french toast, scrambled eggs, and quiches made eight ways. They serve healthy and regional food as well as sweets like chocolate brownies, cheesecakes, and fruit tatin to name a few. Breakfast menu and brunch are served until 3 PM every day and Turkish tea is served all day.

Galata Konak Cafe

Enjoy a Turkish breakfast at Galata Konak Cafe, out on the spacious terrace with the best panoramic views in the city. You will get incredible views of the Istanbul skyline and the Bosphorus River served with your delicious breakfast or lunch items from a variety of scrumptious egg dishes to a Village Breakfast that feeds two or more.

Because this is one of the most popular Turkish breakfast places in the city, you are bound to run into a crowd. If you would rather skip the long lines at the Galata Tower for their delicious breakfast, come later in the day and enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee while you wait for your meal. The prices are a bit high but so is the view!

Naan Bakeshop

Why not stop here before a day of hiking? A hearty meal will give you the energy you need to trek all day. This bakery coffee house will provide you with a Turkish breakfast or decadent brunch, whichever you prefer. The interior is natural wood with sea foam green details and a terrazzo floor, giving it a homey and eclectic feel. The Naan Bakeshop is known for the homemade sourdough bread as well as bagel sandwiches and their eggs of any style you like.

The cafe and bakery's breakfast French toast is exquisite with a crunchy outer crust and tender creamy inside. If you do not want any baked treats, the classic Turkish Tea breakfast spread with fresh fruits and sourdough bread is unique, making Naan Bakeshop the best breakfast spot in the city according to locals.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Laledan is a popular brunch spot at the luxurious Ciragan Palace with views of the manicured gardens and Bosphorus Strait. The hotel's summer brunch is decadent, to say the least with everything from cheese to sea bass. The brunch is offered on Sundays until 3 PM and is not as pricey as you may expect.

From the humongous buffet of Turkish cuisine to the dessert room, this place has it all and then some. Being in such a luxurious hotel in Istanbul's hottest neighborhood, you expect the brunch to be expensive but here it is very reasonable, especially considering the amount and quality of the amazing food. Try the grilled halloumi cheese sandwich, unlimited tea, and homemade granola.

Cuma Bakery Cafe

Located in a trendy neighborhood called Beyoglu (we talk about this neighborhood in our guide on where to stay in Istanbul) in a historic building, Cuma's rustic decor offers a splendid view and cozy feel. This is perfect for those people who like to take their mornings later in the day and enjoy their first meal after 10 AM. They have casual sofa seating upstairs or you can enjoy the sunshine in the green outdoor space.

They have many baked treats as well from cakes to croissants as well as vegetarian dishes. They try to use as many local products as they can in every dish so it is always fresh and delicious. Try their Turkish-styled fried eggs or tandoori pancakes, which are uniquely found at Cuma.

Brizo Restaurant

Feel free to stay out late at night in Istanbul! On Sundays from 12:30 to 4 PM, the Hyatt Regency Istanbul, Brizo Restaurant offers a delicious Sunday brunch for those who enjoy a lazy morning in a lovely space. You can get a plate of traditional scrambled eggs with hearty toppings of bacon and sausage or enjoy the gourmet meat section.

The buffet-style meal also boasts a vast array of Turkish cheeses, tomato salad, and a variety of grilled meat and fish. Of course, they also serve traditional foods like eggs benedict, pancakes, spicy Turkish sausage, and the best breakfast oats in Istanbul, Turkey.


Kale has been a favorite brunch spot since 1983 and has a spectacular view of the Bosphorus Strait in its outdoor seating area. The cheese platter is simple but delicious with such a large portion that you could eat just this for your brunch and be satisfied. They also have the Serpme Kahvalti brunch, which has several small plates of your favorites like eggs benedict with sourdough bread and butter as well as fresh fruits and crispy bacon.

Kale's traditional Turkish breakfast features some of the best dishes like eggs with sujuk, grilled halloumi cheese, and their clotted cream and honey. Locals all flock to Kale, saying it has the best morning grub in the city so if the locals go there, you know it has to be good, right? Their Turkish tea is amazing and turns an ordinary meal into the best breakfast you ever had, no matter what time of day you decide to eat it.

Namli Gurme

Namli Gurme has many locations throughout Turkey but their restaurant in Karakoy serves up an amazing brunch spread with breads, cheeses, clotted cream with honeycomb, and homemade jam. Their brand's marketplace cafe concept also gives you the added benefit of purchasing the olives, cheese, cold cuts, and jams you had for brunch.

The cold buffet section has everything from seasonal seafood dishes to Mediterranean cheese platters. You can also get gluten and lactose-free meals. Enjoy a breakfast platter of whatever you choose from the display or get freshly prepared meats at the hot food stations where chefs make your meal in front of you.


Baylan started out as a small French bakery in 1923 in the quaint neighborhood of Beyoglu but has turned into a full proper restaurant due to customer demand. In fact, Baylan now has two locations. One of them is right on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait in the sophisticated city of Bebek while the other one in Kadikoy boasts a patisserie offering traditional desserts.

Their main restaurant serves items like Turkish sandwiches, zeama, and pasta dishes as well as profiteroles, cakes, and French toast. You can even enjoy a glass of wine or mimosa as well as Turkish frappe, tea, and lattes. The prices are low and the service is awesome so this is the perfect spot for brunch in Istanbul.

Mesopotamian Breakfast Brunch Terrace Cafe

Speaking of a great brunch with a fantastic view, it does not get any better than the Mesopotamian Breakfast Brunch Terrace Cafe. You are surrounded by beauty including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, and the Golden Horn as well as the Sea of Marmara.

You can enjoy breakfast or lunch no matter what time you visit with delicious platters of meats and cheeses, egg dishes, and a vast array of dinner plates. If you would rather enjoy sweets, try the baklava with a cup of tea, which is absolutely free.

Pepos Galata

Pepos Galata is right across from the famous Galala Tower and has a 10-page menu to choose from no matter what time of day you get hungry. You do not have to eat breakfast food just because it is before noon and you will not be limited to lunch or dinner foods before noon either. Have whatever you want whenever you want here.

Some of the tasty breakfast options include sucuk sausage skewered, grilled halloumi, and toast with strawberry jam and butter. If you are not into breakfast foods, try their crispy Turkish ravioli, chicken salad, or shrimp risotto. They also have several kinds of sandwiches and wraps including vegan.


This cafe offers organic buckwheat pancakes, scones with jam made daily, a farm egg omelette with fresh herbs, and plenty of Turkish tea to wash it all down with. It even has a comfy reading corner upstairs where you can get cozy on a nice comfy couch.

What's more, the quaint cafe has both meat and vegan sandwiches and dishes so anyone can have a good time. If you have never tried vegan cashew cheese, this is the place to try it. The crew makes it themselves all day long so there is always a fresh batch.


If you enjoy reading while you eat, you may enjoy Minoa, which is actually a bookstore turned eatery. This place has more than just a cozy atmosphere, it also has the best pogaca, round simit bread, and pastries as well as pies, cakes, and tarts.

From your seat in Minoa, you get a lovely view of the Sofa Poets Park. In fact, it is right across the street so you can grab your food to go and eat it in this stellar green space where you have an even better view of the Dolmabahce Palace and the Maiden's Tower.

Istanbul Brunch Favorites

Arriving at Istanbul Airport for a terrific visit in this Turkish city? No matter what time of the day you want to eat and whether you want breakfast or lunch foods, you can find it all in Istanbul. The Turks take their brunch seriously and make sure that everyone gets what they want so nobody leaves hungry.

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